Sam Elliott finally honored at Hollywood Ceremony, Lady Gaga extends her support
Sam Elliott finally honored at Hollywood Ceremony, Lady Gaga extends her support

Veteran actor Sam Elliott finally made sure to imprint his hand and feet in cement on the Hollywood Boulevard this Monday.

Stars of the latest movie “A star is born” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper joined in the honoring of Sam Elliott’s long career. This actor is known in Hollywood for his lanky physique and his thick mustache. This day was very much special to him because he was able to reflect on his life’s work as an actor and gave an interview to all the reporters.

Sam came out and expressed:

“He is feeling very much happy that he is being honored in such a big way and he also said that it feels really great to be doing something that really makes a difference.”

The movie “A Star is Born” has not done very well at the Golden Globe Awards. The only award that this movie was able to win was the best song. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were not disappointed. They were really happy that Sam Elliott was honored at the show. Sam Elliott played the role of an elder brother of Bradley Cooper in the movie “A Star is Born.”

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Lady Gaga was really excited about Sam Elliott all along and she made sure that after Sam was honored she took an Instagram story which she posted later where Sam Elliott kissed her in the forehead. This goes on to show how much excited Lady Gaga was when Sam was honored at the Golden Globe awards. Lady Gaga has also made sure to share her feelings on social media where she said that:

 “She is really happy and excited to be a part of the hand and foot ceremony of Sam.”

Sam also was seen later sharing a hug with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper which shows the bond they developed while making their latest movie.

Elliott has two prime times Emmy nominations. The movies which have made him known throughout are “The Big Lebowski” and “Gettysburg.” He is also a regular at a new Netflix series called “The Ranch.” The actor Sam Elliott who was not nominated for the Golden Globe Awards this year is expected by a lot of people in the media that he might end up getting an Oscar nomination this year for his role in the movie “A Star is Born.”

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