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Roy Scheider - Best Known For His Role As Police Chief Martin C. Brody


American actor and amateur boxer Roy Scheider is one of the wealthiest and best-known actors in movies. In the 1975 blockbuster Jaws, he portrayed Martin Brody, and he returned to Jaws 2 (1978).

Quick Facts About Roy Scheider

NameRoy Scheider
Complete Family NameRoy Richard Scheider
Date of BirthNovember 10, 1932,
Sun signPisces
Birth PlaceLittle Rock, Arkansas
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Famous AsActor, Model, Producer

Early Life Of Roy Scheider

On November 10, 1932, Roy Scheider was born in New Jersey. Roy has a mixed heritage since his parents are German and Irish. Roy was naturally athletic and took part in baseball, boxing, and other sports from a young age.

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He competed in the welterweight division in high school and was inducted into the Columbia High School Hall of Fame. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the acting programs at Franklin & Marshall College and Rutgers University.

The Career Of Roy Scheider

In the horror movie "The Curse of the Living Corpse," Scheider made his acting debut in 1964. "Stiletto," a 1969 crime picture, was his subsequent credit. He then made appearances in "Loving" and "Puzzle of a Downfall Child" the following year.

In the critically acclaimed neo-noir "Klute" and the crime drama "The French Connection," directed by William Friedkin, Scheider made his breakthrough. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the latter for his portrayal of New York City detective Cloudy Russo.

Later, Scheider traveled to Europe to make the suspenseful movies "The French Conspiracy" and "The Outside Man." Upon his return to the US, he appeared in the dark comedies "The Seven-Ups" and the action movie "Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York."

In Steven Spielberg's box office sensation "Jaws," Scheider played Chief Martin Brody, one of his most well-known performances. After that, Scheider appeared in two more suspenseful films, "Marathon Man" by John Schlesinger and "Sorcerer" by William Friedkin, before reprising his role as Chief Martin Brody in "Jaws 2."

He appeared in Bob Fosse's "Last Embrace" and Jonathan Demme's "All That Jazz." to bring the decade to a close. Scheider received a nomination for "Best Actor" at the Academy Awards for his role as a fictionalized version of Fosse in the latter movie. In the 1980s, Scheider made his film debut in Robert Benton's psychological suspense film "Still of the Night," starring Meryl Streep.

He then had further leading parts in the sci-fi sequel "Blue Thunder" and the action thriller "2010: The Year We Make Contact." Paul Schrader's historical drama "Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters" included narration by Scheider in 1985. In the films "The Men's Club," "52 Pick-Up," "Cohen and Tate," "Listen to Me," and "Night Game," he made a comeback to leading parts.

Scheider had roles in "The Fourth War" by John Frankenheimer and "The Russia House" by Fred Schepisi to start off the 1990s. He starred in movies including "Naked Lunch," "Romeo is Bleeding," "The Peacekeeper," "The Rainmaker," "The Myth of Fingerprints," "Better Living," and "The White Raven" throughout the rest of the decade.

Scheider appeared in "Chain of Command," "Falling Through," "The Doorway," and "Daybreak" during the start of the new century. The Good War, Angels Don't Sleep Here, Citizen Verdict, and Dracula II: Ascension were among his later credits. In the 2004 Marvel Comics movie "The Punisher,"

Scheider portrayed the lead character's father. A few years later, he appeared in "The Poet" and "If I Didn't Care" and provided the voice of Chicago 10 for the animated documentary. In the 2009 posthumous release of the British thriller "Iron Cross," Scheider's last acting performance was a leading part.

Roy Scheider In Blue Shirt Sitting On Sofa
Roy Scheider In Blue Shirt Sitting On Sofa

Personal Life Of Roy Scheider

In his lifetime, Scheider was married twice. In 1962, he married Cynthia Bebout for the first time. Maximillia, the couple's daughter, was a blessing. They split up in 1986. In 1989, he married the actress Brenda Siemer.

He has a kid named Christian with her. Molly was the daughter the couple adopted. They remained together until his death in 2008. Scheider received a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, a malignancy of the white blood cells, in 2004. In June 2005, he had a bone marrow transplant to treat his malignancy.

His poor health returned in 2008, and he passed away on February 10 at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. complications from a staph infection were the cause of his death.

In remembrance of Roy Scheider's life and contributions, a biography with the working title "Roy Scheider: A Life" was published posthumously. It included gathering evaluations, writings, and narrating his life and lengthy work.

Facts About Roy Scheider

  • In his childhood, he participated in a number of amateur baseball and boxing tournaments.
  • He has three kids: Molly, Christian, and Maximillia.
  • Roy Scheider passed away on February 10th, 2008.
  • Scorpio is a birth sign.
  • In the 1964 film The Curse of the Living Corpse, he made his debut on the big screen.
  • He also served three years in the United States Army.
  • Roy has a mixed heritage since his parents are German and Irish.

The Net Worth Of Roy Scheider

When he passed away in 2008, American actor Roy Scheider had a $30 million fortune. Roy's net worth at the time of his death was made up mostly of the $19 million he got from Billy Joel for a property in the Hamptons in 2007. Prior to his passing on February 10, 2008, at the age of 75, Roy constructed the home in 1994 and sold it to Billy a year later.

People Also Ask

What Is The Birth Date Of Roy Scheider?

Roy Scheider was born on November 10, 1932.

What Is Roy Scheider's Height?

His height is 1.75 meters.

What Is Roy Scheider's Estimated Net Worth?

Roy Scheider has a net worth of $30 million.


Roy Scheider passed away in 2008. He was an accomplished actor in the film industry. He had earned a spot on the list of well-known individuals. He was born in New Jersey and is one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood. Additionally, he is included among the top actors in movies.

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