Samuel L Jackson confirms that Captain Marvel can time travel
Samuel L Jackson confirms that Captain Marvel can time travel

Recently, Samuel L Jackson has come out and said that Captain Marvel has the power to time travel and this is the only way that can be used to save all the other superheroes in the movie Avengers “End Game.”

The actor has by mistake spilled out that Captain Marvel which is played by Carol Devers has the power to time travel. This was spilled by Samuel L Jackson in an interview he gave to the Entertainment Tonight. He also said that this is the superpower that they will need to defeat Thanos. According to Samuel L Jackson:

 “The only way to defeat a villain like Thanos is to get an equally strong superhero to challenge him. Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero in the movie when it comes to someone who is able to do a lot of versatile things.”

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The Avengers are up against Thanos now who is very tough to defeat and also really odd. This is the reason a superhero was required who will be as powerful as Thanos. Until the movie is not released, people will not be able to figure out how much power the actual character is and what are the things the character of Captain Marvel is capable of.

Captain Marvel is one of the few superheroes in the Marvel universe who can actually time travel. After the release of the last movie, all the fans have speculated that the Avengers will definitely take the help of time travel to bring back all the heroes they have lost in the movie Infinity War.

Ant-Man made an appearance in the last scene of the movie Infinity War and that was the reason people speculated that Ant-Man will be the one saving the Avengers, but according to the latest leak from Samuel L Jackson, people are sure that Captain Marvel will be playing a very important role in defeating Thanos in the movie Avengers End Game.

This was the third time that actor Samuel L Jackson has worked with Brie Larson and he said that he has a very special relationship with her. She has earlier worked as a co-actor as well as a director with Samuel L Jackson.

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