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The Best Soccer Movies Ever Made


Football is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world, and billions of people watch it every week. So it shouldn't be a surprise that filmmakers have been trying for years to capture the essence of the game in soccer movies.

Best Soccer Movies

For every great movie about football that is a classic, there are many more that are either too cheesy, too cliche, or just don't show why football is so important to so many people.

Let's talk about what's best for this article. We chosethe best soccer movies ever made. They are a mix of documentaries and dramas that are sure to keep you interested from beginning to end.

The Two Escobars

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/soccer-movies/ by Cecilia Jones on 2023-02-06T11:43:07.288Z

In Colombia, the name Escobar will be around for a long time. Pablo Escobar was a drug lord who was in the news around the world for all the wrong reasons. Andres Escobar is also known in the soccer world.

Escobar was one of the best players on the Colombian national team, which put them in a position to make a run at the 1994 World Cup that could go down in history. This movie talks about the different ways that the two Escobars crossed paths.

All of this was happening at the same time that the country was changing, and Escobar ended up dying after scoring an own goal in the World Cup elimination round. Anyone who enjoys soccer or just depressing sports stories should watch this ESPN movie.

Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is all about being passionate about the most important things in life, like football or a woman. The main character tries to keep his two love lives from getting in the way of each other. Will he be able to do it?

Many people think that the movie is not nearly as good as the book, but anyone who likes soccer as a plot should still check it out.


Goal! In the movie The Dream Begins, a young Mexican immigrant named Santiago Nunez (played by Kuno Becker) is thrust into the world of professional football when he joins Newcastle United, a club in the British Premier League.

Sport Bible chose this movie as the best football movie ever made. It shows soccer in a better light than other movies. With help from FIFA and Adidas, the movie was able to get access to many teams and players, which made it feel very real.

Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raul González, and other legends make cameos in the movie. Check in on Ligedeportiva about other great football legends that appeared.

Green Street Hooligans

In this British drama, Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam play hooligans who are shown to the general public. Wood plays a student who was kicked out of Harvard for something he didn't do. To keep quiet, he went to the UK. Then he finds out about the die-hard fans of a sport he didn't know much about.

In the United Kingdom, football and hooliganism go hand in hand. Fans start riots and fights, usually because they are upset that the teams they support lost. Green Street Hooligans looks at this while also being an interesting and gritty crime story. Watch this to learn more about the bad things that can happen in sports.

Green street hooligans characters
Green street hooligans characters

Mean Machine

The plot of Mean Machine is similar to that of Escape to Victory, but instead of being set in a POW camp, it is set in a grim, modern British prison.

In this remake of the American football movie The Longest Yard, Jones plays a former England captain whose career went downhill after he was accused of fixing games.

After he hurts a police officer, he gets beaten up by other prisoners who don't like his betrayal and champagne lifestyle. However, he finds redemption when he is asked to help his inmate friends fight the guards.

From that point on, the story is about the underdog coming through to win, which we've seen a million times in sports movies, but the journey and the ragtag group of characters in the prison keep the action fun and lively.

Watch out for Jason Statham, who plays the team's crazy, martial arts-obsessed goalkeeper with a grudge. He has a Scottish accent that is almost impossible to understand.

The United Damned

Brian Clough, a famous English manager, is remembered almost as much for his strange, moody personality as for how good he was as a coach. The Damned United tries to show both sides of the late ex-coach of Nottingham Forest and Derby County by focusing on one of Cloughie's worst times on the job.

The film tells the story of Clough's 44 days as manager of Leeds United in 1974. This time has gone down in football history as one of the most famous and controversial periods. Even though the players and fans at Elland Road didn't like the new manager before he got there, his methods and harsh personality made things almost as bad as the war in the locker room. He was fired after just over a month.

In his main role, Michael Sheen is a force of nature. He shows Clough's insecurity and bluster as he tries to go against the grain at his new club while keeping his human side. Some people weren't as happy. Dave Mackay sued the producers because he thought the movie was wrong about him.

The Match

The movie is a rare romantic comedy set in the world of soccer. There are some love stories in it, but the plot is pretty simple. It's a bet between two pubs in a small village in Scotland. Whoever wins the 100th match will keep their pub, while the loser's pub will shut down for good.

The Ultimate Game has a good storyline and is worth watching if you haven't seen it before. It might not be the best movie ever, but many soccer fans can relate to how important games are to some fans.

Shaolin Soccer

Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) stars in and directs the sports comedy film Shaolin Soccer. In it, he plays a Shaolin monk who wants to use soccer to spread kung fu. He puts together a team of people who are good at kung fu and enters them in a national tournament.

This movie doesn't do a good job of showing how soccer is played, but it is funny, crazy, and unlike any other movie. It was influenced by the popular Japanese anime Captain Tsubasa, which has some of the same fantastical elements.

Even though Chow was already a well-known comedian in his home country, this movie put him on the map internationally.

Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Soccer

People Also Ask

What Is The Funniest Soccer Movie?

Shaolin Soccer has to be one of the funniest soccer movies ever made, but it still makes you feel things because it mixes the depth of martial arts with soccer.

What Was The Early 2000s Soccer Movie?

The movie Bend It Like Beckham came out in theaters on April 12, 2002. It was distributed by Redbus Film Distribution. Fox Searchlight Pictures then put the movie in a few theaters in the United States on March 12, 2003.

What's The Best Sports Movie Based On A True Story?

Friday Night Lights, which came out in 2004, is about a high school football team in Texas. Radio, which came out in 2003, is about a friendship between a high school football coach and a man with mental problems. Brian's Song, which came out in 1971, is about the friendship of two Chicago Bears players.


In the past few years, this sport has become more and more of a part of pop culture. There have been a lot of great soccer movies that focus on a single player or a famous team. Millions of people fell in love with soccer because of a classic movie about the "beautiful game," so enjoy some of the movies on our list of the best soccer movies.

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