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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Novel Shows Problems With Disney Star Wars


The reveals from the novelization of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerhave confirmed that Disney has no stable plan for Star Wars. This is regardless of the existence of the Star Wars Story Group, which is meant to plan issues out and preserve all Star Warsmedia in keeping with a broader imaginative and prescient.

There have been indicators of this messiness in Disney’s Star Warsearlier than. Administrators J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson appeared to have comparatively free reign to make their motion pictures nonetheless they wished. Johnson took The Final Jediin a unique path than what Abrams initially envisioned after The Pressure Awakens, after which plenty of decisions in The Rise of Skywalkerappeared to maneuver counter to the path The Final Jediwas going.

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The novelization of The Rise of Skywalkertakes this to a brand new stage by spilling large particulars that have been disregarded of the film. Rey’s father is a failed Palpatine clone, not his son. Palpatine is a profitable Palpatine clone. Rey and Ben’s kiss wasn’t romantic, it was about gratitude. And that is simply a few of what’s within the novel.

The issue isn’t that Rae Carson’s novelization doesn’t match the film completely. That’s regular, as a novel can spend extra time on the story, going into particulars a film would reduce for pacing causes. The novels are additionally often primarily based on earlier variations of the script, earlier than modifications made whereas capturing and modifying the film. The issue is that, slightly than including some depth or extra background to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s story, it seems like Disney is strolling huge moments again and giving explanations that ought to have been within the film within the first place.

The revival of Palpatine as a clone is a kind of issues. Within the film, Palpatine’s return was coated within the opening crawl and a fast scene with the rebels reacting to the information with the now-infamous line, “In some way, Palpatine has returned.” No clarification of how or why – he’s simply again. Within the novelization, there’s a second the place Kylo Ren sees the cloning machines at work on Palpatine. This might have been a shot within the film, nevertheless it wasn’t. There’s a pile of Snoke our bodies to indicate cloning, however nothing makes the connection to Palpatine himself. The one clarification of Palpatine’s return is a handwave: “The darkish aspect of the Pressure is a pathway to many skills some would contemplate unnatural.”

Each main reveal within the novel comes throughout like this, elevating the identical query of why it wasn’t within the film. Had Disney been following a stable plan for Star Wars, these issues wouldn’t be plaguing the novel and there would have been fewer holes within the film. Whereas the novelization’s delay may not have been enough timeto make these modifications and retcons, the quantity of explaining it does seems like scrambling to make things better in response to the destructive reception that The Rise of Skywalkerobtained.

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