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Space Force: Everything you need to know about Steve Carell’s Netflix show


In accordance with the official plot synopsis launched by Netflix (through USA Today), Carell’s Space Force character is a decorated four-star general named Mark R. Naird. Despite his Army background, Naird has dreams of switching branches to run the Air Force some day. These dreams are partially fulfilled when he finds himself tapped to spearhead the newly formed Space Force, the long-gestating sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Representatives for Netflix have described Mark Naird as a “dedicated by skeptical” officer, someone willing to uproot his family and move across the country to an isolated military base in Colorado where the nascent Space Force is headquartered. There, he joins a “colorful team of scientists and Spacemen,” who are operating under orders directly from the White House to put some new American boot prints back on the moon. The said mission of the House Pressure is to realize whole house dominance for the great ol’ US of A, and we will not wait to see what sort of hilarious bother Carell will get himself into in pursuit of that lofty purpose.

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