Dev Vishwakarma says neither Shani nor anybody else ought to learn about it. He’ll discover out on the proper time himself as per Mahadev’s want. Another factor, you might need given beginning to Shani and raised him however he’ll all the time be referred to as Sanghya’s son solely. World sees Shani and trusts him, remembers him and never Chhaya. She nods. Seed doesn’t need fruit to have its title. It solely desires the tree to develop. She composes herself. I’m the mom of Karamfaldata. I’ll do my karma. I solely need my Shani to do his responsibility so I really feel peace being his mom. I did my responsibility. Dev Vishwakarma nods.

Shukracharya says Vyaktagandha cheated me. Now Shani won’t ever belief me ever. Shani calls out to him simply then. I’ll belief you until you wont cheat me. Shukracharya dismisses everybody else. Shani says I ought to have come

lengthy again however I needed to go on earth to save lots of Yam. Vykatagandha kidnapped my mom and attacked her. I punished him for a similar however the one who instigates the wrongdoer additionally deserves to be punished. I need to know who gave pace to Vyaktagandha’s damaged wings. Shani by no means forgets nor forgives. Shukracharya shares that he has simply come to know Vyaktagandha met Devraj Indra in his absence. Indra doesn’t need to be Devraj. He’s the rationale behind all wars. There is just one answer – give his throne to somebody who truly deserves it. Shani tells him to analyse his failures earlier than reminding of Devraj’s errors. If he failed as a king you then too have failed as a trainer. Shani turns to go. Shukracharya asks him the place he’s off to. Shani replies that he’s going to carry Devraj on the best path as he dint mend his methods even after my warnings. I’ll have to take action now.

Devi Sanghya thinks to ship Chhaya and Shani out of Surya Loka anyhow. Even Surya Dev has began praising Shani now. Hope it doesn’t occur that I and Yam lose out to Chhaya and Shani. She notices Chhaya standing earlier than her. Chhaya asks her why she dint go away until now. I had wared you to go away earlier than I return. What are you doing right here? You might be plotting once more to get freedom from me and Shani? Now I’ve come to know you wont be capable to do something in opposition to me and Shani. I’ve religion it is going to be good for Yam, Yami, Surya Dev, Shani and me if you’ll go away. Belief me nobody will probably be pained due to your absence. Sanghya cries. Don’t say so. Chhaya says I’m talking reality. Sanghya agrees lastly. I’m leaving however promise to handle Yam and Yami. You wont allow them to miss their mom ever. Chhaya replies that she doesn’t have to vow for doing what she has been already doing for years. I’ll handle my three youngsters fully. Sanghya leaves teary eyed. Chhaya mentally apologizes to Surya Dev as this was in favour of his youngsters that Chhaya stays right here, not Sanghya.

Devguru tells Devraj to grasp. Shani has confirmed himself again and again. Cease plotting in opposition to him otherwise you would possibly change into a goal of Mahadev’s third eye. Devraj says I’m not in opposition to Shani. I solely need him to be on my facet. Devguru says it isn’t unsuitable to attempt to make it occur however these incidents are solely hinting at your weaknesses. He goes. Indra Dev says I’m solely fascinated by Shani’s weaknesses. His weak point is his mom, Devi Sanghya. Now she solely can pressure Shani to return to our facet. Devi Sanghya comes there simply then. Possibly you have been fascinated by me solely. You need Shani to return to your facet and know that it isn’t doable with out my assist. I’m prepared that can assist you. He’s impressed. You might be no completely different than Shani. First you promised to assist after which introduced Shani to Sabha. You can not assist me. She asks him if he doesn’t assume that his mom is his greatest weak point. Don’t you assume solely his mom might help you? Indra Dev corrects her. She may however couldn’t. Sanghya agrees. I’m not Shani’s mom. Indra Dev is shocked. Sanghya tells him that Shani’s mom is her shadow, Chhaya. Indra Dev will get pondering. It means Surya Dev has two comparable wanting wives. Story is attention-grabbing however not price trusting. She suggests him to assume upon the current incidents. In the course of the creation of earth you bought me kidnapped by Vyaktagandha with my permission. How may I be there in Sabha? Why would I organize my kidnap if he was my son? Why would I plan to let my very own son get banished on earth? Final proof – Shani’s mom acquired harm whereas defending Shani right this moment in Sabha. There should be some mark of that wound. She strikes her hair apart. Indra Dev is shocked to see no mark on her neck. Unimaginable! Surya Dev’s assault’s wound all the time stays. Sanghya says it’s as a result of not I however Shani’s mom, Chhaya, had bore that. I had created her. My shadow cheated me. She needed to disappear after my return however she refused. I used to be about to burn her however she lived due to Mahadev’s boon. She threw me out of Surya Loka. Until the time she lives, my identification will probably be in danger and it applies in Yam’s case. We should do one thing. I would like Chhaya to go away Surya Loka when you need Shani to return in your facet. We are able to discover a answer to this drawback collectively, proper? He nods.

Shani calls out for Devraj Indra angrily. Devraj and Sanghya get tensed. Devraj hides Sanghya simply in time earlier than Shani enters and sits on his throne. Shani walks as much as him. Devraj acts shocked seeing him right here. Shani says I believed you should be ready for me. Devraj says I’m Devraj. I don’t have time to attend for no purpose. why did you come right here? Shani says I got here right here right this moment to provide the results of your karma’s, and to carry you again on the best path. Indra Dev is under no circumstances affected. He laughs at Shani. You got here to threaten Devraj Indra? You’ll carry me on the best path? How? Shani says I got here to grab your throne from you. I’ll carry you on the best path by snatching your place and by banishing you from Swarg? Devi Sanghya is hiding proper behind the throne.

Precap: Sanghya thinks the one who gave beginning to Shani is inflicting an eclipse on his life. Chhaya kills herself so she will be able to change into Shani’s energy. Shani comes operating to his mom’s room however perhaps it will get too late. He shouts.