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Ramadan Mubarak Status 2020: WhatsApp Status, Shayari & SMS Collection!


Ramadan Mubarak Status: Ramadan is a spiritually and religiously precious event within the Islamic history and thus for Muslims. Ramadan joins creation to its creator in the most elegant way, in which spiritual value is myriad. That’s why Muslims blissfully and faithfully greet all. The greetings of Ramadan can found online in the form of images, quotes, duas, praying, etc. People also wish by saying Ramadan Kareem or Ramazan Mubarak or Happy Ramadan.

Every year, quite one billion Muslims around the globe observe the significance of the month of Ramadan. This period of Ramazan and fasting is a time for reflection, devotion to God, and discipline, endurance, and control. Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims bestow their commitment to God, way of living life, humanity, and sticking to all good by fasting or abstaining from food, evil, and wrongdoings. In this post, we will share Ramadan Mubarak status for WhatsApp & Facebook.

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Ramzan Status In Hindi – 2020

ये सुबह जितनी खूबसूरत है, उतना ही खूबसूरत आपका हर एक पल हो, जितनी भी खुशियां आपके पास आज हैं, उससे भी ज्यादा वो आपके पास कल हों रमजान मुबारक!

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चाँद से रोशन हो रमज़ान तुम्हारा, इबादत से भर जाए रोज़ा तुम्हारा, हर नमाज़ हो कबूल आपकी, बस यही दुआ है खुदा से हमारी! आप को रमज़ान मुबारक!

गुल ने गुलशन से गुलफाम भेजा है, सितारों ने आसमान से सलाम भेजा है, मुबारक हो आपको रमज़ान का महीना, ये पैगाम हमने सिर्फ आपको भेजा है!

रमज़ान का चाँद दिखा, रोज़े की दुआ मांगी, रोशन सितारा दिखा, आप की खैरियत की दुआ मांगी!

कोई इतना चाहे तुम्हे तो बताना, कोई तुम्हारे इतने नाज़ उठाये तो बताना, रमज़ान मुबारक तो हर कोई कह देगा तुमसे, कोई हमारी तरह कहे तो बताना!

आसमां पे नया चाँद है आया, सारा आलम ख़ुशी से जगमगाया, हो रही है सहर-ओ-इफ्तार की तैयारी, सज रही है दुआओं की सवारी, पूरे हो आपके हर दिल के अरमान, मुबारक हो आप सब को प्यारा रमज़ान!

हम आपके दिल में रहते है, इसलिए हर दर्द सहते हैं, कोई हम से पहले विश न कर दे आपको, इसलिए सबसे पहले, हैप्पी रमज़ान मुबारक कहते हैं!

सदा हंसते रहो जैसे हंसते हैं फूल, दुनिया के सारे ग़म तुम्हें जाए भूल, चारों तरफ फैलाओं खुशियों के गीत, इसी उम्मीद के साथ यार तुम्हे, मुबारक हो रमज़ान!

रमज़ान में हो जाए सबकी मुराद पूरी, मिले सबको ढेरों खुशियां ना रहे कोई इच्छा अधूरी!

हम आप की याद मे उदास हैं, बस आप से मिलने की आस है, चाहे दोस्त कितने ही क्यों ना हो, मेरे लिए तो आप ही सब से खास हैं!

चाँद से रोशन हो रमजान तुम्हारा, इबादत से भरा हो रोज़ा तुम्हारा, हर रोज़ा और नमाज़ कबूल हो तुम्हारी, यही अल्लाह से है दुआ हमारी…!

सदा हँसते रहो जैसे हँसते हैं फूल, दुनिया के सारे ग़म तुम्हें जाए भूल, चारो तरफ फैलाओं खुशियों के गीत, इसी उम्मीद के साथ मुबारक हो तुम्हें रमज़ान!

ऐ चांद उनको मेरा पैगाम कहना, खुशी का दिन और हंसी की हर शाम कहना, जब वो देखे बाहर आकर तो उनको मेरी तरफ से, मुबारक हो रमजान कहना!

चाँद सूरज और ये नज़ारे, कहने आए है तुमको सारे, रमज़ान मैं रोज़े की मांगो दुआ, याद रखो हर खवाब होगा पूरा, रमज़ान मुबारक!

Ramadan comes as the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. Healthful adult people fast in this month of Ramadan. This fast starts from dawn and remains until dusk. The fasting includes abstaining from drinking, eating, immoral acts, and anger. Other acts of worship, like prayer, reading the Quran, and charity, also are encouraged during the holy month of Ramadan.

It is said that the Quran got revealed in the holy month of Ramadan.

During the holy month, Muslims awaken early to eat a pre-dawn meal called suhoor (sehri), and then they break their fast with a meal mentioned as iftar with iftari. Feast during the time of iftar collectively called as iftari. Here we have shared Ramadan Mubarak WhatsApp Status.

Ramadan Mubarak Status For WhatsApp – 2020


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The non-Muslims also greet their Muslim fellows and friends. It is cheerful to wish Ramadan and other occasions to people around you and display a neighborhood filled blissful and bright ritual. Ramadan is such a holy month that connects humanity and connects the people with good deeds and God.

So why not to share happiness and cherished ritual with one and another. Find the Ramzan Mubarak status, Ramzan Mubarak Shayari, Ramzan Mubarak Shayari in Urdu, etc. to greet with unusually greeting Ramadan blessings.

  • Ramadan Mubarak Status
  • Ramzan Status in Hindi
  • Ramadan Mubarak WhatsApp Status
  • Ramzan Mubarak Status
Ramadan Mubarak Quotes in Hindi
Ramadan Mubarak Quotes in Hindi

Islam is the particular religion in which performing dua is also covered under worshipping Almighty Allah. During Ramadan, fasting is wholly pressed with reverence, honor, and devoutness. For Muslims, it is a pretty fortunate phase. It’s the sentiment that only Muslims or people who believe in God can understand and feel.

Muslims repent some special prayers and exclusive ibadaat, which are not any doubt the cherry on the most chief. The spirituality comes within is tough to explain in words. It is almost impossible to express the feeling of bonding between the person and the Almighty. However, Muslims believe that the Almighty understands even unspoken words, but He still asks his creation to repent and make dua and ask for whatever you wish and desire.

During this month, people refrain themselves from all the mundane things and tend towards praying. They wish people during this holy month and also stay kind to all. Believe in humanity and try to make Ramadan the point from where they’ll refrain from all the wrongdoings and false and closer to humanity and kindness.

People put WhatsApp status with dua and prayers. Post Ramadan images and quotes on social media.

  • Ramadan Mubarak WhatsApp status
  • Ramadan Mubarak status for WhatsApp
  • Ramadan Mubarak Status in Hindi

Downloading Ramzan Mubarak Status in Hindi, Urdu, and other languages are free. Wishing every contact is a bit hard during the festival, you might miss a few. The better way to approach people Ramadan is to put Status on your social media. Look for Ramzan Mubarak status for WhatsApp and spread your greetings and gratitude with Ramzan Mubarak Whatsapp status.

Ramadan is a pivotal time for Muslims. It is not just because it helps improve a more genuine relationship with God. Ramadan is a chance to believe in humanity, acceptance, and blessing to all those who are less fortunate.

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Another intention of fasting during Ramadan month is to endure hunger, needs, and luxury. Fasting increases your sympathy for those without food and necessities. It’s a way how a lot of Muslims and others who fast learn gratitude, gratefulness, and appreciation for what they already have and need.

1. Where Can I Download Ramzan Mubarak WhatsApp Status?

You can find and download Ramzan Mubarak WhatsApp in Hindi and English. In this post, we have shared some Ramzan status for WhatsApp and other social media. Feel free to share and download them.

2. How To Find Ramzan Status For Social Media?

We have latest collection of Ramzan status to wish your friends, colleagues and friends a happy Ramadan. Check out these Ramadan status for 2020.

3. Where Is Ramadan Status Collection Of 2020?

You can find latest collection of Ramadan Mubarak status in this article with images and greetings / WhatsApp status / Shayaris / SMS, etc.

4. Can You Kiss During Ramadan?

People can exchange affection even when they are fasting. You can show affection to your children, family, and spouse by loving words and hugging them. You can kiss forehead or cheeks, showing gratefulness and kindness, hug and touch but refrain from having intercourse while fasting.

5. Should Pregnant Women Fast?

Many pregnant women fast and it neither harm them nor their child. It depends on the health of the woman who is willing to fast. It is not necessary for a woman who is pregnant to continue with fasting as we all know that a pregnant woman needs nutrition for the baby and herself. This also depends on the season and the lifestyle of the woman. There are exceptions, and we believe every case is different. If a pregnant woman is willing to fast, then she can consult a medical professional who is a nutritionist and also well-versed in pregnancy. If there is no real threat to either the child or mother because of fasting, then the pregnant woman can fast. But if in case the pregnant woman or the child can be harmed, then the fasting can be avoided.

Hope you like our collection of Ramzan Status including Ramzan Mubarak WhatsApp status, Shayaris, SMS etc. Celebrate it by sharing them on social media! Happy Ramadan.

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