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Russian Charter Plane Crash In Northern Afghanistan

A tragic incident of Russian charter plane crash in northern Afghanistan happened on Saturday. After receiving distress signals, Afghan police initially reported the crash.

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Jan 22, 202433 Shares16604 Views
A tragic incident of Russian charter plane crash in northern Afghanistanhappened on Saturday. After receiving distress signals, Afghan police initially reported the crash.
According to information from the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, the most recent update from Russia's aviation watchdog on Sunday revealed that four people on board had survived. However, the condition of the remaining two passengers remains unclear.

Taliban Officials Confirm Crash Details

Taliban provincial officials stated that the four survivors are now in the custody of Taliban administration officials who reached the remote crash site in the mountainous region. Unfortunately, they confirmed the deaths of two other passengers.
Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban administration's top spokesman, reported that the surviving four included the pilot of the plane.
The investigative team of the Islamic Emirate continues their efforts to search for and provide assistance to the remaining individuals.- Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban administration's top spokesman

Details Of The Chartered Flight

The charter plane, a French-made Dassault Aviation Falcon 10 jet manufactured in 1978, had six people on board. It disappeared from radar screens over Afghanistan a day earlier, departing from Thailand's Utapao Airport in Pattaya to Moscow via India and Uzbekistan.
On board was a bedridden patient in serious condition, a Russian citizen, who was transported from one of the hospitals in Pattaya to Russia.- The RIA news agency
She was accompanied by her husband, a private entrepreneur, also a Russian citizen, who paid for the flight.- The RIA news agency
Approximately 25 minutes before vanishing from radar screens, the pilot issued warnings about low fuel. The pilot communicated an attempt to land at an airport in Tajikistan.
However, it was distressing to hear the pilot report that one engine had failed and then the second engine had shut down. Russian news outlet SHOT reported these details,.
Russia's civil aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, has initiated a criminal case to determine if safety rules were violated. The plane's owner, Athletic Group LLC, a small Russian firm, has not responded to requests for comment.
The charter plane was on a private medical evacuation mission, transporting a bedridden patient in serious condition from Thailand's Pattaya to Moscow. The patient's husband, a private businessman, accompanied her on the flight.

Afghanistan's Response And Investigation

Afghanistan's aviation ministry, now under Taliban control, stated that the plane's planned route did not include passing through Afghanistan's airspace.
They suspect technical issues led to the plane diverting from its intended course. The Afghan Aviation Ministry's technical team is investigating the incident.
This tragic incident underscores the challenges of navigating Afghan airspace, as international carriers have largely avoided the region since the Taliban's takeover in 2021. The crash site, located over 200 km from the provincial capital, Fayzabad, adds complexity to the ongoing investigation.
As the world mourns the lives lost in this aviation tragedy, investigations continue to unfold the circumstances surrounding the crash, shedding light on the events leading to this devastating incident.

Final Words

In the wake of the tragic Russian charter plane crash in northern Afghanistan, the confirmed survival of four passengers and the uncertainties surrounding the fate of two others cast a somber shadow.
The incident highlights challenges associated with navigating Afghan airspace, prompting investigations into potential technical issues.
As the world mourns, questions linger about the critical moments before the crash and the future of international flights over this region.
The ongoing probe seeks to unravel the circumstances, bringing clarity to the aviation tragedy that claimed lives and left survivors in the remote mountainous terrain.
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