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PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch - Understanding The Basics

If you're a fan of Pokemon games and use PKHeX to manage your Pokemon data, you may have come across an issue known as "PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch".

Kelvin Farr
May 09, 20235 Shares283 Views
If you're a fan of Pokemon games and use PKHeX to manage your Pokemon data, you may have come across an issue known as "PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch".
This issue arises when there is a discrepancy between the type of encounter and the PID (Personality Value) of the Pokemon in question, causing the data to appear invalid. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem and continue enjoying your Pokemon gaming experience.

What Is PKHeX?

PKHeX is a Windows-based save editor that allows Pokemon players to manipulate their game data. It's commonly used to generate or modify Pokemon, such as changing their abilities, moves, stats, or even their appearances. PKHeX is also used to manage and transfer Pokemon between different games, as well as to check the legality of Pokemon for competitive play.

What Is PID?

In the Pokemon games, PID stands for "Personality ID", which is a 32-bit value that determines a Pokemon's characteristics, such as its nature, gender, shininess, and individual values (IVs). Every Pokemon has a unique PID, which is generated based on its species, level, trainer ID, secret ID, and other factors.

What Is Encounter Type?

Encounter Type is a value in PKHeX that specifies how a Pokemon was encountered or generated. There are various types of encounters, such as Wild, Egg, Gift, and Fateful Encounter, each with its own rules and restrictions.
Encounter Type is important for ensuring the legality and authenticity of Pokemon, as some types of encounters are exclusive to certain events or games.

What Is PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch?

PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch is an error that occurs when the Encounter Type and PID of a Pokemon are incompatible or inconsistent. This means that the Pokemon data you're trying to generate or modify in PKHeX violates the rules of the game, or is not recognized as a valid Pokemon.
For example, if you try to generate a shiny legendary Pokemon with a fateful encounter type, but its PID doesn't match the fateful encounter criteria, you'll get the Encounter Type PID Mismatch error. This is because of fateful encounters Pokemon must have a PID that starts with certain values, which signify that they were obtained from a special event.
Invalid Enteries
Invalid Enteries

How Does PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch Occur?

PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch can occur for several reasons, including:
  • Incorrect Encounter Type selection- If you choose the wrong Encounter Type when generating or modifying a Pokemon, PKHeX may assign an incompatible PID to the Pokemon, resulting in the error. For example, if you choose Wild Encounter instead of Gift Encounter for a Pokemon obtained from an event, PKHeX may generate a non-fateful encounter PID, triggering the error.
  • Incorrect PID input- If you manually enter a PID value that doesn't match the Encounter Type criteria, PKHeX will detect the mismatch and display the error. For example, if you enter a shiny PID for a non-shiny Pokemon, PKHeX will flag it as an error.
  • Glitch or bug in PKHeX- Although rare, PKHeX may sometimes produce a false Encounter Type PID Mismatch error due to a glitch or bug in the software. If you're sure that your Pokemon data is valid and legal, but still get the error, you may need to report the issue to the PKHeX developers.

How To Fix PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch?

Fixing PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch can be tricky, depending on the cause of the error. Here are some solutions you can try:
  • Check and correct the Encounter Type- Make sure that you've selected the correct Encounter Type for your Pokemon, based on how it was obtained or generated. If you're not sure, you can check online resources or ask for help from the Pokemon community.
  • Check and correct the PID- If you've manually entered a PID value, double-check that it matches the Encounter Type criteria. If not, adjust the PID accordingly. You can also use PKHeX's PID generator feature to generate a valid PID for your Pokemon based on its species, nature, IVs, and other parameters.
  • Use a different Encounter Type- If you're unable to match the PID to the desired Encounter Type, try using a different Encounter Type that's compatible with the PID. For example, if you can't generate a fateful encounter PID for a Pokemon, try using a non-fateful encounter type instead.
  • Report the issue to PKHeX developers - If you suspect that the error is caused by a glitch or bug in PKHeX, you can report the issue to the developers via the official PKHeX GitHub page. Be sure to provide detailed information about the error and how to reproduce it, along with your Pokemon data and PKHeX version.

The Difference Between Encounter Type And Encounter Slot In PKHeX

In PKHeX, Encounter Type refers to the method by which a wild Pokemon is encountered in the game, such as walking through tall grass, fishing, or hatching from an egg.
Encounter Type determines the range of possible values for a Pokemon's PID (personality value), which is a 32-bit number that determines its species, gender, ability, nature, IVs, and shininess. Each Encounter Type has its own PID range, which is used to determine the Pokemon's characteristics when it is generated.
Encounter Slot, on the other hand, refers to the specific location and conditions under which the Pokemon is encountered, such as the specific route, cave, or building where it is found, or the time of day, weather, or season. Encounter Slot also determines the species, level, and possible IVs of the Pokemon, but it does not affect its PID range.

Using PKHeX To Transfer Pokemon Between Games Without Getting Encounter Type PID Mismatch Errors

Transferring Pokemon between different generations or versions of the game can be a tricky process, especially if you want to preserve the legality of the Pokemon. To avoid Encounter Type PID Mismatch errors when transferring Pokemon using PKHeX, follow these steps:
  • Backup your save file- Before making any changes to your Pokemon data, make sure to backup your save file in case something goes wrong.
  • Choose the correct Encounter Type- When generating a Pokemon for transfer, choose the correct Encounter Type for the new game. You can find a list of Encounter Types and their corresponding PID ranges online.
  • Use the correct transfer method- Depending on the game and generation, there may be different methods for transferring Pokemon, such as using the Pal Park, Poke Transporter, or Pokemon Home. Make sure to use the correct method for your situation.
  • Check the legality of the transferred Pokemon - After transferring the Pokemon, use PKHeX to check its legality to ensure that it meets the criteria for the new game. Look for any errors or inconsistencies, such as illegal moves, stats, or abilities.
By following these steps, you can transfer your Pokemon between games using PKHeX without encountering any errors.

PKHeX: Solving the PID Problem

PKHeX is a powerful tool for generating and modifying Pokemon data, but it's important to ensure that the Pokemon you create are legal and can be used in official tournaments or online battles. To check if your Pokemon is legal using PKHeX, follow these steps:
  • Load your Pokemon data- Open your Pokemon data file in PKHeX.
  • Check the legality flag- Look for the Legality flag in the summary tab of your Pokemon data. If the flag is green, your Pokemon is considered legal; if it is yellow, your Pokemon may have some minor errors that need to be fixed; if it is red, your Pokemon is considered illegal and cannot be used in official play.
  • Check for errors- If the Legality flag is yellow or red, look for any errors or inconsistencies in your Pokemon data, such as illegal moves, abilities, stats, or items. Fix any errors that you find until the Legality flag turns green.
  • Save your Pokemon- After ensuring that your Pokemon data is legal, save your changes in PKHeX and transfer your Pokemon to your game. Make sure to use a legitimate method for transferring your Pokemon, such as using a trading method or Poke Transporter.
It's important to note that while PKHeX can help you create legal Pokemon, it is still possible to create illegal Pokemon using the tool. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that their Pokemon meets the criteria for official play and to use PKHeX responsibly.

People Also Ask

Is PKHeX Compatible With All Pokemon Games?

PKHeX is compatible with most Pokemon games, including the latest titles in the series.

Is It Possible To Get Banned From Using PKHeX?

Using PKHeX to create or modify illegal Pokemon can result in a ban from online play.

Is PKHeX Easy To Use For Beginners?

PKHeX can be daunting for beginners, but with some practice and guidance, it can be a useful tool for creating and modifying Pokemon data.

Are There Any Risks To Using PKHeX?

Using PKHeX to create or modify illegal Pokemon can result in penalties or disqualifications in official play.

Can I Use PKHeX On My Mobile Device?

PKHeX is designed for use on Windows computers and is not compatible with mobile devices.


PKHeX Encounter Type PID Mismatch can be a frustrating error for Pokemon players who use PKHeX to manage their game data. However, by understanding the basics of PKHeX, PID, and Encounter Type, you can diagnose and fix the error with ease.
Remember to always double-check your Pokemon data and use reliable sources of information when modifying or generating Pokemon in PKHeX. With these tips, you can enjoy a more personalized and enjoyable Pokemon experience.
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