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Everything About Resident Evil 8 Village

Everything About Resident Evil 8 Village

Earlier this year Capcom released a new game in their Resident Evil franchise called Resident Evil Village. While Resident Evil Village retains the survival horror components of the Resident Evil franchise, it takes a more action-oriented gameplay approach than the previous game.

Cecilia Jones
Oct 21, 2021

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Earlier this year Capcom released a new game in their Resident Evil franchise called Resident Evil Village. While Resident Evil Village retains the survival horror components of the Resident Evil franchise, it takes a more action-oriented gameplay approach than the previous game. 

Resident Evil Village was revealed during the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020 and launched on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia on May 7, 2021.

The Gameplay

Resident Evil 8 Village gameplay pistol

Resident Evil Village, like its predecessor, Resident Evil 7, is played from the first-person perspective. The inventory management system is similar to Resident Evil 4, with a briefcase and the option to move and rotate things for more storage space. A merchant can sell players supplies, weapons, and other goods. In addition, the players can kill animals in the village and have them prepared by the merchant. Eating the prepared food from the merchant gives the player several benefits, such as reducing the amount of damage to the player while blocking. Players may save their game progress manually by looking for and using typewriters, which replace the tape recorders from Resident Evil 7.

What Is The Story? 

Resident Evil Village is a sequel from the previous game with a new plot with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living happily in a new place, away from their previous nightmares, a few years after the terrible events of the highly acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard. When suddenly tragedy struck them just as they were beginning to create their new life together.

Ethan Winters and his wife Mia Winters have fled to areas of Eastern Europe with the help of BSAA Cpt. Chris Redfield, where they have been hiding for years. The story takes place in February 2021, 3 years and 8 months after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Ethan completed military training during that time, and they had a daughter named Rosemary Winters. With the exception of Zoe Baker and her uncle Joe Baker, the Baker House Incident was hushed up as a gas leak that killed everyone in the family.

Resident Evil 8 Village story

The game starts with Mia reading Rose a book she had and a local legend "Village of Shadows." The story follows a juvenile girl who ran away from her mother and came across many monsters who gave her gifts until she forcibly grabbed the last thing from the last creature, for which she was punished by the creatures. Mia was unable to complete the story since Rose had fallen asleep. Ethan then shares his concern about her telling a terrifying story to a small child. She then mockingly requests that he put his daughter to bed. He accepts her request and carries her to her cradle.

After putting his child to bed, Ethan and Mia begins to argue over how she can dismiss and forget all that transpired in Louisiana. When suddenly  Mia gets shot in the shoulder and gets shot nearly to death as Ethan flees for safety. The attack was by BSAA Hound Wolf Squad, commanded by Chris Redfield, who kills off a wounded Mia in front of Ethan. Chris kidnaps Ethan and Rose, but  Ethan struggles so the team was forced to put Ethan to sleep. Ethan recalls an argument she had with Mia about their concerns about Rosemary's real character and the consequences she could have inherited from them both. When he answers a call from Rosemary's doctor, their dispute comes to an end.

Resident Evil 8 Village village

Ethan wakes up to find his escorts dead and their vehicle destroyed he wanders away from the scene, dazed and disoriented, until he reaches the borders of the Village, Ethan gets an eerie feeling within the village as he encounters various clues on what horrors happened in this village when finally he has his first encounter with the bloodthirsty monsters who haunts it, the Lycans.

Resident Evil 8 Village character

A large group of Lycans commanded by the gigantic Urias advance on him, but the bells from the Castle lure them away before they can kill him. A large group of Lycans commanded by the gigantic Urias advance on him, but the bells from the Castle lure them away before they can kill him.

An old woman then approaches him and asks if he is the "child's father,"  he verifies that he is the "child's father". The lady announces that the community has "fallen into darkness" since Rosemary was brought to the village by the village's deity Mother Miranda, and warns him that his daughter is in grave danger. Ethan notices a looming castle and believes he might be able to find Rose there. He was able to find and join a group of survivors, but they were all killed when one of the survivors was actually turning into a Lycan.

Ethan then makes his way to the castle, but he is subsequently taken by Karl Heisenberg, one of the four lords ruling over the village. He is then presented to the four lords  Lady Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento,Salvatore Moreau, and Mother Miranda.

 Dimitrescu and Heisenberg dispute about who should have him, with her wishing to murder Ethan and offering his blood to Miranda, and Heisenberg wants his death be a spectacle for everyone to enjoy. Miranda concludes that Heisenberg is responsible for Ethan's life. Before sending Lycans after Ethan, he gives him a ten-second head start. He flees and avoids the traps set on his path..

After fleeing the pursuing Lycans, we discover from the Duke (the merchant that assists Ethan on items and such) that each of the four lords was handed a flask holding a piece of his daughter Rose. He journeys throughout the Village and defeats Lady Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau one by one and collects pieces of his daughter until Heisenberg calls him with a proposal.

Ethan is taken to Heisenberg's Factory, just outside of the Village, after obtaining the last flask at the Castle. There, Heisenberg invites Ethan to form an alliance with him and use his daughter Rose to defeat Mother Miranda. Ethan refuses and kills Heisenberg himself after battling his way through his factory's deadly creatures. While in the factory, Ethan runs with Chris and discovers that Mother Miranda used her mimicking skills to imitate Mia. Not his wife, but Mother Miranda was the one who was shot and "killed". 

 Soon after Ethan's battle with Heisenberg, Mother Miranda taunts him and kills him,  Chris vows to avenge him by killing Mother Miranda himself. On his way, Chris discovers Mia alive in Mother Miranda's secret study. Chris finds out from Mia that Ethan really did die 3 years ago during the Baker Incident that took place on Resident Evil 7.

 Ethan in some dream-state, finds out that he is now a Mold-based version of himself that's why he survives all kinds of mutilations to his body. Knowing this, as his body begins to deteriorate, he fights and kills Mother Miranda, killing himself in the process so that Chris and Rose might safely escape.

Years later, a post-credits sequence shows an adult Rosemary boarding a bus on her way to the cemetery to visit her father's grave, carrying the Village of Shadows book. She sends him a belated happy birthday after missing his birthday the week before because of getting tested.

An unidentified organization's agent comes to the graveyard and informs her that she is needed. The agent playfully refers to her as Eveline, but Rose angrily grabs his tie and threatens him not to refer to her as Eveline again,or she might use her abilities, which even Chris is unaware of. As a regretful Rose gets into the car, the agent tells his colleague to stop shooting at her and to remember that she is still young. Before they drive away, the agent tells her that she looks like her father, and she smiles and says, "I know." In the middle of the road, an unknown man approaches their vehicle and the scene fades off.

Who Are The Characters?

Resident Evil Village continues the story of Ethan,Mia and Chris as they battle new threats they must fight against, the new monsters, Mother Miranda, her four lords.

Ethan Winters

Resident Evil 8 Village ethan winters

Returning from the events on the Baker Family Estate, the primary protagonist of Resident Evil Village 7. He is protected by the BSAA with his wife, Mia, and their daughter Rosemary before the tragedy.

Mia Winters And Rosemary Winters

Resident Evil 8 Village mia winters

The wife and child of Ethan Winters, Mia managed to survive the events of the Baker family estate despite the strange and dangers of the bioweapon and the Mold. Rosemary Winters, an important character in Resident Evil Village's storyline. When she is taken by Chris Redfield for unexplained reasons, Ethan has to go find her and rescue her.

Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 8 Village Chris redfield

Returning alongside Ethan and Mia, Chris plays an important role in Resident Evil 8, he protects the Winters family but he was the one who took their daughter, sending Ethan on the quest to save his daughter.

Mother Miranda

Resident Evil 8 Village mother miranda

Mother Miranda is a mystery figure who is revered by the Village's inhabitants. She supposedly protects the village but she has other plans for the villagers and Ethan Winter’s family.

The Four Lords: Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Salvatore Moreau And Donna Beneviento

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, a towering woman who lives in The Castle with her daughters. She is the mistress, in charge of the position that overlooks the Village.

  Karl Heisenberg is the patriarch of the Heisenberg family, a genius and a great engineer. He serves Mother Miranda, as well as the other three main families in the mountain range, from the inherited Heisenberg Factory.

Salvatore Moreau appears to be the least human of the group. He became a terrible fish-like creature with gills, a swim bladder, webbed hands and feet, a bent back, and a malformed face thanks to the Cadou. Until his death, he lived at the Moreau Reservoir.

Donna Beneviento was a mutated human doll maker. She was frequently seen with her doll, Angie, dressed in mourning garbs, through which she communicated.

What’s Next?

Resident Evil 8 Village 9

Capcom revealed Tuesday at their E3 2021 showcase that the Resident Evil Village will be continued in a new expansion. Capcom stated that “development has just started” on further DLC for the game due to popular demand. Capcom did not reveal any details regarding its plans for the DLC coming, but promised more information at a later time.

However, Tsuyoshi Kanda, the producer of Resident Evil Village, stated that players would have something to look forward to next month.

Resident Evil 8: Village is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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