The first trailer for Links”>Shia LaBeouf‘s Honey Boy is here and it has a distressing glimpse into the real relationship between LeBeouf along with his father, Jeffrey. The movie tells the story of the Disney star’s childhood and dynamic with his dad throughout two stages of his life. While LaBeouf will depict his dad at both phases (with the title James Lort), A Silent Area ‘s Noah Jupe and Lady Bird‘s Lucas Hedges will play with a youthful and adult”Otis Lort,” respectively.

Honey Boy, titled after the nickname given LaBeouf with his dad, reveals a fictionalized version of the roller coaster of uncertainty that has been the star’s family life, as a result of his role on Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, along with his father’s recovery from a heroin dependence. Jupe and Hedges portray a youthful LaBeouf as he struggles to reconcile with his dad in addition to deal with his health through recovery and rehab. View the trailer beforehand and grab Honey Boy in theaters on Nov. 8.