As manufacturing started Thursday night in Stamford, Conn., on the new HBO Max ballroom voguing contest series”Legendary,” manufacturers affirmed the function of”The fantastic Place” celebrity Jameela Jamil on the series.

“Legendary” executive producers David Collins and Rob Eric informed Variety which Jamil would function as a judge on the series, but less MC. An HBO Max press release earlier this week stated Jamil would function as the show’s MC — that immediately sparked an internet outcry.

Jamil was criticized for being representative of ballroom civilization, which was set by mostly black and Latinx LGBTQ individuals in New York at the late 1980therefore, and the gig ought to have gone into one of many veterans of the scene that continue to be busy. Dashaun Wesley, nicknamed the”King of Vogue,” will rather be the show’s MC, together with DJMikeQ about the turntables. Megan Thee Stallion, Law Roach and Leiomy Maldonado will function as judges combined with Jamil.

“Everything came down to the error on the MC, and it was ridiculous, but folks ran onto it,” said Collins, whose Scout Productions is supporting the series. “It had been brought to our attention, we changed it, and we’re moving .”

Ballroom civilization vets, such as Trace Lysette and Michelle Visage, had criticized the statement of Jamil as MC, and Jamil went on to refute the media release. She revealed that she describes as queer, stating that”that isn’t the way (she) needed it to emerge.”

HBO Max afterwards sent out another announcement clarifying Jamil’s role. Eric reported the blowback from Jamil was”unlucky, but she’s one of the kindest, most beautiful allies into so many diverse communities, it tore out our heart to her, that anybody goes after her that does not know her. But that is what happens on Twitter. It is exactly how it functions. We are here to encourage the neighborhood and we are here to encourage our community of this series too.”

Responding on Twitter concerning the dustup, Wesley wrote,”Anything created will continually be combated from the naysayers. There is no way those who does not have any idea of the procedure can change our incredible outcome. Jameela Jamil, welcome to the group. They’ll know when it airs.”

Collins stated GLAAD was consulted on the series and also Scout Prods. Made an attempt to reach out to a lot of this ballroom world. “This series celebrates a marginalized community,” he explained. “We are so eager to have everybody that is involved with this. GLAAD was here and is so supportive of the particular show. We are so proud of everything that is happening. I believe that it was a minute, a small blip in societal, but finally when the series comes out, frankly we could not be prouder.”

Eric compared the controversy to questions he read concerning the reboot of”Queer Eye.”

“After we declared’Queer Eye’ was arriving back, we were raked over the coals,” he explained. “We had been encouraging homosexual stereotypes, we had been doing nothing for our community, we were damaging the entire world. And when we declared that the throw, it was not diverse enough. [But] we are not dumb, we are definitely never going to perform something which would split a community. David and I spent a couple of years putting this series together. So it’s actually about the fact that we understand what we’re doing for this”

As homosexual men, Eric included, he and Collins”have grown up with oppression within our area, and having the ability to tell our tales. And we weren’t going to allow a whole lot of Twitter feedback prevent us from putting our vision on the market.”