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Sophie Turner Covers Up Stomach In Sweatshirt & Jacket In 1st Photos Considering Pregnancy Reports

Sophie Turner and her husband, Joe Jonas, were seen outside in Zurich, Switzerland for the first time since reports surfaced that the’Game Of Thrones’ celebrity and artist had been expecting their first child. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas produced their first appearance together on Feb. 13 because reports came to light which the couple were expecting

Cecilia Jones
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Sophie Turner And Her Husband, Joe Jonas, Were Seen Outside In Zurich, Switzerland For The First Time Since Reports Surfaced That The’Game Of Thrones’ Celebrity And Artist Had Been Expecting Their First Child.

Sophie Turnerand Joe Jonasproduced their first appearance together on Feb. 13 because reports came to light which the couple were expecting their first bundle of pleasure together. The few were richly bundled up to their afternoon out and about in Zurich, Switzerland, in which they seemed cool, cool, and gathered amid the swirling speculation. Joe, 30, sported a blue-green outfit underneath a black coating, while Sophie’s layered appearance attracted little attention for her possibly growing belly.
The Game Of Thronesalum, 23, wore black leggings with a grey hoodie under a black bomber jacket, which was totally buttoned up. She accessorized her appearance using shades and showed off a pair of hoop earrings by yanking up her hair in a messy bun, all of which you can see here. The few, who enjoyed a day of shopping, seemed completely rested and unbothered by the cameras, as lovers continue to wonder whether they are expecting!
News struck on Feb. 12 the few were expecting and were totally thrilled with the news. “The couple will be keeping things quite hush hush but their family and friends are excited for them,” a resource shared. Another source added ,”Sophie has been picking outfits to wear off and on the rug to accommodate her body.” It appears that Sophie could be wearing these more comfy appearances, according to her Zurich apparel. But in addition to preparing to cultivate their loved ones, Joe and Sophie have experienced rather a lot to observe in the previous year!
The pair married in Las Vegas at May 2019 after roughly 3 decades of relationship after the Billboard Music Awards at a yearlong service. Obviously, both wanted to add their close family members and friends in their nuptials and opted to reaffirm their vows with a 2nd formal service in June from the romantic setting of France. As lovers continue to ponder if Sophie and Joe will anticipate their prospective small one, they’ll continue to keep their eyes out for fresh pictures of A-list set out and around in the long run!
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