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Putlocker: Latest Movies To Watch in 2020 – Is It Safe?


Putlockeris one of the most renowned sites in the world that offers online streaming of movies. Thus, if you are a movie junkie, you must have heard about Putlocker. If you don’t know much about this site, get ready to know about these amazing sites that offer you unlimited movies and shows to watch. The best part about the site has a massive index that offers even the recently released movies and TV shows. This site began functioning in the year 2011, and since then, it has gained its popularity. Since the movies offered on this platform are free, you don’t have to spend even a penny to watch your favorite movies and shows. So, what are you waiting for?

Get ready for binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows. We guarantee you; you will get any movie you are looking for on the website.

Quality Content Available On Putlocker Movies

With the growth of the digital age, everyone wants to watch the best quality movies and videos. It won’t disappoint you as far as the quality of videos is concerned. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows, just like you will watch in a multiplex.

So, for the best multiplex feeling, without spending money, all you need is to watch movies and shows on the Putlocker site. The videos available on the site are in HD quality, and you won’t have to strain your eyes while watching your favorite movies. Although you can’t download videos from the the site, watching videos on the site is complete bliss.

No matter if you are in the US, UK, or Korea, Putlocker offers movies of all genres, regions, and languages. All you need to watch a movie is your digital device, an internet connection, and your choice of a favorite movie. So, get your laptop and sit with a bucket of popcorn to binge-watch unlimited movies on this site. If the name “Putlocker” seems too technical for you, don’t worry, searching and watching movies on it is pretty simple. The User Interface of the site is pretty simple, and even a beginner or a non-technical person can easily use the site to watch the movies of their choice.

It has been in the market since 2011, and you can totally trust them when it comes to features of the websites, movies available, and the ease of use of the site. Thus, use the platform this weekend to watch movies of your choice.

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Main Features Of Putlocker Website 2020

Since the time of its inception, it has provided content in the form of movies, TV Shows, and Series that are unavailable at most sites. This website has benefitted millions, who don’t have money to visit multiplex or get a Netflix account. Within a few years of its launch, the website got so popular that people kept on watching even the latest movies and TV series on this platform. Following are some of the amazing features of the site:

1. Easy To Navigate The Main Webpage

The main webpage is very easy to navigate in the Putlocker site. You can easily find movies or web series to watch. The movies are categorized in different ways. Some of the categorizations include the date of update, name of the movies, and the movie genre.

2. Availability Of New Movies And Series

The Putlocker site not only includes the old classics, but it also includes the movies that are presently running in multiplexes. Thus, instead of spending dollars on watching movies at multiplex, spend some time with your family and watch the newest movie from the comfort of your home.

3. Best Quality Videos & Web Series

If you are perplexed that a website won’t be able to provide you quality movie experience, you are mistaken. You can watch your favorite movie and web series in full HD quality at the Putlocker website. All movies and series are available in high definition quality, and you won’t have to strain your eyes by watching any poor quality movie.

4. Subtitles Are Included For All Movies

The world is a global village now and no matter where we live, we want to know about the culture of other countries too. Thus, if you are interested in watching movies of other languages, you can easily watch at Putlocker site, as the website also offers subtitles with the movie. So, watch any movie you want by getting the same feelings and emotions as the movie in your country.

5. Unlimited Option To Download Web Series Or Movies

With Putlocker, you can enjoy an unlimited option to download your favorite web series or trending movies. Most often, people wish to stop using data and enjoy catching up with the movies on offline mode. Generally, website comes under the category of “copyright infringement sites,” which means their operation is performed on a private segregated built network. If you’re well aware of the systems for sharing, then enjoy unlimited downloading options.

6. Putlocker Movies Are Well Categorised

On the main web page itself, you can find your favorite web series or movies. For the most trending movies, you don’t need to go anywhere on the Putlocker website as it shows the latest web series or movies on the main page.

In addition to these features, some of the other features of the site includes:

  • Best quality streaming with no buffering and pausing
  • Includes movies from different nations and genres
  • Subtitles in different languages
  • Easy to use website interface
  • Putlocker Hindi Movies available seperately
  • You can watch movies on laptops, computers, and even on your mobile
  • Watching a movie at the best quality without paying a single penny
  • The website is free of any bugs or viruses. Thus, you won’t face any safety issues.
  • No problem with the site crashing while watching the movie.

With all these amazing features of Putlocker, we hope you will enjoy the best movies this upcoming week.

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Some Google Tricks To Download Latest Movies On Putlocker!

If you want to download any recent movie on this site, that too without using any third party, you are at the correct place. For most people, downloading a movie in the site is quite complicated, and you won’t be able to do it. But don’t worry, we have a magical tip that can help you download any latest movies or shows. We have a Google trick that will help you in downloading movies on Putlocker. No matter which kind of computer you have, this magical tip works on most devices. All you need is a good internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. So, let’s begin the process:

Once your web browser is open, type the following in the address bar “intitle:index.of? Format MovieName”. The line written within these inverted commas can be used to find and download any movie from the Putlocker site.

For Google, trick to work best, and for your peace of mind, just know the meaning of these terms:

Format:this means the format in which you want your movie to get downloaded. This command line will work best with formats like MP4, Avi, as well as MKV.

Movie Name:we hope this term doesn’t need a lengthy explanation; all you need to know is the name of the movie you want to watch.

This Google trick works most of the time, and you may be able to watch even the latest movies by this trick. But if you are unable to download a movie through this trick, try to change the format. Sometimes some movies are not uploaded in the same format as you are searching, so you may find it difficult.

Different Categories Available On The Putlocker Proxy Sites

It offers almost all categories of movies. So, if you look into the category section of the site, you can find multiple categories. Some of the categories include:

Numerous action Hindi movies are available on the Putlocker Website. From historical wars to action thrillers, you can find all kinds of Hindi action movies on this platform. Along with action, you can enjoy some adventurous movies. If you wish to get the best experience watching hit action movies, then it is the right site for you.

  • Classic Movies

Classic movies include classic romantic to classic comedy. No matter which genre you love, it offers all kinds of Classic movies. Thus, get a chance to watch your all-time favorite classics at the website.

  • Comedy And Drama

Apart from Putlocker Hindi movies, If you lack comedy in your life, why not watch a few comedy movies at the site. From classic comedies to new generation comedies, all kinds of movies can be found on this platform. If you are a drama lover, The website can be a boon for your movie-watching experience. From romantic drama to political drama, you can watch the best movies with the best quality at the website.

  • Horror

Although very few people like horror movies, if you are one of those few, spend your weekend watching a horror movie at Putlocker. Trust us; you will be shaken to the core after watching the movie at HD quality.

Most people from the present generation love Science Fiction movies. Watching Science fiction movies and TV shows on Netflix can cause the spending of hundreds of dollars. So, why not use Putlocker to watch amazing Science Fiction movies? There are excellent varieties of Science Fiction movies available on the website. Choose a movie of your choice, and spend your weekend by getting amazing scientific knowledge.

  • Sport Movies

In this category, you’ll get the superhit sports movies to watch with your friends. Along with the movies, you can catch up with sports shows. With these sports shows, you’ll feel connected with sportsmen’s life.

  • Thriller movies

Would you love to watch a suspense thriller movie? Or it is the supernatural thriller movie that catches your attention? Putlocker comes with the best thriller movies, whether you’re a suspense or supernatural lover. If you go on the other websites, you’ll surely have to pay such premium charges. Though, Putlocker gives you a free movie time along with an easy usage process.

  • Kids Shows And Movies

Herein, you’ll get to find the best movie for your kids and give them a good home fun time. After watching just one movie, your kids would get excited to watch more movies.

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Best Alternatives To Putlocker Website In 2020

Although Putlocker is the most renowned site for watching and downloading movies for free, some sites have recently gained popularity and have penetrated deeply. So, let’s look at the list of famous sites where you can watch movies in the same way as you can watch on the Putlocker HD site:

1. YesMovies


If you keep on searching platforms to watch movies for free, you must have heard about this website. This is a modern website that will help you watch many new movies and TV shows. On this website, you can search the movie name numerically or alphabetically. The website offers movies of different ranges. The website has no fancy looks and user interface. Thus, you will be able to find the movies easily without going too deep into the website. So watch your favorite movies directly and easily with the help of Yes Movie website. The only problem with the website is that you can get many unwanted advertisements while watching movies. Thus, try to skip these things to watch the movie in the best quality.

2. LOSMovies


This is another website offering movies for free. This website has more than a thousand pages, and each page has at least nine movies. So, you can keep on counting the movies. If you are thinking about spending your time entirely by watching movies on LOS Movies, you may have to spend years. The website also offers simple attachments that will make your movie search easier. The movies can be sorted on the basis of release date, reviews, and different other features. The only disadvantage associated with this website is that you have to create and fill a login page to watch movies on this page.

3. E123Movies


This is the most popular and renowned movie streaming website at present. This website is liked by millions of people, and you have many choices when it comes to watching movies on this website. You can easily surf movies from the homepage of the website. You can search the movie by movie name, or even by top reviews. This website not only offers movies of your choice, but it is also famous for offering some fantastic TV series. So, if you are a TV series lover, this website should be on your list.

4. BollyShare


BollyShare is a convenient Movie streaming website. It is competing to putlocker hindi movies collection. This website has almost penetrated into the online world. Most movie lovers know about this website sharing free movies. This website has a vast collection of movies, including English as well as Hindi movies. If you can’t find the Putlocker website in your region, this website can be the best alternative available. The movies available on this platform also have subtitles included. Thus, you won’t have to face any issues while watching foreign-language movies.

5. A2ZMovies


As the name suggests, you can get movies from all alphabets at this platform. You can even get movies from the year 1948 to 2020 at this website. So, if you haven’t decided which movie to watch this weekend, just go to this website and randomly select a movie from any given alphabet. We hope you will get amazing choices of movies for each alphabet.

6. Movie4Me


This is another alternative to Putlocker sites as it comes with a free movie feature without charging any premium fees. With no puzzled issues or makeups, this site is simple to operate without any complications. With a user-friendly approach, this site is built to serve people with the best movie. For different categories, you can surf movies in different segments, whether it is action, thriller, or comedy.

7. Noxx Platform

If your budget fails to get the subscription package for Netflix or Amazon, then catch up with Noxx. Not only the superhit TV shows, but you can also get to watch the top-grossing web series. Though the biggest limitation with Noxx is that the website is a bit undeveloped.

List Of Latest Domains Of Putlocker HD In 2020

Sometimes, because of indiscriminate blockage by cyber and anti-piracy cells, Putlocker loses its domain. So, if you are unable to find your favorite site for online movie streaming, we are providing you with a list of new domains for Putlocker. Use these wisely to watch movies of your choice:

Putlocker.com –This website takes less time to upload, and it will provide you with the best movie-watching experience.

Putlocker.in –Through this website, you can download as many movies and TV shows as you want.

Putlocker.org –This website contains all the latest movies that you may want to watch.

Putlocker.net –This website is widely used by people to download and watch unlimited movies of their choice.

Putlocker.me –With more than 2500 movies on this website, this is the best website to watch plenty of movies.

Putlocker.pro –All new movies are uploaded within one to two days of the release date. Must use this website if you want to save money from watching movies.

Putlocker.live –This website also contains 100% true information about every movie so that you can get a preview of the movie before watching the complete movie.

Putlocker.watch –Watch movies and TV series of any genre from this website.

Putlocker.info –Watch movies from any nation or any language for free at this site.

Putlocker.fun –Watch movies online without any registration, login, or sign up.

Putlocker Proxy Websites In 2020

Just keep in mind that not all platforms will provide you the best quality movie watching experience. Thus, if you don’t want to watch movies on Putlocker just for the sake of being illegal, the following are some alternatives available:

1. Sony LIV

Sony LIV
Sony LIV

This website will require prior registration and login before offering you a list of movies to watch. This website also has a Sony LIV app that you can download from Playstore. So, if you want to watch movies on your mobile phone, join this platform.

2. Ice Movie


This is another legal alternative for Putlocker. This website offers a list of movies with the best IMDB ratings. Thus, if you are a fan of 5-star movie ratings, watch movies at the Ice Movie website. You can also sort movies as per year on this platform.

3. Kutty Movies

The name may seem a bit weird, but the platform has some of the greatest movies ever. This site also has a list of IMDB top-rated movies. Thus, you don’t have to search a lot to find the best movie on this platform.

4. HDO


HDO has one of the best User Interfaces when it comes to watching and searching for movies. The platform has the best quality movies as well as V shows. Thus, in your leisure time, you don’t have to worry about what to do. Just log in to HDO and find your favorite movies from the list.

5. Movie Ninja


As the name suggests, this platform offers some of the top classics ever. The website is called better than Putlocker. The only disadvantage associated with this platform is that you have to sign up for this platform before you start binge-watching your favorite movies.

Putlocker Proxy – Some More Free Websites

There is no argument that Putlocker is the king of online movie streaming. But, due to the recent troubles and infringement issues associated with the website, if you want to look into other alternatives, look at the below-mentioned list:

1. Solar Movies


This is an underrated online movie streaming platform. The best part about this website is that you can get some amazing and new content every day. Although the website has not garnered too much attention, the loyal fans of this platform love watching movies on this platform. The design, as well as the user interface of the website, is modern and simple. Thus, you won’t face much difficulty in watching movies from this website.

2. Moviewatcher


The best part about this website is that movie thumbnails are large, and thus, it becomes easier for older people to look at the movie posters. The site offers straightforward categories, and it has most movies and TV Shows in HD quality.

3. FMovies


Fmovies is one of the giants in the industry that is being called as a replacement for Putlocker by many. The homepage of the website has a large search bar that helps you to search for the movie you want to watch easily.

4. A2ZMovies


The smoothness of this website is the most amazing feature of this website. The website offers premium-level aesthetics free of cost. Thus, if you are looking for a free alternative to Putlocker, look no further than A2ZMovies

5. StreamDor

It has an eye-catching user interface and website design. You will get an extensive list of movies to watch from this platform. So, for all movie lovers out there, if you want to watch movies free of cost, just log in to StreamDor. There can be some issues for people who want to watch foreign-language movies, as the website offers most movies with Hindi titles.

What Measurement Films Are Available On Putlocker?

All measurement movies and TV shows are available on the Putlocker website. Following are some of the options available:

  • 300MB Dimension Videos
  • 400MB Dimension Videos
  • 600MB Dimension Videos
  • 1GB Dimension Videos
  • 2GB Dimension Videos
  • 4GB Dimension Videos

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How To Download Movies From Putlocker?

There are many video devices available that can help you in downloading Putlocker videos easily. With these video downloaders, you can download any movies and TV series from the Putlocker website. There are just a few necessary steps that you need to follow. Go through these steps and download videos, movies, and series from Putlocker easily.

Step 1)Open the video device app and select the download option. The video that you are downloading will be shown on this page.

Step 2)Start the downloading process by copying the website link provided and placing it in the search bar. Start the process by visiting the Putlocker website.

Step 3)Search the movie you want to watch from numerous categories provided. Once you find the movie, click on the download button. When the video gets streamed, you can easily copy the website link and place it in the address bar.

Step 4)Visit the Video device and place the link and press the download button. Once your video is downloaded, watch your favorite movie and shows without any disturbance.

CAUTION:People also use piracy websites like Moviezwap, OkPunjaband more to download movies for free. We suggest you avoid the same as it’s an illegal activity. We do not encourage our readers to use piracy websites in any way.

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1. How Many Resolution Formats Are Available?

It knows the taste of its audience. Thus, it offers movies and TV shows in different formats and resolutions. Here are the resolutions and formats available: 420p,720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, DVDScr and DVDrip.

2. How Putlocker Is Better Than Other Websites?

Putlocker is an online website that offers you unlimited movies and TV Shows that you can watch for free. You can watch any movie uploaded on this website for free. With more than 3k movies available on this website, you have unlimited choices when it comes to watching movies on the site.

It is not a legal website. Thus, you may get caught by legal authorities, for watching pirated copies of movies. But with more than 98 million users, this website is liked by many and people who don’t have enough money to watch movies in multiplexes, use this platform to watch movies. Since the platform contains pirated content, it depends upon your free will, whether you want to watch a movie on this platform or not.

4. How Does This Website Work?

The working of this website is pretty simple and straightforward. This website includes all those platforms that can give them permission to host any content from websites like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Since this platform has a large number of contents and movies that are free, Putlocker doesn’t need to host any of its contents.

5. Is It Safe To Use Putlocker?

Legally speaking, it is not safe to use the website. But technically speaking, you can use the platform to watch hundreds and thousands of movies. Just mind that hackers and cybercrime officials are not accessing the website you are using.

6. Why Is Putlocker So Famous?

Putlocker is one of the most renowned online movie streaming websites, as it has thousands of movies for free. Thus, no matter who you are or where you are living, you can easily get access to hundreds of best quality movies in the platform.

7. Can I Download HD Quality Movies Easily?

Yes, platform contains many movies in HD quality. Thus, it can easily download the available movie in HD quality. But to get the best result, you need the best downloader in your device to watch the movie in HD quality. If security is not your concern, you can easily watch and download movies in HD quality at the Putlocker website.

8. Should I Take Any Precautions While Using Putlocker HD?

If you’re willing to use Putlocker, then it can be sound to consider some precautions in advance:

  • Be sure to use Virtual Private Network (Nord VPN)This can be advantageous to ensure your identity and IP address remain secured from snoops.
  • Ensure the usage of anti-virus protection: To ensure safety from malware, it’s sound to use background software for anti-virus protection.

Disclaimer (Important)

Piracy of any original content is completely prohibited as per the Indian Penal Code, and we completely oppose all kinds of piracy. The content provided in this article is only meant to provide you useful information. The purpose of this article, by any means, is not to promote piracy in any kind. Please stay from any such activity or websites that promote piracy or related activities.

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