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Police robots Maintain malfunctioning, with Accidents Which Range from running Within a toddler’s foot to Blowing off Individuals in distress

  • Safety robots are being slowly embraced by several police departments and private businesses, however there have been a few recent hiccups.
  • The robots are autonomous and are made to patrol land and react to perceived dangers.
  • Many bots, however, have been thwarted by obstacles such as mall flats, narrow sidewalks, and toddlers.
  • Knightscope, among the most well-known businesses making safety robots, has claimed the accidents are outliers.
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Authorities robots are now a fact in certain areas of this planet — but we are still a far cry from high-octane RoboCops patrolling the roads.

As a few police departments and private businesses have started to experiment with safety robots assembled for surveillance, the robots have hit hurdles (or, sometimes, fallen into them).

The most notable security robot manufacturer is Knightscope, which sells a fleet of egg-shaped robots which are currently patrolling the streets of Silicon Valley.

Knightscope has over 50 robots deployed across the united states, which it rents out for $7 an hour. The robots cost roughly $60,000-$70,000 annually to rent, which can be akin to a police officer annual salary. Knightscope has raised over $46 million in financing, based on Crunchbase.

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Knightscope’s robots utilize artificial intelligence, cameras, GPS, lasers, and thermal detectors to track their environment and document disturbances. The business drew backlash in 2017, when a San Francisco animal rights team deployed Knightscope robots block homeless people from sleeping out its headquarters.

Controversy aside, there were numerous reports of Knightscope robots being calmed by barriers such as a mall fountain, malfunctioning by running over a toddler, also ignoring a female’s calls for assistance.

Knightscope didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment for this story. Before, the business has claimed that malfunctions like people are outliers, or stemmed from specific conditions surrounding how private firms have been piloting using robots.

Here is a rundown of high profile security-robot snafus in the past couple of decades.

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