The episode begins with vibhishan saying this weapon is getting stronger and assist us. Vibhishan leaves the weapon and it goes again and assaults on the troopers. Lord ram says hanuman go and assist them now. Hanuman says sure and takes his hand and lord ram will get on the divya rath of indra dev. Ravana is shocked and lord indra smiles. The weapon is heading in direction of the military, hanuman runs in direction of it and says I’ve to cease it. ravana there says do what you need you forest liver and my weapons will destroy you, ravana assaults bolts and lord ram thinks ravana do something however right now is your finish and you’ll die, lord ram assaults his arrows and the assault is neutralized. Hanuman flies in direction of the weapon and says I’ve to avoid wasting everybody and I’ll throw the weapon and reverse its assault. Hanuman

goes and punches the weapon and it goes reverse, the military says jai mahabali hanuman. Sugreeva says buddy thanks for serving to me. Hanuman smiles and there the weapon heads in direction of ravana, hanuman says this weapon will reverse the assault once I divert it, ravana there removes a trishul and begins laughing. Lord ram removes an arrow. Hanuman goes flying close to the weapon.
There ravana throws the pink trishul and says you’ll die now. Ram says not me, however iniquity will die right now. Lord ram assaults the arrow however nothing occurs after which lord takes a trishul on the chariot and assaults in direction of the pink trishul, it destroys the trishul and hits ravana into his proper shoulder. Ravana is shocked, immediately the military of ugradrishtam and his brother vindumali is coming in direction of earth. Hanuman says so ravana referred to as this military of demons. Ravana says I forgot about them, then he says now see monkey that divya astra and my demons will kill you all. Hanuman throws the divya astra in direction of the demons, they get damage, it comes again and hanuman throws it once more. Vibhishan says hanuman you can not allow them to come on earth in any other case they’ll change into very sturdy and unimaginable to defeat as they’re the military of vindurmali and ugradrishtam. Hanuman says okay and is within the sky. The military of demons cease within the sky and say get apart monkey and right now we’ll assist ravana win this warfare. Ravana thinks till this hanuman is there, he cant struggle ram with full energy freely, ravana says anyway the divya astra will maintain him occupied however by then I’ll assault ram. Ravana removes the trishul from his shoulder and throws it, the wound heals mechanically and ravana removes one other similar pink trishul and assaults on ram. Lord ram assaults a blue arrow and says until hanuman is there nothing can occur to the military.
There vindurmali says we’re very sturdy demons and you can not do something to us and we all know how you can defeat monkeys such as you. ugradrishtam makes use of his eyesight assault however nothing occurs and says this monkey is highly effective brother. Hanuman throws the divya astra in direction of the demons and a few extra die, the brothers say if we keep right here he’ll kill us all and we should always first get down on the earth of lanka after which assault. The brothers say first get down everybody after which struggle. All demons flip into fireplace bolts and are available in direction of earth, hanuman says I can’t allow them to land on earth in any other case they are going to be invincible however this divya astra will kill the military and it has change into large and stronger. Hanuman says there needs to be some option to defeat each the demons and the divya astra.
There ravana assaults on lord ram and lord ram assaults again and the assault neutralizes. Ravana says see your monkey is in hassle and laughs.
Hanuman punches the fireplace bolts and kills as many demons he can. Hanuman says what do I do to cease each? Hanuman then throws the divya astra after which flies across the military of demons and he flies so quick that he burst all of the demons together with his energy, the divya astra comes in direction of hanuman. Ravana is shocked and lord ram says I informed you if hanuman is there nothing will occur to anybody.
Hanuman says how do I destroy the divya astra? Divya astra comes in direction of hanuman and says I’m the divya astra of dhanvantri devi comprised of amrit. Hanuman holds the dviya astra which has now change into as huge as him. Hanuman sees the ocean after which he takes the divya astra up within the sky and says jai shree ram. Lord ram smiles. There sita in lanka says I pray my lord come quickly right here and kill that ravana. Lord ram says you ravana have saved my spouse captive until now and you’ll endure. Ravana laughs.

Precap: lord ram assaults an arrow and says ravana you might have lived a lot too lengthy and its time so that you can go to hell. In heaven lord indra, vayu dev, agni dev and all gods smile. Ravana is standing in his chariot together with his 10 heads and laughing, lord ram’s arrow hits the principle head and its falls down. However it comes once more and locations itself on ravana’s neck and head comes again. Ravana laughs.