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Project Zomboid Cheats - Kill Those Freaking Zombies Now!


For The Indie Stone’s intense and immersive survival game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, Project Zomboid cheats will definitely be a boon.

Those cheats are a set of codes and commands that can provide you with various advantages and shortcuts to enhance your gameplay experience.

While cheats are typically intended for single-player or sandbox modes, it’s essential to note that using cheats can alter the balance of the game and may diminish the sense of challenge and accomplishment.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the cheats available in Project Zomboid.

So, if you’re ready to delve into the world of Project Zomboid cheats and discover the ways to navigate the zombie apocalypse, let’s dive in and explore the possibilities that await you!

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How to Play Project Zomboid - Beginners Edition

Project Zomboid

The Indie Stone is a U.K.-based independent video game development studio known for creating innovative and engaging games in the survival and sandbox genres.

Chris Simpson, Andy Hodgetts, and Marina Siu-Chong founded the company in 2011.

The Indie Stone gained significant attention and recognition for their debut title, “Project Zomboid,” a post-apocalyptic survival game set in an open world overrun by zombies.

The game offers a unique blend of:

  • sandbox gameplay
  • emergent storytelling
  • zombie survival mechanics

Players must focus on the struggle for survival in a harsh and unforgiving environment. To survive, they basically must:

  • scavenge for resources
  • build shelters
  • form alliances

The game has garnered a dedicated fan base and continues to receive updates and improvements from The Indie Stone.

It’s now time to discuss Project Zomboid cheats.

Zombies in the neighborhood are chasing an adult girl and an adult man in white shirt in Project Zomboid
Zombies in the neighborhood are chasing an adult girl and an adult man in white shirt in Project Zomboid

Is There Cheats For Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid is known for its challenging gameplay and unforgiving survival mechanics.

It is often regarded as a tough game due to its emphasis on realism and the harsh consequences of making mistakes.

SetReadyGame.com commented that it provides players “a genuine hardcore survival experience.”

They need Project Zomboid cheats then!

Some players may be interested in using cheats or mods (modifiers) to enhance their gameplay experience or experiment with different scenarios.

Here are a few points to consider regarding Project Zomboid cheats:

a. Debug Mode

Project Zomboid has a built-in debug mode that allows players to access various cheat-like features.

This enables several options, such as:

  • unlimited health
  • unlimited inventory
  • teleportation

As Set Ready Game stated:

Entering debug in the launch options will allow you to access the debug menu in-game.- Set Ready Game

Reminder: Debug mode is primarily intended for testing purposes and may affect the balance and immersion of the game if used excessively.

b. Modifiers or Mods

Project Zomboid has an active modding community that creates various modifications, including cheat mods.

These mods can provide additional cheats or gameplay enhancements beyond what is available in the base game.

This allows players to customize and expand the game’s content, adding several things, including:

  • new items
  • maps
  • gameplay mechanics

They can be found on the official Project Zomboid forums or through various modding websites.

Reminder: Use mods from trusted sources to ensure they are safe and compatible with your game version.

c. Single-player vs. multiplayer

Using Project Zomboid cheats is generally more acceptable in single-player games since it only affects the individual player’s experience.

However, the game also features multiplayer gameplay.

Reminder: Respect the rules and guidelines of the multiplayer community. Avoid using Project Zomboid cheats in those environments, as it can negatively impact the experience of others and lead to consequences.

Project Zomboid in Steam Library, with the ‘General’ window open
Project Zomboid in Steam Library, with the ‘General’ window open

How Do You Enable Cheats In Project Zomboid?

For a “notoriously difficult” video game, players often look for Project Zomboid cheats.

That’s how a GGRecon article published in March 2023 describes this survival and role-playing game (RPG).

According to the said article by the gaming and esports site, yes, there are certainly cheats for Project Zomboid. One just needs to fiddle with “tons of modifiers.”

That could be a bit of an exaggeration; nonetheless, it sounds overwhelming.

How To Use Cheats?

Therefore, here are two series of steps to guide you:

A. What to do first prior to turning on the debug mode

A male YouTuber who goes by the username Retz13 (he also streams Project Zomboid on Twitch under the same username) enumerates these steps to ensure that Project Zomboid cheats will work.

1. Open Project Zomboid.

At the game’s main menu, you will see on the left side a row of tabs, namely (in the following order):

  • Tutorial
  • Solo
  • Join
  • Host
  • Options
  • Mods
  • Workshop
  • Quit

2. Click “Mods.”

A dialogue box will appear with the word “About Mods.” At the bottom of the box, click the “OK” button.

Doing so will take you to the Mod selection menu (“Selects Mods”).

3. Once you get to “Select Mods,” look at all the mods that are enabled (the “Enable” button is in green).

Click all those green “Enable” buttons to disable them.

According to Retz13, even after turning on the debug mode (the steps enumerated in the next section) to enable Project Zomboid cheats, it might not work if you will not first disable all currently enabled mods.

4. Exit Project Zomboid.

Go back to the game’s main menu and click “Quit.”

Proceed with the next series of steps that you will read below.

Menu for Project Zomboid ‘Select Mods,’ with dark background and the ‘Enable’ buttons in green
Menu for Project Zomboid ‘Select Mods,’ with dark background and the ‘Enable’ buttons in green

B. Steps on how to enable Project Zomboid cheats

1. By default, the menu in the game for Project Zomboid cheats is disabled.

  • The main concern: can’t be enabled in the game.
  • The solution: Steam client.

With it, a launch option can be added.

2. Go to your Steam library and look for “Project Zomboid.”

a. Once you see it: right-click.

b. From the menu box: click “Properties.”

c. Another window will appear. It will have a row of tabs on the left side that starts with the “General” tab.

No need to click “General” because it will open by default after clicking “Properties.”

d. On that window, look for “Launch Options.”

Underneath these words, you can find a text box. On this text box, type: “-debug” (of course, you don’t include the quotation marks).

3. Right-click again “Project Zomboid.”

a. From the menu box: click “Play.”

Wait for Stream to launch the game. Soon you will be in the game’s main menu.

You will know that you are already in debug mode (and ready to use Project Zomboid cheats) because you’ll see a section in the middle that says “Scenarios.”

A drop-down menu will automatically appear when you point your mouse to it.

4. On your keyboard, press F11.

A window will appear. Look at the upper left corner and you will see four sections in a column, namely (from left to right):

  • Maps
  • Options
  • Debug Log
  • Errors

Right after “Errors,” there’s a box checked with the words “Break On Error” beside it.

5. Uncheck that box.

Doing so will prevent you from not being anymore in the debug mode. No more access to Project Zomboid cheats when that happens.

As Retz13 said:

When a mod throws an error, it will automatically kick you out of Debug Menu. So, you want this unchecked for the play session.- YouTuber and Twitch user “Retz13”

6. To exit, press again F11.

Reminder: If you happen to press F11 again (after exiting), you’ll see that the Break On Error box is checked again. Don’t worry as it gets rechecked automatically. Just make sure to uncheck it before exiting.

7. You can now start playing Project Zomboid.

However, don’t immediately get excited.

At this point, according to Set Ready Game, don’t expect to see changes. Not yet. You will see the changes when your chosen character starts exploring the scenario you picked.

How Do You Cheat On Project Zomboid Multiplayer?

Multiplayer cheats in Project Zomboid seem hard to come by online, though there’s one who offered such cheats via elitepvpers.com, an online massively multiplayer online game (MMO) community.

But for a fee (and for a limited time only).

The asking price of that forum member (a certain “wttsn”): $25.00 (30-day access).

On the other hand, in the subreddit r/projectzomboid, someone advises not to use Project Zomboid cheats for multiplayers.

In December 2021, Reddit user st_heron posted in the aforementioned subreddit:

PSA [Public Service Announcement] - Don’t enable any cheats if you’re in a multiplayer server. It will disable the right click menu for the rest of your playthrough on that server.- Reddit user “st_heron”

The said user added that it happened “accidentally” to him/her and he/she couldn’t open the menus. However, as a single player he/she could.

The next series of steps will give you more information about Project Zomboid cheats.

Spider icon in red in Project Zomboid activated, with the Debug Menu open and a house interior with a man
Spider icon in red in Project Zomboid activated, with the Debug Menu open and a house interior with a man

Project Zomboid Cheat Mod

After you successfully enabled the debug cheat menu, follow the steps enumerated below to further access Project Zombie cheats:

By the way, you will know that it was successful because a round mosquito icon will appear on the game’s menu.

On the upper left side of the menu, there’s a column of icons. The mosquito icon appears at the bottom.

A. Steps on how to use Project Zombie cheats menu

1. Click the mosquito icon to activate it and to open the Debug Menu.

Once activated, the mosquito icon will have a red background.

a. The Debug Menu has two main tabs located side by side:

  • Main
  • Dev

b. Under those two main tabs is a column of tabs:

  • General debuggers
  • Cheats
  • Climate debuggers
  • Player’s Stats
  • Items List
  • Close

2. To access the list of Project Zombie cheats, click “Main” and then click “Cheats.”

You will see 17 sections (the “cheats”).

In his website kianl.com, Ukraine-based professional gamer and web developer Sergiy gives some details about them. Here are five:

a. Build Cheat mode

You won’t anymore need tools or other resources to build something (e.g., a door or a fence). You can have them right away.

b. Fast Move

Sergiy warns players that after using this cheat, their character may not be able “to walk normally.”

c. Know All Recipes

Unlock all the game’s recipes.

d. No Clip

This gives the character the ability to “walk through objects and walls.”

e. Unlimited Carry

No more weight limit.

Project Zomboid God Mode Cheat

The existence of God mode cheat in this game can be compared to finding an oasis in the desert.

It enables invincibility for the player, making them immune to damage.

You see, Project Zomboid features permadeath, meaning that if the player’s character dies, they lose all progress and must start a new game.

Yes, you read that right!

This adds tension and a sense of urgency to gameplay, as each decision and action carries significant consequences.

No wonder players want Project Zomboid cheats because of the daunting threat of permadeath.

In God mode, players have the ability to manipulate:

  • the environment
  • characters
  • other elements within the game

They can also do these things:

  • spawn items, weapons, and resources instantly
  • heal or resurrect characters
  • alter the weather
  • modify the landscape

This mode essentially removes many of the limitations and challenges that players face in the regular survival gameplay.

Here are the steps to access God mode:

1. Go to the Debug Menu.

2. Click “Cheats.”

3. In the window that appeared, check the “God mode” box (the second one in the column after “Invisible”).

4. Click “Save” at the bottom.

Ghost Mode Cheat In Project Zomboid

When players are in ghost mode, the enemies will not be able to detect them.

Nevertheless, players will still sustain physical injuries (e.g., they can get cuts or wounds anywhere in their body).

The steps to activate the ghost mode cheat in Project Zomboid are almost as similar as the ones you need to do when you want to enable the God mode.

So, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Debug Menu.

2. Click “Cheats.”

3. In the window that appeared, check the “Ghost mode” box (the third one in the column after “God mode”).

4. Click “Save” at the bottom.

Is There A Creative Mode In Project Zomboid?

Minecraft players are familiar with the creative mode.

In Project Zomboid, however, according to YouTuber Spoodle (@spoodle), there is no creative mode.

For this zombie survival game, the creative mode’s equivalent is the debug mode, where players can - among many other options - become invisible as well as invincible.

No Building Cost/Creative Mode

Again, Project Zomboid cheats don’t include a creative mode.

For those asking for Project Zomboid build cheat mode, well, the game has! Through it, players can instantly build something for free and without physical labor, according to Set Ready Game.

In debug mode, go to the General Debuggers option. There, enable the Build Cheat. Use it through the right-click menu of the mouse.

How To Play Project Zomboid With Friends

People Also Ask

Does Project Zomboid Have Admin Commands?

Yes, Project Zomboid does have admin commands that can be used by server administrators or players with admin privileges.

However, the availability and specific commands may vary depending on the version of the game you are playing, as well as any mods or customizations applied to the server.

Some common admin commands in Project Zomboid include:

  • /help - displays a list of available commands and their descriptions
  • /give [item] [quantity] - gives the specified item and quantity to the player
  • /setskill [skill] [level] - sets the specified skill level for the player
  • /spawnitem [item] [quantity] - spawns the specified item and quantity at the player’s location
  • /weather [weather_type] - changes the weather to the specified type

The exact commands and their syntax may vary.

So, consult the game’s documentation or server administration resources for a comprehensive list and instructions specific to your version of the game.

Is Project Zomboid Heavy?

According to the comment of one Project Zomboid player at Old School Gamers, the game takes a toll not on the PC’s GPU (graphics processing unit) but on its CPU.

Here’s the unnamed player’s suggestion: lower the number of zombies.

Can I Play Project Zomboid For Free?

No, you can’t. The game can be purchased on Steam and other similar platforms.

A male character near a house in Project Zomboid killing zombies with a bat
A male character near a house in Project Zomboid killing zombies with a bat

Final Thoughts

Project Zomboid cheats can impact your personal enjoyment and the experience of others.

Two important things to remember:

  • consider the potential consequences
  • always respect the intentions and rules set by the developers and the community

Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution and use cheats in Project Zomboid responsibly.

Their misuse can undermine the intended gameplay experience and diminish the satisfaction of overcoming the game’s challenges.

So, whether you’re looking to gain an edge in combat, acquire valuable resources, or simply explore the game’s mechanics freely, Project Zomboid cheats can offer a wealth of possibilities.

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