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Lady runs behind a boy with hockey stick. Boy hides behind Vijay and pleads to save lots of him. Lady asks Vijay to removes his shades/goggles first and converse to her. Vijay asks what did he do. Lady says he tried to peep into woman’s hostel. Vijay scolds boy and asks woman to punish boy. Lady says she is going to make him do 108 situps. Vijay says he would have punished boy himself. Lady hits boy and says it’s because he didn’t take away shades, whoever can not look into woman’s eyes has one thing improper in his thoughts. Vijay smiles. Nephew says this woman may be very sharp.

Prabhath leaves residence informing his spouse that Pankaj Chaudhry has illegally occupied authorities land and he’s vacating it to construct library. Vijay talking to Pankaj’s aide tells he’ll be sure Pankaj ji’s land is freed. He reaches venue along with his workforce and frightens folks to go away land or face his hockey sticks. He beats them. Prabhath reaches and confronts him to strive hitting his brother. Vijay says this land is Pankaj’s and they’re illegally occupying it. MLA Govind enters and says he’ll bear hitting as he’s MLA of this space. Vijay leaves. Prabhath assures woman there that no person can seize authorities land now. Vijay calls Pankaj’s aide and informs that MLA didn’t let him vacate land and is saying Pankaj ji grabbed land. Aide says Govind is improper, Pankaj leased that land to authorities and says he’ll deal with this situation now. Vijay thanks him and disconnects telephone.

Prabhath retuns residence and fumes on Vijay that he’s serving to Pankaj seize authorities land. Vijay returns. His sister complains that they should repair water tank first. Vijay says he was getting 2 lakhs, however Prabhath bhaiya ruined his work. Prabhath says he was serving to Pankaj seize authorities land. Sister yells ideas and cash can’t be collectively, they must stay with both one, so she is going to go and work exterior then. Prabhath leaves meals in center. Vijay says even he is not going to have it if bhaiya doesn’t. Bhabhi interferes and asks to maintain their drawback exterior home behave like brothers at residence. They each reconcile.

Vijay will get his pal’s name that he discovered woman’s particulars. Lady is seen touring in her automobile. Vijay’s buddies throw nails and puncture her automobile. Vijay reaches on his bike and after his drama says he’ll assist her. She says her automobile punctured coincidentally and he got here to assist her coincidentally. Vijay smiles and says sure. She requests to assist her. He checks tyres and sees woman on his bike. She orders him to repair her automobile tyres and convey it to her home, she is aware of what he’s as much as and warns to fix his methods and leaves on bike. Vijay stands shocked with open mouth.

Pankaj’s depraved cousin brother chief minister is seen along with his depraved plans. Pankaj meets him. He asks how is his Switzerland property, Goa property, and so forth. Pankaj says he received improper information. CM shouts if he was not his cousin, he wouldn’t have spared him, the place is Kaushalpur’s assortment. Pankaj says MLA Govind has tightened his grip there and asks officer to talk who backs him. CM’s assistant tells entire state’s mine’s assortment is much less in comparison with Kaushalpur’s assortment and so they can simply clear election bills with it. CM says he desires his get together man as Kaushalpur MLA. Pankaj requests to make him MLA. CM asks to show himself and says he’ll do reelection after killing MLA abruptly. Drama continues.


Saam Daam Dand Bhed 30th August 2017 Written Episode Replace Precap :Pankaj’s goon informs him that they’re ready for Govind babu, then calls and informs Vijay can be current with Govind babu. Pankaj orders to kill even him. Truck speeds behind Vijay’s bike.