• Camila Mendes, who stars as Veronica Luna (née Lodge), on The CW’s”Riverdale,” told Insider that she along with her costars did not understand the show got renewed for a fifth year till they watched the information on social networking. 
  • “It was quite strange,” Mendes, who is promoting her venture with Secret Deodorant as part of the”All Strength, No Sweat” campaign, told me. I feel like we’d get mails about it in seasons two and one, but today we simply find out online.” 
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“Riverdale” celebrity Camila Mendes, that portrays Veronica Luna (née Lodge), states that the cast was not conscious that the show got renewed for a fifth period until she watched the information online. 

“It was humorous. We all were informed that we had been becoming revived,” Mendes, who is promoting her venture with brand new brand Secret as a part of its “All Strength, No Sweat” campaign, told Insider.

She continued:”We only discovered through interpersonal networking. It was very strange. I feel like we’d get mails about it in seasons two and one, but today we find out online.” 

Mendes has depicted Veronica because the series premiered on The CW at January 2017. The year four mid-season finale aired in December 2019 and also”Riverdale’s” renewal was revealed in early January 2020. 

The 25-year old celebrity went on to mention the day she heard about year , she and costar KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) were on place, coincidentally talking how much time they believe the series could go on for. 

“He was like,’Do you believe we will get revived for a year five? And I was like, ‘Yeah. Right?’ And we only had this whole talk about it,” Mendes informed us. “We’re like,’Are we? I really don’t know.’ And literally hours after, we discovered online that we had been and it had been so eccentric and funny we were simply having that conversation that the morning ”

She added:”It was amazing news”

riverdale season 4 archie veronica

KJ Apa and Camila Mendes on season four of “Riverdale.”
The CW

The present season of”Riverdale” has observed Mendes’ character undergo some substantial changes and discover surprising things about her loved ones.

Veronica’s competition with her dad, Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), continued to intensify, she legally changed her last name to Hiram’s former surname, and she arrived face-to-face using a half-sister (Hermosa, from a different connection which Hiram had) she did not even know existed. 

riverdale hermosa veronica season 4

Mishel Prada and Camila Mendes on season four of “Riverdale.”
The CW

“I actually loved the debut of Hermosa,” Mendes informed us. “I believe that actually withdrew Veronica and I enjoy this whole competitive narrative of who is the loyal daughter and that does Hiram love most? I believe that it adds a whole lot of hot articles to the Veronica narrative and I really like working with Mishel [Prada].”

Mendes has been”tight-lipped” about what’s going to occur as season four enhancements, particularly given the chance that Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) may not endure spring break, but fans can expect to see”a large dance number” shortly.

“There will probably always be musical minutes on’Riverdale’ and we could definitely expect another musical event coming,” she explained.

Season four of “Riverdale” resumes on The CW on Wednesday, January 22. See a teaser for another episode at the video below.