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Rajsi Verma Career, Birthdate, Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth


Rajsi Verma, indeed a Delhi-born model and actress. She finished her IES training and her Delhi University graduation. During her time in modeling, she was indeed a student and had been part of a variety of runway shows and ad campaigns. She went to Mumbai for testing out her luck throughout the design and acting when she finished her studies. Her modeling experience for print & commercial advertisements gave her an opportunity to work for various brands.

Several of her small screen brands include SBI Loans, Center New, Big B Kalyan Jewellers, Big Babool Twist, Cola, as well as many other commercials for TV and business houses. She has also promoted a variety of large outlets. She was given the opportunity to collaborate with a movie of Mahesh Bhatt named Jalebi working against Govinda in Bollywood. Other films involve Kalki Koechlin’s Ribbon, Sunny Deol’s Beimaan Love, and Darshan Kumar’s Mirza Juliet.

She has also been featured in TV serials such as Fear Files on Zee TV, Colors show Kasam, Kiram Bhatt’s We Tantra, and And Tv’s Endemol Presentation. He has been involved in several other projects, including Diya or Batii, Savdhan India, Suhani Si Ladko, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Aye Zindagi and Crime Patrol. Her initial web show, titled Charmsukh, is now being telecasted on the OTV Platform Ullu. She is really single and does not date personality in her personal life, though her body sizes are 5 feet and 5 inches & figure of 36 by 30 by 36.

The Indian actress & model is Rajsi Verma. In the famous Hindi daily soaps & web series, she also played.

Her debut & stardom was in 2016 when her first Hindi film “Beimaan Love” was released. Critics, as well as the crowd, noted Verma’s performing chops.

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She has been seen since her debut in many national TV series and is already famous as just a family name.

In this article, we will learn about all the things related to the actress Rajsi Verma. So read and find out.

Rajsi Verma Biography

The Indian TV star was born to its parents in India’s capital on 11 October 1989. She was 31 years old by 2020. The zodiacal sign of Rajsi is Libra, and it’s her commitment to function, which explains. She is a dedicated person who works tirelessly to achieve her objectives.

The actress, born in Delhi, began her model profession. She aspired to operate throughout this area, as did several other actresses.

Today Rajsi Verma operates as just an actress in Mumbai. Her career is rising high, and on TV and movies, she has received amazing offers.

Rajsi Verma Education

Before attempting luck throughout the Hindi entertainment sector, the 31-year-old actress finished her education. She is a very good citizen.

While from an early age, she desired to become an actress, she opted to finish her studies first.

Rajsi Verma was born and raised in Delhi and ended her studies in Delhi. She went to the New Delhi IES School.

She moved to Mumbai, where she currently lives, after finishing school. Rajsi attended college underneath the Mumbai University at KES’ Shroff College. You now understand that this actress has been hailed as brain beauty.

Rajsi Verma Parents And Siblings

The Hindi regular sap player was born into a Hindu family, as well as being a Sonar cast member. Originally from a typical family of the Middle Class, she lived in Delhi.

Verma’s father seems to be the actor and famous face Shivkumar Verma. In his serials and regular soaps, he has played several minor roles. Throughout the Verma tribe, it is safe to act.

The title of her mother also isn’t established, but she knows she’s next to her mother, who protects her as well as loves her. Mother and daughter remain in close contact with each other.

She does have a younger sibling, named Shivkumar Verma, Ashutosh. The siblings post nice pictures on their social media handles with one another. They’re really close, and Rajsi Verma has the biggest supporter of her family.

Rajsi Verma Filmography and Net Worth

The 2016 Hindi film “Beiimaan Love” launched Rajsi Verma’s career in the film business, with Sunny Léone as the main film lead. After the success of this film, she became aware, and her journey began.

In 2017 Rajsi took part in the movie “Ribbon” with a star in Vikram Bhatt’s “Tantra” and Kalki Koechlin as well as Sumeet Vyaas.

In 2018, the star was seen in several Hindi films such as “Jalebi.” The movie stars Varun Mitra and Rhea Chakraborty as major actors.

In addition to films, she operated on Kooku’s “Who Teacher” web series, the Alt Balaji “Kehne Ko Humsafar”, as well as an adult series entitled “Charamsukh” throughout the ULLU app.

In numerous famous daily soaps, Verma has now become a house name with her stints. In the SAB TV show “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah,” she has been seen as “Mona Sharma.”

Her shows in serials such as Diya Aur Baati Hum, Crime Patrol, and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

She has proven herself acting by appearing in a variety of ads and advertisements on renowned brand names, including “Kalyan Jewelers.”

The Net Worth of Rajsi is measured to have around 55000 USD.

Rajsi Verma Interesting Facts

  • She dreamed of collaborating with her favourite when she’s in the Kalyan Jewellers Ad together with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.
  • In addition to being such a good actress, she is indeed a philanthropist who has worked with NGOs on many occasions with several of their great acts.
  • Rajsi Verma enjoys dressing in lovely Indian costumes.
  • On Instagram, she’s really actively engaged and shares fun videos.
  • On 1 April 2017, Verma entered Instagram with the kissing video of herself.
  • In social media, Rajsi does have an enormous fan, with 147K followers on Instagram & 23.7K on Twitter.

Rajsi Verma Series Charamsukh

The latest web series of Ullu named Charamsukh is the series in which Rajsi Verma enacted and showed her acting skills. Ullu will be the first option for any person throughout the Adult web series.

Ullu’s original streaming is known for several romantic, erotic web series & numerous web series. So here is all about the Rajsi Verma Series Charamsukh.

Episode 1

The very first episode is about a virgin girl Aanya, whom her friends taught because they did not have relations with his friend Kartik. Aanya called Kartik at her home one day after having too much bullying. But on the other hand, Kartik does not have a picture of the girls that is very fine. He assumes girls just want a man’s sexual gratification, and he’s trying to kiss her girlfriend in her house.

Unlike Aanya, her mother (Rajsi Verma) fascinated the boyfriend of her daughter, and both (Kartik and the mother of Aanya) started to stay together for several nights. Ignore their reality; when she experiences this, how might Aanya respond? Do you think she’s always in a boyfriend relationship? You just had to look at the first episode to learn all these responses.

Episode 2

Throughout the second episode, Pallavi Mukherjee plays the character of Archana, a young girl who has always thought of marrying a handsome prince and wanted to spend the first night with him. Her first night, though, was her life’s toughest night, as well as left it in turmoil. Will she satisfy in her pathetic married life her sexual desires? Thrust To learn more, watch this episode.

Episode 3

This episode focuses on the story of Preeti, a plain and cheerful girl who is fond of their family and about to quit a rich man. However, A Behrupiya approaches her life and destroys her dreams before her dreams could truly be known. Who is Behrupiya? Who are they? See this episode to learn the whole plot.

Episode 4

Even as the name implies, the episode is all about a young couple who still want to pursue their sexual fantasies. But even after too many mistakes, they wouldn’t consider giving up, but then something terrible happens to them. Will they fulfil their wishes? You must watch this episode to understand the reaction.

Episode 5

Taniya was fighting between her love and the family throughout this episode. One evening her car ran out on the highway with her father, and they accepted a stranger’s assistance. But how can Taniya’s life impact this stranger’s entry? Only after you replay the whole episode would this mystery settle.

Episode 6

This episode is about an aspiring man who loves his dreams and his girlfriend so much. But when he moved to Mumbai, his mates were the wealthy bunch of brats and then something unwelcome occurred. Will this man remain faithful to her girlfriend? See this episode for more information.

Episode 7

The whole episode, even as the name suggests, is about the ambitious Kaamwali bai, who chose to marry a charming prince. And before the wedding, his fiance wants dowry. His master had an unbelievable passion for her as she concentrated on her love. Will she fulfil her master’s wishes also for the love of her life? To learn more, have seen this episode.

Episode 8

The Tale of the Dolly student in a study is the Degreewala Teacher episode. She wants a math class to get a pass, and then when questioned by her peers, they recommended that she take some classes from the renowned mathematics teacher Gupta Sir. Ignoring his purpose, he attempted to disturb her as Dolly headed to his home for teaching. Will Dolly deal with him? To understand the whole thing, Binge watch this show.

Episode 9

Sauda’s episode is about the helpless father who gave his two daughters to even a rich man to pay his debt. Throughout the starting, the two sisters remain content with their husband, but later the man reveals the true colours. Within that episode, it’s all how she will navigate her married life.

Episode 10

The part of a single mother, Seema (Rajsi Verma) performed, who loves her daughter much more. She meets Joseph, who likes her and agrees to give her another opportunity for love. Her daughter embraces her relationship, and everyone begins to live happily. And then the stepson of Seems comes in just for money throughout his life. Will the two of them be able to deal with the situation? You must watch this episode in order to have all those responses.

Episode 11

This episode tells the story of a girl who loves one another and speaks to each other via the phone stand. When the kid attempts to kiss the child, she timidly reciprocates. They began to have telephone sex later. Yet one day, the girl had sex with a man in the dark, and then she became certain that the guy is not her boyfriend but anyone else. And how is a girl, and who’s that man going to tackle this shock? This is this episode’s big twist.

Episode 12

This episode deals with a couple’s love story that filmed their sex video on their telephone for their personal memories. But his phone has died and been repaired by a mobile rehabilitation company, taking assistance from one of his relatives. His friend saw their MMS mostly on the internet when his phone was being repaired. It’s all about this show; how can the couple get out of this pit.

Episode 13

That would be the continuation of its Trapped Part 1, where the man who choked the MMS band. He questioned her girlfriend to send him into a relationship with him, and then he removed her video. Will the pair consent to his surprising demand? You’ll only get these responses after you watch this show.

Final Words

This was all about the actor Rajsi Verma and her life that you must know about. Indeed she is a great actress and will showcase her talents in future.

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