The outspoken’Irishman’ celebrity was admired for his mythical movie career, which has witnessed the Oscar-winning celebrity play with a series of iconic characters.

Living legend Robert De Niro, 76, took to the stage in the Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 19 to be known for his magnificent, 55-year long career. Inspired by his peers — that gave him a standing ovation — The Irishman celebrity could not resist becoming political. Since Washington D.C. and the headlines have been consumed together with impeachment, De Niro took a stand because of his best to speak out as a American citizen. “We’re in such a dire scenario, therefore deeply about to me and to numerous others. I must say some thing,” the actor said before reiterating what he told our sister name Variety.  “There is right and there is wrong and there is common sense and there is misuse of power,” he explained. “And as a taxpayer I’ve as much right as anyone — an actor, an athlete, a musician, anyone else — to voice my own opinion and when I have a larger voice for my situation I’m likely to use it if I visit a clear abuse of power”

The New Yorker has long been known as that the actor’s celebrity because of his illustrious career which has seen him look at iconic movies and exude multiple unforgettable characters. From a young Vito Corleone at The Godfather: Part II along with the unhinged Travis Bickle at Taxi Driver, to Raging Bull and Goodfellas, De Niro’s work has established the standard for generations of celebrities since his breakout functions from the 1970s. Regardless of his mythical status, the star released a remarkably humble announcement after the November 2019 statement which the Guild intended to comprehend him throughout that year’s ceremony. “I’ve been a part of the marriage for over 50 years,” De Niro said at the time. “It is an honor to get this award from SAG-AFTRA.”

The father-of-six — that is a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump — isn’t only known for his acting. Over the years he’s branched into other areas such as philanthropy and dining. Along with being the co-owner Nobu (the Japanese restaurant loved by the Kardashians), in 2002 he co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan.

In 2018 De Niro caused a wake up and turned the air blue throughout the Tony Awards when he informed the crowd,”I am going to say 1 thing,’F**k Trump. ”’ Outside of his career, the actor’s personal life was making headlines over the last couple of decades. He’s in the midst of a divorce from his second wife, Grace Hightower, 64. They divide 2018 later 21 years of union. De Niro and Hightower have two kids together — Elliot, 21, also Helen, 8.