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Stack Sats - Can You Make Money Through Them?


A strategy known as "stacking Sats," in which investors buy modest quantities of bitcoin over time, may pay well.

When it comes to the Bitcoin, the smallest unit is a Satoshi, which may be divided to eight decimal places. "Stacking Sats" is a phrase used in the Bitcoin community to describe the practice of buying tiny quantities of bitcoin at a time and accumulating your holdings over time.

Buying bitcoins might be a scary proposition at times. With a single bitcoin now trading around $55,000, it may seem that you'll never be able to make a substantial investment. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of "Stacking Sats," I made the infographic below:

How Does Staking Sats Work?

It's a straightforward strategy: buy modest quantities whenever you can, and build up a solid position over time. On March 29, 2020, when bitcoin was trading at $6,245, if you had bought only $5 worth of bitcoin and continued to acquire $5 worth of bitcoin every Monday for the following year, your holdings would be 0.02030253 BTC, worth around $1,184, having only invested $260 over the course of a year.

In the last few months, the bitcoin market has seen a bull run, with bitcoin hitting new all-time highs as more institutional investors have begun to accept bitcoin, and the quick growth in value has inspired more consumers to explore bitcoin as an investment vehicle. Prices and refunds have been impacted as a result of this.

Short-term price fluctuations should not prevent you from making an investment in bitcoin, since it is a long-term venture. One bitcoin might one day be worth more than $1 million, which would make a single Satoshi worth $0.01 and stacking as many as feasible worth it.

Bitcoin and laptop
Bitcoin and laptop

Strategies You Can Adapt

Crypto Lending

The greatest approach to make money passively is to lend out your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and collect interest.

In today's market, there are several loan platforms, but you must confirm that your cryptois being sent to a legitimate company.

In the financial and payment industry, Cred is a well-established and well-funded firm. Customers may earn up to 10% APR on their cryptocurrency holdings via the firm. That's a lot more than you'd earn from a bank in terms of interest.


Staking is another option to earn cryptocurrency by participating actively in a blockchain network. A proof-of-work blockchain means that Bitcoin cannot be earned via stake, while a proof-of-stake blockchain means other currencies such as Tezos, Cardano, Celo or Algorand may.

Either directly on the selected blockchain or via one of the several staking pools. If you have money sitting around on an exchange like Binance or Bitfinex, there are ways to put it to use.

It's not for the faint of heart to trade cryptocurrency. Certain knowledge of trading and some abilities in areas like technical analysis are required.

Despite this, a large number of individuals earn Bitcoin via trading.

Today, trading is much more than just buying and selling at a discount. To take advantage of a bear market, you may still profit by shorting BTC on a number of exchanges, including OKEx and Huobi in addition to Binance.

Bug Bounties

Bug bounties are an excellent method to earn cryptocurrency if you have coding abilities.

Anyone who can help find and fix problems and vulnerabilities that might be exploited by malevolent parties in the code of any blockchain or crypto project is in demand.

There is a wide range of incentives available depending on how well you do. Using the EOS bug bounty scheme in 2018, one developer made $120k inside a single week.


A lot of projects still employ airdrops, although not nearly as often as they did during the 2017 crypto-mania. The most typical incentive is a few dollars in cryptocurrency for doing things like following or retweeting a certain Twitter account.

Airdrops have the potential to be more liberal in their distribution.


To get started in the cryptocurrency market, most individuals purchase a little amount of Bitcoin and hang on to it until the price rises. What a waste of a great opportunity to make money with Bitcoin in 2020 if you're already doing this.

Instead of depending on the market, you should think about how your crypto may be put to use to provide a stable return. Even if you're just starting out, there are methods to make money using cryptocurrency. Nine of the finest cryptocurrency income options are outlined in this article, including everything from loan to cashback to staking to affiliate commissions.

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