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Sanpaku Eyes: What Is It And What It Means?


Have you ever heard of sanpaku eyes? Sanpaku is a Japanese phrase that means "three whites," and it refers to persons who can see the white of their eyes at the top or bottom of their iris even while staring straight ahead.

This trait might be found in both or only one of the person's eyes. Although it appears to be a normal characteristic of someone, there is a lot of superstition around sanpaku eyes among the Japanese.

Having such eyes might also have a detrimental influence on a person's fate. In traditional Japanese medicine, this is also regarded to suggest a bodily and mental imbalance. If you stop watching anime, you'll notice that the lowest section has the most visible sclera or simply a small black ball in the center with the rest white. Naruto and Saitama from One Punch Man are two examples.

Your Eyes Determine Your Fate!!! Sanpaku Eyes

What Do Sanpaku Eyes Mean?

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Sclera appearing above or below the eye, according to Ohsawa, is a symptom of a bodily imbalance.

Alternatively, Asian face reading tradition claims that sanpaku eyes can provide insight into a person's fate, albeit whether white is seen above or below the iris indicates various things.

Yin Sanpaku

If you can see white at the bottom of your eyes, beware: the world is out to get you. This state is said to indicate that you are in danger from the outside world.

Consider the following samples from a tiny sample of celebrities! Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has whites beneath his irises and was recently dumped by his fiancée and co-star Kristen Stewart. JFK had sanpaku at the bottom of his eyes as well, and, well. Let's just say Robert Pattinson got off lightly.

Yang Sanpaku

If, on the other hand, you can see whites at the top of your eyes, you should take a deep breath and relax a little. While whites beneath the eyes imply that the outside world is a risk to you, whites above the eyes imply that the interior world is a danger to you — i.e., you're unable to regulate your emotions, which drives you to do horrible, terrible things.

Cult leader Charles Manson has sanpaku over his eyes, and I believe it is reasonable to assume that he lacks self-control. (Though I imagine it takes a lot of self-control to carve a swastika into your forehead.)

How Are Sanpaku Eyes Different From Normal Eyes?

These eyes vary from conventional eyes in a few ways. Because the sclera is prominent, the white area of their eyes is easily seen. Furthermore, the lack of a crease makes these eyes look remote and older. If you've ever seen an anime or read manga, you've undoubtedly seen Sanpaku eyes.

They are commonly described as "having squinted eyes" or "having eyelids that meet at the bridge of their noses," and they function similarly to a shocked look in that they make the individual appear astonished. Everyone appears to have realized that Sanpaku eyes merely make individuals appear astonished when they are not.

It also depicts someone who is deceptive. Many characters in manga and anime, for example, have this eye type. Even if they are fictitious figures, we tend to identify anyone with these eyes with evil.

Famous People With Sanpaku Eyes

Many celebrities, including Princess Diana and Billie Eilish, are known to have sanpaku eyes.

Princess Diana, in particular, was frequently photographed with the bottom whites of her eyes exposed, and her life seems to suit the foretold fate of persons with yin sanpaku eyes.

President John F. Kennedy had yin sanpaku eyes as well, and Ohsawa claimed to have foreseen his death in 1963.

It is undeniably true that Kennedy was frequently in danger. Even before his killing, he was a war hero who saved men of his Navy unit after his ship was assaulted by a Japanese destroyer during World War II.

JFK also had Addison's disease, an endocrine illness characterized by inadequate adrenal gland activity, and it was discovered after his death that he also had hypothyroidism.

One of the characteristics of having sanpaku eyes like he is in poor health.

Charles Manson is a noteworthy example of yang sanpaku eyes or those with white on top of their iris.

The late deadly cult leader had crazy eyes, with whites visible above his irises.

He was clearly a threat to others, full of fury and aggressive impulses. Even before forming the Manson family and sending his followers out to kill many people in 1967, he spent most of his life in prison for violent crimes.

How Rare Is Sanpaku Eyes?

There doesn't appear to be any reliable statistics on how rare or common sanpaku eyes are, although they don't appear to be extremely unusual.

Could There Be Other Causes For Sanpaku Eyes?

Obviously, there are a variety of reasons why a person's eye shape may appear a specific way, and your eyes may appear differently from one instant, photo, and/or viewpoint to the next.

Princess Diana's eyes appear perfectly balanced in many photographs, however, the whites of her eyes become more noticeable when her face is inclined down.

The form of the skin around someone's eye may alter over time owing to aging and lack of elasticity, producing drooping and highlighting the sclera.

Or, as a result of cosmetic surgery, the form of someone's eye may be changed, causing the eyelids to be pushed in such a manner that various areas of the eye become more apparent.

Eye-bulging caused by Grave's disease or hyperthyroidism can also make the sclera appear more prominent.

Final Thoughts

Can't your eyes look sanpaku depending on how you tilt your head or roll your eyes, after all? It doesn't help that this type of fortune-telling appears to be more popular in the West than in its founding culture.

Not to mention that individuals appear to disagree on what sanpaku truly means - the symptoms I listed above are merely a small sample of the reported symptoms and outcomes of sanpaku.

People still love reading other people's fortunes, regardless of their scientific basis, as they do with horoscopes, blood kinds, and other superstitions. Next time you feel yourself drifting while someone is chatting, look into their eyes to see whether they're doomed or a possible psychopath.

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