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Top 15 Sexy Anime Series You Must Watch In February 2022


Anime erotic scenes are frequently leaked into porn sites, much to the annoyance of Anime producers. But there's no doubting that the anime community should give these shows credit for growing their fan base. Recognizing this, I've decided to provide you with the best adult anime movies and episodes that are both sensual and similar to Hentai. Here's a list of the most sexy adult anime ever made that look like porn but aren't. So, instead of watching the best hentai anime, you should watch them.

15 Sexy Anime Must Watch Series

Air Gear

Sexi anime air gear
Sexi anime air gear

Itsuki Minami is a name that needs no introduction. Every anime fan has heard of the Eastside's "Babyface." He's the toughest kid at Higashi Junior High, attractive on the outside but deadly tough when he has to be. Itsuki also lives with the enigmatic and seductive Noyamano sisters. Everything is far from boring, but tension mounts as Itsuki leads his school to victory over some vengeful Westside punks with gangster ties.

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He's now in jeopardy of losing his college, his friends, and everything he values. The Noyamano ladies, however, come to Itsuki's aid at his darkest hour. They can teach him a great skill and expose Itsuki to a fascinating and dangerous new world while saving their college from the criminals' assault.

Sankarea: Undying Love

Sexy anime Sankarea Undying Love
Sexy anime Sankarea Undying Love

Furuya is a huge fan of zombies and other undead creatures. He collects all kinds of collectible figurines, sees all kinds of zombie movies, and plays all kinds of zombie games, and he's even fascinated by zombie girls. When his cat dies, Furuya begins attempting to resurrect it using an ancient occult book he purchased from a bookstore. What will happen, though, when he sees his hero, a nearby woman, strolling near where he conducts his test, yearning to die and be reborn as a different person?

Demon King Daemao

Sexy anime Demon King Daemao
Sexy anime Demon King Daemao

Upon Atuko Sai’s arrival at a magic school, it is prophesied that he will become the “Demon King”. As word of his situation spreads, the school begins to fear him, and his acquaintance Junko’s trust in him falters. At the same time, Akuto is determined not to let the prophecy manipulate his fate. But, it appears as though whatever he says or does only serves to enhance the truth that he is destined to be the “Demon King”. Furthermore, he’s surrounded by a harem of beautiful ladies who each have their personal plans for him. Some want to bring him to justice. Some want to shower him with love.

Strike The Blood

Sexy anime Strike the Blood
Sexy anime Strike the Blood

On Itogami Island, Kojou Akatsuki of Demon District has an incident that turns him into a vampire. It's not long until he's thrown into the spotlight once it's discovered that he's the fourth primogenitor, an incredibly powerful vampire that most people dismiss as a legend. Uneasy about Kojou's destructive abilities, a group sends in Yukina Himeragi to spy on him and, if he becomes a threat, kill the boy dubbed the world's most powerful vampire. However, the two are now obliged to work together to safeguard the city, and they create a team.

Heaven’s Lost Property

Sexy anime Heaven’s Lost Property
Sexy anime Heaven’s Lost Property

It's an anime series based on Suu Minazuki's manga of the same name. Tomoki Sakurai, a young lad eager for peace and quiet in his life, meets Ikaros, an Angeloid who has fallen from the sky, followed by more Angeloids as the book unfolds.

The anime has been ongoing for nearly a decade and each season has up to 13 episodes. That's a lot of stuff to keep an eye on. I won't give too much away about the plot, but if the image above doesn't give you a taste of the Anime, I'm not sure what would.

No Game No Life

Sexy anime No Game No Life
Sexy anime No Game No Life

Shiro and Sora, two master gamers, are the heroes of the story. They are content, they despise the real world, and they have no desire to interact with it. They get a weird email one darned day inviting them to a chess match. The two are then immediately moved to another universe. This world is completely governed by video games with extremely high stakes bets. The gamers are now vying to become the next overlords, which is depicted by some powerful dramatic moments mixed in with plenty of sexual ones.

High School Of The Dead

Sexy anime High School of the Dead
Sexy anime High School of the Dead

When the zombies attack Rei and Takashi's school, it results in a horrific bloodbath that kills or transforms the bulk of the students and faculty into zombie-like monsters. Infected bodies can be found all over the world. Rei and Takashi set out on a mission to find their families, accompanied by a small group of other survivors, in a world that is swiftly destroying. Governments have fallen apart, the lethal sickness has spread, and people all over the world have given up everything in order to survive and stay alive, which sounds a lot like 'The Walking Dead,' but isn't. You may wonder how it can be sexy. Take a look at the image above.

Trinity Seven

Sexy anime Trinity Seven
Sexy anime Trinity Seven

The blazing red sun suddenly stops shining, causing the "Breakdown Phenomenon," which results in the devastation of Arata Kasuga's city and the disappearance of the humans that live there. However, the situation is far from over. Arata's world is artificially remade with the help of the mysterious grimoire gifted to him by his childhood buddy and cousin Hijiri Kasuga. Lilith Asami meets Arata, whose artificial environment disintegrates, in order to investigate the phenomenon. He has two options: either surrender the ebook or die. Arata, on the other hand, opts for the third option, enrolling at the exclusive Royal Biblia Academy of Mystery Magic, where he meets six different magicians. Those six people, along with Lilith, make up the "Trinity Seven." The "Trinity Seven" have embarked on a quest with the express objective of restoring their city.


Sexy anime Haganai
Sexy anime Haganai

Kodaka Hasegawa, a second-year high school student, transferred to his new college approximately a month ago. However, he is not everyone's favorite and has no friends. Kodaka was born to a British mother and a Japanese father. People mistake Kodaka Hasegawa for a despondent student because of his appearance. He runs across Yozora Mikazuki, a classmate, one day. Kodaka Hasegawa confides in her about his situation. Yozora Mikazuki decides to start a club in order to gain friends and compels Kodaka to join. Other students quickly begin to join the club. This is the start of the story.

High School DxD

Sexy anime High School DxD
Sexy anime High School DxD

It's one of the most well-known ecchi anime series. Most of you are probably aware of this, and if you are, you are also aware of why it is on the list. For those who don't, all I can say is that it's a lot sexier than the majority of the Anime on the list. Issei Hyodo, a dimwitted, lecherous 2nd-year high college student, is the protagonist of the novel. His first-ever date ends up killing him. Issei reincarnates as a devil and serves as a second-in-command to Rias Gremory, the prettiest girl on Issei's school. There are three seasons, each with 12 episodes.

Shinmai Maou No Testament

Sexy anime Shinmai Maou no Testament
Sexy anime Shinmai Maou no Testament

'Shinmai Maou no Testament' is on our list for a reason that most of you already know. It's brimming with nuance. Several unedited bosom photos are included. Especially when the succubus forces the protagonist to get into a master-slave relationship with a variety of other characters. When slaves try to defy their master, they typically become enraged. During this enthusiasm, they are really uncomfortable. The master must bring his slave to a climax in order to terminate their torment. These sequences are frequently packed with nudity, such as excessive chest touching, licking, and... I'll leave the rest to you to figure out when you see it.

The first season of 'Shinmai Maou no Testament' contains approximately 12 episodes, each lasting approximately 23 minutes. Basara Toujo's father remarries unexpectedly. His stepmother appears to have two kids, both of whom are now his stepsisters. Basara's father is need to depart for business, leaving Basara alone with his two sisters. He requests that he look after them. However, it turns out that the sisters are members of the demon family. They try to attack Basara, but they have no idea that Basara is a member of the Hero Clan. Basara has the upper hand. He discovers their condition later and promises to protect them like their big brother.

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou

Sexy anime Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Sexy anime Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

People who love harem anime which has lots of ecchi stuff might find ‘Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou’ quite entertaining. But if you are looking for a more mainstream anime in which the plots and characters matter then you will be better off looking at the other options on this list. If mermaids, snake women, and other female-animal hybrids make up the bulk of your fantasy then you will enjoy ‘Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou’ a lot. Because the show is just that. There are a total of 12 episodes in this series with each episode having a runtime of around 23 minutes.

The story is set in a world where humans and monsters exist. These monsters are basically human-animal hybrids. Japan has become the first country in the world to advocate harmony between humans and monsters. They want them to adapt to human society. Thus, human families have been allowed to become the guest host of a monster so that they can get used to the human society. Kimihito Kurusu becomes the guest host of a snake woman when a government agent makes some mistakes. As the series progresses he becomes the guest of other pretty monster girls all of whom crave his attention.

Prison School

Sexy anime Prison School
Sexy anime Prison School

Though the plot of 'Prison School' is aimed towards youngsters, its graphic depiction of nudity and certain adult themes merits it a place on this list. It is a very enjoyable show with a total of 12 episodes, each of which is approximately 24 minutes long. The personalities are pleasant and amusing. There are several scenes in this anime series that will make you laugh out loud. This is a show that can easily be binge-watched. Before you start viewing this anime, I have one piece of advice for you. Make sure to watch the original version with subtitles because the English dub has received mixed reviews.

Hachimitsu Private Academy used to be an all-girls school known for its excellent teaching and well-behaved students. However, there has been a recent shift. The most basic rule of Hachimitsu Academy will be altered. The school has now transitioned to a coed environment.

This new rule has granted admission to five guys who will attend this academy as students. They are quickly discovered as peeping Toms and punished to a month in the school penitentiary. The members of the Underground Student Council are in command of this prison, and they will stop at nothing to get the youngsters to leave. Will our brothers be able to make it?

Juubee Ninpuuchou

Sexy anime Juubee Ninpuuchou
Sexy anime Juubee Ninpuuchou

'Juubee Ninpuuchou' is a classic animation film with ninja and samurai elements. 'Ninja Scroll' is the English version of the title of this anime film. Despite the fact that the picture was released 25 years ago, it is still popular, as seen by the numerous lists and articles that reference it. The film is included on this list because it contains considerable nuance, and most of the topics and philosophies depicted in the film are well above the comprehension of toddlers.

The setting of 'Juubee Ninpuuchou' is feudal Japan. The protagonist of this anime, Jubei Kibagami, is a swordsman-for-hire. He usually takes on bodyguarding assignments. Jubei is uninterested in the politics of the kingdom and wants to keep as far away from it as possible. However, after he saves a female ninja named Kagero, he is forced to get involved in politics.

Kagero is the lone surviving member of her ninja team, whose duty is to figure out what caused a mystery plague that wiped out an entire village. Even though Jubei does not want to get involved, a government agent poisons him and promises to supply the antidote if he uncovers the truth about the Devils of Kimon, a squad of super-powered ninjas responsible for the death of Kagero's crew.

Afro Samurai

Sexy anime Afro Samurai
Sexy anime Afro Samurai

‘Afro Samurai’ is an anime movie. There’s a series too of which this movie is the adaptation. The reason for it being on this list is the violent and graphic content in this anime. Also, there are certain themes which are not meant for children. The total runtime of the movie is around 1 hour and 56 minutes. If you love anime which have over-the-top sword fights with lots of gore then you will find ‘Afro Samurai’ quite entertaining. Afro experiences one of the most devastating things that a child can. A man by the name of Justice kills his father and claims the number 1 headband.

The world of ‘Afro Samurai’ consists of various fighters wearing headbands which have numbers on them. The number represents their fighting prowess and indicates their rank among the best fighters in the realm. Anyone who has a headband other than number one must be ready for a challenge from anyone.

But the one who possesses the number 1 headband gets its Godly Powers and the only one who can challenge that person is someone with the number 2 headband. To avenge the death of his father Afro needs to work his way up to the number 2 headband so that he can finally challenge and kill Justice. But there are lots of obstacles since anyone can challenge the number two headband.

What Is Japanese Anime Called?

Anime is a Japanese word that means 'animation.' All animation in Japan is referred to as anime. Outside of Japan, anime refers to Japanese animation, which is the subject of this article. Some anime is hand-drawn, however CGI computer animation can also be used to create anime.

Are Animes Bad?

Is anime a negative thing? Originally Answered: Is anime a bad thing? It's like any other TV show; some episodes are better than others. Aside from the fact that anime is usually produced in Japan, there isn't much to say about it (and is the certain style). Some people enjoy anime more than others, but this does not mean that all anime is awful.

What Are The 3 Types Of Anime?

Did you know that there are different types of anime? The five types are shonen, shojo, seinen, josei, and kodomomuke. Each kind of anime is focused on a specific target population of viewers.

Final Words

Anime presents a thrilling image of diversity in which identity can be technological, mythological, or just an exciting process of continuous metamorphosis. Such a wide range of possibilities can be intimidating to some viewers, but they can also be liberating play spaces for others. The audience is given access to forms and situations that subvert the conventional at every turn, thanks to Ranma's transsexuality, San's affinity with the Otherness of the (super)natural, and even the demonic Overfiend.

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