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Overwatch Character Heights- How Tall Is Each Overwatch Character?


Blizzard, the creators of Overwatch character heights,put a great priority on the design of their title's characters. They've been praised for their diversity and uniqueness, and it's one of the finest features of the game since it makes it a lot more fun to play. At the time of writing (Jan. 2022), there are 23 heroes to select from. These are classified into three critical jobs.

  • Tanks- Those who can engage the combat early are differentiated by their capacity to be targeted by enemies' wounds as well as death so that their friends' HP does not drastically decline. They have a longer closing time and are excellent for breaking through fortifications.
  • Damage-type Overwatch Hero Height, unlike the preceding job, have incredibly little HP, thus they can't survive in the fight for very long, but they're wonderful at dealing with incredible sources of hurt to crush opponents.
  • Support- They are the "heroes we want but don't deserve," those who sacrifice themselves to heal and protect their teammates, frequently losing their lives in the process, but play an important role throughout the game because it is because of them that Overwatch Hero Height is able to play their sport and use their abilities properly.

Overwatch Character Levels And Frequently Asked Questions

From tallest to shortest, this is a list of the heroes whose heights have been revealed by the game's publisher. Italicize characters that don't have an official Overwatch Hero Height.

Who Among The Overwatch Characters Stands The Tallest?

Overwatch - All Character Intros

  • 2.23 meters (7ft 4”) – Reinhardt
  • 2.20 meters (7ft 3”) – Bastion, Roadhog, Winston (when standing normally)
  • 2.18 meters (7ft 1”) – Doomfist
  • 2.23 meters (7ft 4”) – Orisa
  • 1.96 meters (6ft 6”) – Junkrat
  • 1.95 meters (6ft 5”) – Zarya
  • 1.85 meters (6ft 1”) – Reaper, Soldier: 76, McCree
  • 1.82 meters (6ft) – Ana, Echo
  • 1.80 meters (5ft 11”) – Pharah
  • 1.75 meters (5ft 9”) – Widowmaker
  • 1.73 meters (5ft 8”) – Hanzo
  • 1.72 meters (5ft 7.5”) – Zenyatta
  • 1.70 meters (5ft 7”) – Mercy, Symmetra
  • 1.67 meters (5ft 6″) – Ashe
  • 1.95 meters (6ft 5”) – Moira
  • 1.91 meters (6ft 3”) – Brigitte
  • 1.70 meters (5ft 7”) – Genji
  • 1.60 meters (5ft 3”) – Lúcio
  • 1.62 meters (5ft 4”) – Sombra
  • 1.60 meters (5ft 3”) – Mei
  • 1.62 meters (5ft 4”) – Tracer
  • 1.40 meters (4ft 7”)– Torbjörn Lindholm
  • 1.66 meters (5ft 5”) – D.Va


Complete character stats, such as Overwatch Hero Heights, weight, and other measurements, provide a new level of intrigue to the game's varied characters.

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