Tony Stark tragically expired at the conclusion of’Avengers:’ End Game’ but Robert Downey Jr. is not opposed to bringing back the character for one more epic battle!

Robert Downey Jr. , 54, is not ruling out the return of Iron Man! “Now that I am middle aged, to tell the truth, you begin taking a look at the back nine and you move, oh this is a portion of this journey. Things end and everybody is going someplace,” Robert explained to Now ‘s Hoda Kotb on Wednesday, Jan. 15, representing the past couple of years of his life and livelihood. When Hoda pressed “possibly” minding the beloved personality, the New York native provided a small tease! “I am rather happy I wound up where I’ve, I am quite blessed. So I am not the sort of man… I need to keep it classy. We are going to see,” he replied.

The celebrity originated the role of Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) from the 2008 title movie, which kickstarted the whole Avengers franchise. Since the leader of this band — which includes, naturally, legends Caption America, Thor, and Spider-Man, simply to mention a couple — Iron Man regrettably sacrificed himself 2019’s Avengers: End Game. The film concluded with an emotional funeral scene comprising all our favourite characters — such as spouse Pepper, played by Gwyneth Paltrow — as the movie celebrated Iron Man’s epic heritage. Robert was certainly well-aware of lovers dreams for the character to come back, staged they may be experiencing”phases of despair.”

Since wrap up on the Avengers movies, Robert has been keeping busy with a starring character in Dolittle along with Selena Gomez! ) Playing a physician with the exceptional ability to speak to animals, Robert was eager to deliver the iconic publication character straight back into the silver screen. “I needed to do something different, I played with Chaplin, I played with Sherlock, I needed to up my game,” he disclosed. It ends up that the movie already has two major supporters: his sons Exton Elias, 7, and Avri Roel, 5, and also the kid-friendly film marked the first of the fathers’ premieres they can attend!  “it is a PG movie! [They gave it] a thumbs up…but at that stage, they were likely eating cotton candy,” he joked.

Robert shares the 2 boys with spouse Susan Downey, who he wed in 2005, along with his 26-year-old son Indio using ex Deborah Falconer. “Life is a obstacle course, I believe if anything, it is that nothing is all okay in precisely the exact same time,” he said of fatherhood. “It is important once you have those moments, when all is great…your children are healthy — and you only need to wave a flag that states that is one of the times that I don’t have any complaints, no wreckage, no apologies and that is fantastic.”