Saudi Arabia threats forced Netflix to remove Hasan Minhaj's episode
Saudi Arabia threats forced Netflix to remove Hasan Minhaj's episode

Netflix is now one of the biggest streaming services in the global market. There are a lot of streaming services available in the market now, but none of them is as popular as Netflix.

Netflix finally decided to remove the episode called Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj after the government issued a legal threat against the comedian who criticized the tie-up of the United States of America and Saudi Arabia. Hasan has also ridiculed the attempt of Saudi Arabia to explain the murder of the journalist called Jamal Khashoggi.

Netflix has decided that this episode will not be shown in the country of Saudi Arabia and this was the only way for Netflix to stay away from any kind of court order. It was said that Netflix was violating the cybercrime laws of the country of Saudi Arabia and the only way to save themselves was to remove the video. The episode of the Patriotic Act released on 28th of October last year in 2018 and it took them a month to ask Netflix to remove it.

Last week, Netflix removed it from all their servers in Saudi Arabia and now people from Saudi Arabia will not be able to view the episode. People from all the other countries will be able to enjoy this Patriotic Act. Netflix has come out with an official statement where they have said that they offer artistic freedom and they will like to give the freedom to Hasan. This is the reason why they will remove the episode only in Saudi Arabia. Netflix has also come out and said that the request that was made by the Saudi Arabian Government is valid and they will definitely like to comply with the local law.

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The episode was about 27 minutes long where Hasan Minhaj makes fun of all the bizarre things that the government come up with when they sign different treaties. According to him, none of these treaties makes sense. Hasan has also mocked the government for the death of the journalist and how the government has tried to cover up the whole murder with their lame excuses.

The government of Saudi Arabia did not want to instigate any kind of violent action in their country and wanted to keep it away from any kind of protests and this is why they requested Netflix to remove it.