You guys, that the time has arrived: Orange Is the New Black is ending after seven amazing years. Jenji Kohan’s Netflix drama has taken us on an emotional roller coaster since its premiere back in 2013, but despite all the changes we have seen our favorite characters go through, one thing has always stayed the same – the show’s theme song.

Since season one, Regina Spektor’s strong, anthemic”You Have Time” has kicked off each episode of the series. Its lyrics about creatures trapped in cages and how”shooting steps is easy, standing still is difficult” go hand-in-hand together with the thesis of OITNB. And now, with the last season upon us, Spektor has long shared a brand-new form of the catchy track, titled”You’ve Got Time (Chamber Version).”

“What a distinctive universe Jenji created and encouraged us into,” Spektor said in an announcement of working together with the show’s founder. “Over the years it was a chance to see that the Orange Family grow and expand and experiment. Making a fresh interpretation of this song felt like a fitting way to say goodbye” Together with Rob Moose along with Jack Dishel, Spektor created”an intimate chamber music structure” for the tune, which now has”a hushed and eerie feeling for it.”

Listen to Spektor’s new version of”You’ve Got Time” above, and then be sure to stream Orange Is the New Black‘s seventh year over on Netflix.