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Skip The Games: Adult Entertainment & Casual Encounter Website – Top Alternative Of Backpage


Successfully managing to take the adult industry by a storm, SkipTheGames seems like the most promising newbie to the team. Soon after Backpage was banned, Skip the Games, a site allegedly guise as a fun online platform, seems to fill the void with its innovative ways of online dating. It also acts as the best backpage alternative in 2020.

Skipthe Games claims itself to be a platform where individuals can romantically, or for mere pleasure purposes connect with other individuals to satisfy their needs. It emphasizes on the need to “skip” the games (as in mind games) and drama that this generation seems to stan, but it is actually tired of and jump straight to business. And by business, we mean satisfying physical needs.

The skip games site argues that long term relationships come with its own commitment issues and responsibilities which can rather be skipped. The platform guises itself as a place where people seeking casual encounters, friends with benefits or maybe just a mere friend turn to. It even allows users to share pictures, including ones which would otherwise be censored, audios, and stream videos in real-time.

To go about using the website, all an individual needs to do is post what they’re looking for a strategy that many dating apps including Bumble have adopted to help display relevant suggestions and expose the user to the right audience.

The site is crammed with advertisements on display, most of which are targeted around sensuous pleasures. Upon clicking, they allow a user to respond to the one who posted the ad in real-time and even allows the sharing of pictures, audio, or stream videos with them. They have an inbuilt chat room called “skip the games messenger” which one can utilize to chat privately on the platform.

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But the question remains, is SkiptheGames really a site for entertainment and “casual encounters” as it claims or is it but a cheaper alternative to Backpage?

What Exactly Was Backpage & Why Was It Taken Down?

As we all know, Backpage was a classified advertising website that was known for letting users buy and sell intercourse until things went south. best adult entertainment site services made authorities raise an eyebrow till it became subject to investigation, which ultimately led to it being shut down for fueling rough trade.

Further digging of the matter by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States unveiled the fact that the website was allegedly involved in prostitution and human trafficking; which also included minors. Carl Ferre, the CEO of the company and skip the games.com was accused of promoting the same along with money laundering, which led to the eventual shutdown of the site.

After President Donald Trump enforced the laws of Fight Online S*x Trafficking Act and Stop Enabling S#x Traffickers Act Bakcpage and its affiliated websites were shut down in a jiffy. The inspection even traced back to the foreign banks where they were hiding the revenues to hide from the eyes of the law.

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Skip The Games Has Been Showing Similar Traces

Recently, a similar case cropped up with Skip the Games website when an Allentown vice detective clicked on what we could call an X-rater advertisement, posted under the name, Bella. Upon booking her for a hefty sum and arranging a meet-up in a nearby motel, the 28-year old woman ended up getting arrested for obvious reasons.

And this was, apparently, his seventh bust of the month. Skip the Games is often referred to by the local cops and prosecutors as a “more-graphic” and “in-your-face” version of Backpage. Reports also claim that it has managed to fuel the prostitution business in and around the United States since 2010.

A similar case cropped up in the United States, in Northampton County. Investigations into the sites like skip the games website led the cops to a prostitution sting at Hanover Township hotel that managed to net around eight arrests. Among them was also a man who propagated and promoted the idea of posting adult ads, thus fueling the trade.

And it isn’t quite surprising that the site does so, either. The tagline itself says “SkiptheGames.eu. Get Satisfaction.” which slyly indicates that it’s a marketplace that deals with intercourse.

Personal ads are posted on this site like backpages daily, especially by women clad with little to no clothes; posing provocatively. The ads even have a brief description at the bottom, which enlists the sensual acts they consent to and their contact number. The main trick that they apply, to get away with it all, is that they do not mention the price thus steering clear from the eyes of the law at the first go.

Word is on the street that after Backpage shut down, there was as much as a 39% decrease in the amount of rough trade and human trafficking, compared to the previous years. However, after the introduction of more innovative, ‘unsuspicious’ sites such as Skip the Games, the business is still on under covers.

According to a report in The Morning Call, officer Colonial Regional police Sgt. Michael Enstrom of Allentown says, Initially when the government shut those websites down, we really didn’t do anything for a little while. Now people are getting more creative and bringing up other sites like skipthegames, and the more common one now is www.skipthegames.com.

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Final Words

Upon asking whether their site was any different from Backpage or not, skipthegames.com issued a statement that said, “We are a small company, and even though we have no staff or facilities in the United States, we interact with and help U.S. law enforcement on a near-daily basis. Like many companies, we, unfortunately, have to deal with people who misuse our networks to help commit illegal actions or do bad things.” However, surprisingly, the site only provides a mere email id for the police to contact them.

Sites as such needs to be stopped, and better investigated to get to the root cause before it’s too late. It’s no news that minors, women, and even men have fallen victim to bootlegging, some that even ended up destroying their lives since time immemorial. Guise or no guise, sites as such that are allegedly conducting human trade and trafficking need to be shut down.

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Disclaimer (Important)

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