Kentucky lawmakers are considering whether to pursue medical marijuana. A new poll suggests that the men and women who live in the country are more than prepared. 

The survey, conducted on behalf of Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, a nonprofit in the country, found a shocking nine in 10 of adults that there”favor permitting the purchase and use of marijuana for medical purposes when a physician recommends it.” 

Moreover, the survey discovered that 59 percentage of Kentuckians support enabling marijuana under some conditions, while 49 percent favor allowing marijuana for recreational purposes.

Those figures reveal a dramatic shift in attitudes toward marijuana, according to the pollsters. In 2012, the final time they tested those queries in Kentucky,” 78 percent stated they encouraged medical cannabis, although just 38 percent stated they supported marijuana under conditions and only 26 percent said they encouraged it for recreational purposes.

The latest survey, which was conducted from October 16-December 6, 2019 with phone interviews with 1,559 Kentucky adults, revealed almost no partisan divide on the dilemma of medical cannabis. Ninety-five percentage of Democrats said they encouraged it for clinical purposes, in comparison with 90 percentage of Republicans. According to the poll, 68 percentage of Democrats support marijuana under any conditions, while 51 percentage of Republicans say exactly the same. 

Kentucky Kush

The polling comes because the Kentucky legislature circles a few bud proposals. Republican lawmakers from the country house have dedicated to chasing House Bill 136, a step to legalize medical marijuana, early at the 2020 session. 

The bill failed to make it out of committee this past year, however, the legislation has since obtained responsibilities from dozens of additional nation House agents. 

Along with this invoice, say House Rep. Cluster Howard, a Democrat, pre-filed laws in December to make a set of reforms to the Kentucky’s marijuana legislation. Howard’s suggestion would make it lawful for adults 21 and elderly to buy, have, and consume marijuana, while also developing a framework for regulating and taxing recreational retail revenue, among other modifications.

“Other nations have revealed that legalizing cannabis for adult use is a win-win scenario for everybody involved,” Howard said at the moment. “it is a significant revenue generator. It frees up crucial jail and prison space. It will help counteract the mortal opioid epidemic. Plus it provides farmers a significant new money crop. The more we wait, the longer we overlook those advantages.”