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Putlocker Website: Download All HD Movies & TV Series Free In 2020


Everyone loves to watch moviesand try to gain something from them. You can say watching movies have come under everyone’s hobby or their addiction. People either enjoy movies in theatres or rely on cable television. But, nowadays few people cannot afford the theatre price due to increasing costs in multiplexes and cinema halls.

For those people, there is an alternative to stream and download movies online, and they might not require giving any payment. With the growth of smartphones and the evolution of the internet, the popularity of video streaming websites has gone up at a skyrocketing speed. Almost every user uses his phone to watch online TV shows and movies.

Unfortunately, such movie streaming appscome with a subscription fee. Thankfully few websites like this offer online movies for free. There is an online movie streaming platform called Putt locker, which has solved the problem for many people. In this platform, you can not only stream movies but also web series and TV series. Due to the upcoming age of the online platforms, various films that the distributors do not want to buy are streamed.

Putlockers websitehas benefited people in many ways so that they can watch their favourite movies for free. It is the best option for those people who are adhering to films and even those who do not want to visit the theatres.

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What Is This Platform About?

This is an online website where you can stream your favourite movies and web series for free. This website has benefited those persons who want to watch movies for free. It is an 8-year-old website which was launched with a different realm name. After launching, the website has gained so much popularity that people want to watch the latest movies on this website.

Many internet service providers who want to access this website, but few latest technologies have restricted their entry. Since the time of its inception, this website has been giving you the proper content so that you do not have any further problems in movie streaming.

There was a fine time when Putlocker movies were having millions of viewers in a day. But after a certain amount of time, there was a trade association in the United States who reported this website as an illegal copying menace. Initially originated in the UK in 2012 it enjoyed a massive customer visit of approx 800,000 per day.

However, ever since the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) of the UK took it offline due to some security issues, the number of visitors eventually started decreasing. As a corrective measure, It also changed its domain several times which is currently working at the “.kz”address. But still, there is no assurance of how long it will sustain it’s working.

Keeping in mind all the changes in place, It is probably a good time to find workable putlocker alternatives. Today, also, if we see many people use Putlocker HD as the online movie streaming website. But in the current era, many people say that this is not safe and can be legal trouble.

Features Of This Website In 2020

The Main Web Page Is The Primary Key:

There is the main web page that allows you to find the movies or web series which you want to watch. You will get different categories like movies with their specific period. In various alternative sites, you will see the latest movies are displayed at the top of the web page. There is also the newest web series, which you can easily search here. The index or the database of this website is always upgraded so that the visitors can easily get the searched results.

Choosing The Quality Picture:

You can select both standard and high definition movies. The movies which are available in the best high definition quality are streamed at that medium. But, if the internet slows down, it keeps on buffering and you cannot enjoy a quality player. If you are expecting old age movies in high definition, then you might not get it. This is the best part of this website like we can choose the different quality of movies to download online.

Subtitled Movies:

Every movie and web series do not have subtitles, but the latest movies have it. There is the newest player on this website which can support the best file formats. So streaming a movie is flexible, and it can be seen without any buffers and pauses.

Unlimited Downloads Of Movies And Web Series:

You can get unlimited downloads of movies and web series on this website. Some people want to give a rest to their data and watch movies offline. Putloker is referred to as the copyright infringement websites so they are operated with a segregated private network to give their full proof. If you know the process of sharing systems, then you can be a part of this platform and download the latest Hollywood moviesoffline.

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How To Download Movies From This Website?

There is a video device available for all the windows which allow you to not only download put locker videos but all videos from different movie streaming platforms. Due to some latest developments in this software which is secure and more reliable.

This device is suitable for all the movie leading websites from where you can do unlimited downloads of movies and web series. You can have a pleasant enjoyment of downloaded films from this device.

Besides downloading, this device can offer you a lot of things. There are a few steps that you need to follow before downloading any videos from Putlocker free movies to this device. Go through these steps and never lose an opportunity to download.

1st Step: Start The Video Device Application

Open the application and select the download option from the beginning. The video which you are downloading will be displayed on this page.

2nd Step: Download Free Movies Easily

Some people follow the downloading process by copying the website link and pasting it in the required search place. This is the right process which most of the people have to prefer. Visit the free movies torrent site and find the movie you want to download and stream offline. When the video is streamed, you can copy the website link from the link bar on the top. Then go to the video device, and below the Download button on this device, you can click the option “Paste website link” so that you can add the downloaded videos.

3rd Step: Download Videos Using The Auto-sensing Process

You must be aware of the auto-sensing process by which you can download any movies easily. If you want to assure downloading videos, you can select the “Download” option, then click on the “Detect” option to search the portal and go directly to Pulocker to find the movies of your choice. Switch on the sensing detector by going to the bottom, where there is a link attachment on the left side. Select the option “Enable detector,” it will be operated, and the video will start playing and will be placed on your list of downloads.

If you want to double-check whether the video is downloaded or not, return to the “download” option and below the tab, you can find few tools on the left side. Select the option completed, and you can get the file’s name. Click on the downloaded file’s name then, the device will play the video.

These are the three essential steps you can follow while downloading movies and web series from putlockers official website. But make sure that you do not follow any lengthy process. If you follow these steps, your download will be secure and reliable.

There is one more way of finding the movie that you wish to watch. You can simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Fand type in the name of the movie that you wish to watch in the search bar that appears. You can use this shortcut to download movies from it.

Best Alternatives To This Website

1. E123movies

E123movies site
E123movies site

It is the most popular website nowadays where you can get movies of your choice. This website is nowadays preferred by most of the people. The themes of this website are fully eyed appealing. It has an excellent and preferable record of providing quality movies with proper features.

2. Megashare

Megashare website
Megashare website

One of the finest and convenient movies streaming sites which have penetrated the online market. It has a vast collection of movie libraries where you will get all Hindi and English movies. If you do not like the new site 2020, then you can use this streaming platform.

3. Noxx

Noxx website
Noxx website

If you cannot afford premium membership or subscription for Amazon, Netflix or any other online platform, then you can visit this website. Noxx is not only a place for web series and TV shows. There is a great disadvantage to this website that it is not fully developed. It will take a long time for development.

4. FMovies


Fmovies is one of the most popular websites on the internet where a large number of people visit to watch a variety of video contents such as movies of various languages, web shows, TV shows, and a lot more.

Note: Many people are not aware of pirated movie websites. this is one of the sites that offer pirated movies. We are not responsible if your link is tracked download because of accessing this prohibited website. However, to be on the safer side, you can use the Nord VPN.

Movie Categories On This Site

Today, if we search on Google by “categories of movies,” we will get thousands of results. There are various categories of videos which are available in Potlucker, and they are

  • Action Movies

In this best website to watch free movies, you will get to enjoy different sorts of action and adventure movies that you are in search of. If you are a fan of action movies, then you will get all kinds of actions ranging from thrillers to historical war. So you do not have to overthink and if you want to see the best action movie, this is the right platform. There are also Hindi movieswith the best action. These are streamed flexibly on this website.

  • Classic Movies

There are many varieties of classic movies from classic action to comedies. This platform gives you the best scope to watch and download classic moviesif you are a fully-fledged fan. Some people do not like action or comedy movies so, on this platform, you will get a chance to see the best classic movies of all time. Besides movies, you will also get the web series, which will make you fully absorbed in it.

  • Comedies

It is a must for all the comedy lover movies who are addicted to hilarious laughing. On this platform, you will get the best world-ranging Hindi and English comedy movies that you would always love. Few persons prefer to watch comedy shows rather than films for them, it is the right platform.

  • Dramas

There is a wide range of drama movies and series which you will get on this site. It starts from Romantic drama and goes till the political scene. On this website, you will get all sorts of drama related movies which will blow up your mind. People who either like action or comedy movies for them this category is most suitable. You have to keep in mind that you do not get bored and see the best drama movie.

  • Horror

If you are scared of horror movies, then you cannot watch it on this platform. This website provides you with fear in such a manner that you can feel it and get inside the screen. Highly defined horror movies will scare you in such a way that you will feel like getting up and escaping. But, few brave people love these sorts of movies and are adhered to it. So, even if you are not a person who loves horror movies, see it on this platform and have a live horror experience. After the experience, you will become addicted and will never want to leave it.

  • Romantic

These movies are loved by all the couples and the person who wants to impress someone. In this best site for new moviesin 2020, you will get to experience romantic comedies to classical romance. The action lovers get bored of watching romantic movies, but the movies and the shows which you will get to see here will make you fond of romantic comedies. There are famous English romantic movies which you will get on this website.

You will get the best science fiction movies in Hollywoodand Bollywood. If you are a fan of science fiction, then you will get the movies of your choices and wants. After visiting this platform, people got the most excellent varieties of science fiction movies. This category is loved by everyone, be it kids or adults.

  • Sports Movies

Many people are there who decide to watch sports rather than movies. For those people, this platform is essential as there are famous sports shows and movies. The shows will make you realize the life of an athlete or a sportsman. If you are addicted to sports, then you have to watch the movies and shows streaming on this platform.

  • Thrillers

Have exposure to the first thriller movies ranging from suspense to supernatural thrillers. You will find the best thrillers which you were searching on the other platforms with a premium subscription. In this best torrent site for movies, you can experience them for free and have easy access to it. After watching thrillers on this website, viewers have given their best reviews.

  • Documentary films

In today’s world, we get to see the most famous documentary films based on real incidents of life. You might be a lover of these kinds of movies, but after watching them on this platform, you will be a lover of it. These films range from biographical to criminal documentaries. If you see these films on this website, you will get to experience what is a real documentary.

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How Many Resolution Formats Are Available?

As compared to numerous other websites that are available, the formats available with this website are many. Here, we list down the different formats that one can choose to download on it.

  • 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr, DVDrip

All the movies can be downloaded in a format of your choice. You can also choose a format based on the kind of video player you have. For example, all formats might work well on your laptop. However, you might need specific formats for the player on your smartphone or Smart TV.

List Of Latest Domains Of Putlocker Plus In 2020

Since this is a website that shares pirated movies, the main website might come under the scanner and be blocked in certain regions. That’s why there are several different domains that people can use to access the website and its content. All the movies in different languages are available in different domains and viewers only have to find which website link is working so that they can download movies from there.

The interface of all the domains is similar and once you understand the website, you can download the movie from any of the domains.

The list of domains from where you can access the website is here:


The latest link sometimes might not work if the website is blocked by authorities. In such cases, you should try another link. This might happen again and again and it is recommended that you should try all links each time you discover that a link is blocked.

FAQs Regarding Putlocker 2020

No, it is not legal, though you can access it safely with the help of any reliable VPNwhich hides your real IP address and unblocks restrictions. Refer to this article for more detail.

2. What Content Categories Are Available On This Site?

Action, Romance, Thriller, and few more categories are available on this site, feel free to read this article to get a complete list of categories.

3. What Dimension Of Movies Are Available On The Site?

This site provides movies in different file size dimensions, such as 300MB, 700MB, 1GB, etc. Choose accordingly and refer download guide inside the article.

We have a complete list of new links of the Put locker website that are working in 2020. Check this article to find out.

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Disclaimer (Important)

No one can deny that this site provides unlimited all latest movies and series to download for free. Its amazing content collection in almost every genre and category. Even though we should not forget that it provides content illegally. And using pirated content is a criminal offence. Therefore we should not take initiative while using its services.

This article contributes to educational content and does not support piracy content anyway. Rather appreciates artists’ work and suggests you using legal options. Thank you so much for your quality time.

We do not provide any sort of Video Downloads and neither encourage you to use the above website as it may harm your computer and is violating any laws already.

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