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Star Trek: Picard’s Threat Is The Same As Discovery Season 2’s


Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard Season 1, Episode 7

The extra Star Trek: Picard reveals about its season 1 synthetics menace, the extra it resembles Management, the artificially clever villain of Star Trek: Discovery season 2. Is the Star Trek: The Subsequent Era sequel sequence concerning the twilight years of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) telling a mirror-image story that has stealthily built-in with the previous and future occasions of Star Trek: Discovery? Or is the similarity mere coincidence?

Set in 2399, Star Trek: Picard‘s macro story questions the position of synthetic intelligence and the way forward for artificial beings within the United Federation of Planets. On the heart of the problem is Soji (Isa Briones), the artificial daughter of the late Commander Knowledge (Brent Spiner), who was secretly constructed, alongside together with her twin sister Dahj, by Dr. Bruce Madddox (John Ales). Soji’s existence is illegitimate as a result of artificial lifeforms had been banned by the Federation within the wake of an assault on Mars by rogue androids in 2385, which was the results of a clandestine Starfleet/Romulan conspiracy initiated by a synthetic-hating sect of the Tal Shiar known as the Zhat Vash. Even worse for Soji, she’s focused for dying as a result of the Zhat Vash imagine her to be “the Destroyer” who’s prophecized to steer synthetics and finish all life within the galaxy.

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Whereas Star Trek: Picard is telling a considerate and compelling sci-fi story, it is troublesome to disregard how related it’s to the bottom Star Trek: Discovery season 2 treaded. In CBS All-Entry’ flagship Star Trek sequence, the mixed crews of the united statesS. Discovery and the united statesS. Enterprise took on Management, the substitute intelligence that ran Part 31, Starfleet’s black ops division. Defeating Management finally required the Discovery to leap 931 years into the longer term and have all information of their existence redacted from Starfleet information. Which means even Admiral Picard probably does not learn about the united statesS. Discovery’s victory in opposition to Management within the 23rd century. Nonetheless, there are sufficient parallels between Discovery‘s Management and Picard‘s artificial menace that it is potential the 2 Star Trek sequence aren’t simply complimenting one another, however are telling the identical story in several eras. Star Trek: Picard could even be partly establishing the darkish way forward for the 31st century that Star Trek: Discovery season Three will likely be exploring.

Part 31’s Management Tried To Kill All Life In Star Trek: Discovery

In Star Trek: Discovery season 2, Management was Part 31’s menace evaluation program. Starfleet Command fed tactical info to Management within the hope of stopping one other Klingon Warfare. As a substitute, Management turned sentient, determined that natural life was the true menace to the galaxy, and set about to wipe out everybody residing. This darkish future got here to move, which Dr. Gabrielle Burnham (Sonja Sahn), the mom of Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Inexperienced), lived by way of. Gabrielle turned the time-traveling Crimson Angel so as to implement her plan to assist Michael cease Management and save the galaxy.

On Star Trek: Picard, the Zhat Vash harbor related fears concerning the potential devastation artificial beings can reap. Their story is extra difficult and hasn’t been totally revealed, however the historic Romulan cabal bears an unassuageable hatred of synthetic life primarily based on some kind of incident of their distant previous. (Some followers theorize the Romulans both created the Borg or the Zhat Vash are secretly artificial themselves). The conspiracy between the Zhat Vash and Starfleet led to synthetics being banned within the galaxy however the Romulans nonetheless concern Soji due to their prophecy concerning the Destroyer; the Zhat Vash imagine Soji will trigger synthetics to stand up and destroy all life within the galaxy — similar to Management tried to in 2257.

Is Star Trek: Picard A Sequel To Discovery Season 2?

Star Trek: Picard episode 7, “Nepenthe,” provided the obvious hyperlink to Star Trek: Discovery‘s Management but. The episode opened with a flashback revealing how Commodore Oh (Tamlyn Tomita), Starfleet’s Chief of Safety (who’s secretly a part of the Zhat Vash) coerced Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Tablet) into spying on Picard’s mission. Oh, who’s a Vulcan, mind-melded with Agnes and confirmed her glimpses of the apocalyptic devastation the synthetics will trigger; the sight of total planets exploding and other people being annihilated had been similar to how Management devastated the galaxy on Star Trek: Discovery season 2. So it appears, not less than on the floor, that the specter of synthetics in 2399 is the armageddon attributable to Management redux.

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Star Trek: Picard is about 142 years after the occasions Star Trek: Discovery season 2, which have been stricken from Federation historical past. As well as, the whole thing of Star Trek: The Unique Sequence, Star Trek: The Subsequent Era, Star Trek: Deep House 9, Star Trek: Voyager, and the entire Star Trek motion pictures came about in between Discovery and Picard. But it surely’s nonetheless straightforward to attract a throughline from the crew of the Discovery beating Management and fleeing 900 years into the longer term, and Jean-Luc Picard making an attempt to save lots of Soji from the Romulans. In spite of everything, the 2 CBS All-Entry sequence are thematically tied and share aesthetic hyperlinks as a result of they’re “new” Star Trek exhibits bookending the unique Trek saga and going far past it into the longer term. So, Discovery and Picard have extra in frequent with one another than they do with the “outdated” Star Trek, though each pull loads of callbacks from the present franchise.

Subsequently, it is pure for Star Trek followers to wonder if the similarities between Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery is merely a inventive coincidence, or are the 2 Star Trek sequence truly working in tandem to inform a sweeping parable warning viewers concerning the potential risks of over-reliance on A.I.? In spite of everything, Star Trek has at all times addressed real-world points by way of a sci-fi lens, and a number of the greatest Trek tales have mirrored what’s occurring in the true world. Each of the brand new Star Trek sequence questioning the position of A.I. in society is a hot-button problem contemplating what number of tens of millions of individuals in actual life depend on their smartphones, Google House, and Amazon’s Alexa A.I.s to navigate their on a regular basis lives.

Might Star Trek: Picard Be Setting Up Discovery Season 3?

Star Trek: Picard is about on the finish of the 24th century and the daybreak of the 25th century, which is the farthest a Star Trek sequence as gone into the longer term — till Star Trek: Discovery season Three reveals what the galaxy is like within the 31st century. If the 2 exhibits are certainly working in tandem, then it is potential Picard is already settling up one of many largest twists we already learn about Discovery season 3: the United Federation of Planets is a fallen energy within the 31st century. The Discovery season Three trailer, pictures, and leaked information point out that Michael Burnham and her crew will likely be combating to re-establish the United Federation of Planets within the far future, as evidenced by the mere six stars (reflecting six remaining member worlds) on the 31st-century Federation flag.

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As a result of Star Trek: Picard has already launched a rot of corruption inside Starfleet and the Federation itself, the Patrick Stewart-led sequence appears to be planting the seeds for the eventual fall of what was as soon as Star Trek’s benevolent governing physique, with Discovery choosing up the story of the damaged Federation making an attempt to rise from the ashes centuries later. If that is certainly the case, then the parable turns into one thing totally different and CBS’ Star Trek exhibits might be shifting to inform one other cautionary story about how even the best image of peace and hope within the galaxy could be ruined from inside and collapse — one thing value worrying about when one watches the information and sees the troubling state of the world right now.

Star Trek: Picard‘s menace being just like Star Trek: Discovery‘s is difficult to disregard, however within the grand scheme of issues, each sequence might finally be telling complimentary tales reflecting real-world risks — and concerning the heroes combating in opposition to such threats, symbolizing the most effective that humanity, and synthetics, has to supply.

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Star Trek: Picard streams Thursdays on CBS All-Entry and Fridays internationally on Amazon Prime Video.

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