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Laugh With These Rob Schneider Movies


Rob Schneider is more than just an actor, he is also an outstanding comedian, screenwriter, and director. It is not a shock to us that he became successful, after being a stand-up comedian and performer in Saturday Night Live. He showed us more than his comedic talent and gave us superb acting skills. His comedic talent to make people laugh gave us wonder on how he can be talented to make us laugh no matter what he did. See and laugh with these Rob Schneider movies.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Rob Schneider holding onto a glass pool
Rob Schneider holding onto a glass pool

Deuce Bigalow is an American sex comedy film. With Rob Schneider and William Forsythe in the lead, the film was a hit at the Box Office, despite there being many negative reviews. The film also stars Eddie Griffin and Arija Bareikis.

He’s probably the worst gigolo to ever take the title since quite honestly he didn’t sleep with a single woman. To fill up his lack of intimacy with women, he builds up their confidence and self-esteem. Surprisingly, they were thankful and grateful to him and had a much better time than they would have had when they carried out the deed themselves. Deuce was a nice guy that wanted very little but got even less. When he said yes to watching over a gigolo’s apartment while he was away however he got himself into a mess that just about got him killed and yet wound up earning himself a few friends and the one who will love for the rest of his life.

Big Stan

Topless Rob Schneider practicing nunchucks
Topless Rob Schneider practicing nunchucks

Big Stan is an American prison comedy film starring Rob Schneider as a real estate con artist and David Carradine as his mysterious mentor, named 'The Master.' This film is filled with laughter and comedic contents that will satisfy your humor.

Sly Stan Minton who works in real estate has been swindling and deceiving his clients for money. This gets him into trouble with the authorities, and he is convicted of a felony, resulting in his imprisonment. The little man now wishes to learn to fend for himself in order to avoid being beaten up behind jail. He seeks the assistance of a figure called the "Master", who will now instruct the incompetent and inexperienced crook in martial arts proficiency. How appropriate that this so-called "master" will instruct this man on how to become a defensive specialist. Minton, armed with his new talents, participates in amusing courtyard brawls while assuming the mantle of Big Stan.

The Benchwarmers

Rob Schneider wearing baseball uniform and cap while holding a baseball glove
Rob Schneider wearing baseball uniform and cap while holding a baseball glove

Released in 2006, The Benchwarmers is a sports comedy film starring Rob Schneider, Davide Spade, and Jon Heder as the lead cast of the said film. There are negative reviews that this film received despite that, it grossed averagely on the Box office.

Of all the baseball films ever created, this is one that you would watch more for the chance to see the underdogs really give some excellent humor. It's actually difficult to feel sorry for Richie or Clark, given their respective eccentricities. Obviously, the film wants you to feel for them, but Gus captures the audience's attention more than anybody else since he's truly brilliant at baseball and understands how to defend himself. Naturally, this is because he was once a bully, but prior to that realization, he goes on to assist his team in genuinely improving their level of play.

The Animal

Rob Schneider wearing a blue police uniform with a monkey beside him, both are smiling as they take a photo
Rob Schneider wearing a blue police uniform with a monkey beside him, both are smiling as they take a photo

Rob Schneider portrays Marvin Mange, who is severely wounded but is rescued by a crazy doctor skilled in transplanting animal parts. The entire transplantation process permanently alters his behavior. Before it happens, Mange is consistently treated with disrespect at his police station desk job. He decides to join the action by attempting to become a cop but is constantly unsuccessful due to his lack of physical strength. He's going to require animal-like agility and skill to overcome this obstacle.

Now, he possesses animal-like abilities, such as speed and strength. With his newfound abilities, Mange breezes through the police academy and becomes an officer, all while drawing Rianna's possible love interest (Colleen Haskell). On the downside, his animal abilities have become delightfully unrestrained, and he has begun to behave like a half-man, half-animal hybrid. Will Marvin completely transform into an animal and be forced to live with these strange talents permanently?

50 First Dates

Long haired Rob Schneider with a one white eye and brown eye topless
Long haired Rob Schneider with a one white eye and brown eye topless

50 First Dates is a 2004 romantic comedy film set in Hawaii. It stars Adam Sandler as 'Henry Roth,' a marine veterinarian with an uncanny ability to seduce women, Drew Barrymore as his love interest 'Lucy Whitmore,' and Rob Schneider as Henry's closest friend 'Ula.'

Ula is simply a nut. He's the filthy, grungy person who chooses to talk continuously, refuses to stop saying foolish things, and simply refuses to quit. He may be a terrific buddy, but he's also a bit of slime since he never appears to do much. However, he is a great character in this film because, although being absurd and luckily not representative of Polynesians, he is the type of guy who will assist his friends in times of need.

Many of us have undoubtedly had one or two Ula-like pals. We often question why we keep them around until they come through for us with something and serve as a reminder.


Rob Schneider will never get tired of making people laugh. From hearing laughter as a performer, then a comedy actor, screenwriter, and even in directing films in shows, he'll end up making people smile. Although he is quiet for now, I'm pretty sure that his next project will make your stomach hurt while laughing on the floor. We can't wait for more laughs, Rob Schneider!

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