• Prince Charles was greatly criticized after he named pop singer Katy Perry because ambassador of the charity, the British Asian Trust. 
  • The Prince of Wales announced the news in a black-tie reception on Tuesday afternoon.
  • “There are over three million Asians in the United Kingdom and Prince Charles selects Katy Perry as British ASIAN Trust Ambassador. I am lost for words,” one person wrote on Twitter.
  • Clarence House and the British Asian Trust didn’t immediately react to Insider’s request for comment.
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The Prince of Wales has appointed American pop star Katy Perry ambassador of his charity, the British Asian Trust — and the people have had lots to say about it. 

“Looking forward to working closely together with her [Perry] to shine light on #AntiTrafficking and providing kids safer futures” a spokesperson for the charity wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. 


Many fans of this organization have contended that as a white American, Perry is not the most suitable option to represent the charity.


Channel 4 journalist Jasmine Dotiwala wrote on Twitter:”The most well-known British Asian that I know called me and said’WTF we can not even get an invitation to some British Asian occasions and then they receive a white American? . . .it’s colonized mindsets back again. #whiteSaviour.

“BTW nobody is saying people that aren’t British or Asian can not support the reason,” she added.


“If that is what you see you’re not correlated with visual representation and individuality. There are many other British Asians which are not afforded the very same PR/headlines that are also ambassadors.”

Another individual wrote on Twitter:”You’ll find over three thousand Asians in the united kingdom and Prince Charles selects Katy Perry as British ASIAN Trust Ambassador. I am lost for words”

Meanwhile, yet another Twitter user indicated the decision was designed to”stay relevant.”



“India has held a special place in my heart, and in my last trip, I managed to meet the Prince of Wales along with other leaders at Mumbai, and I had been impressed with their powerful plan — by on-ground initiatives to finance — which will aim to Reduce child trafficking in half,” Perry said in a black-tie reception for the Trust on Tuesday, based on The Independent.

“This is the reason I am particularly honored to be called an ambassador for the British Asian Trust’s Children’s Protection Fund, and to assist shine my light on the job the British Asian Trust will do in South Asia, and also to be part of finding answers to child trafficking,” she added.

Clarence House and the British Asian Trust didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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