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Stranger Things Theory: Eleven Created The Upside Down


There are a variety of mysteries in Stranger Issues that its three seasons to date have didn’t reply, however season Four is a brand new hope for many of them to be solved. Amongst these is the Upside Down and its origins, and a fan idea suggests the one behind it’s Eleven herself. Stranger Issues season 1 launched viewers to the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana, and Hawkins Lab, the place some harmful and mysterious experiments had been happening. A kind of went unsuitable and ended up opening a gate to a parallel dimension, known as the “Upside Down”.

In that very same season, Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) went lacking and spent days trapped within the Upside Down. Season 2 of Stranger Issues handled the implications of Will’s time within the different dimension and the looks of a brand new monster menace: the Thoughts Flayer. Then got here season 3, which had a brand new and improved Thoughts Flayer, revealed that the Russians had a secret lab beneath the brand new Starcourt Mall, noticed Eleven lose her powers, and tricked everybody into considering Jim Hopper was lifeless. Stranger Issues has been filled with mysteries and monster villains, a lot that it appears to have forgotten about one in all its important characters: the Upside Down.

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The opposite dimension continues to be an enigma not solely to viewers however to the characters within the collection as effectively, to the purpose the place followers have been making an attempt to give you some explanations and origins. A kind of means that it was all a creation of Eleven, and one which bought out of hand because it’s now a hazard to just about everybody because it unleashes various kinds of creatures.

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What We Know About The Upside Down

The Upside Down is a dimension that exists in parallel to the human world. Its origins are unknown, and its historical past started when Eleven made contact with the Demogorgon within the Void throughout an experiment. This encounter opened a gate between the 2 dimensions, permitting the Demogorgon and different creatures to cross to the human world. This occasion brought about panic at Hawkins Lab, which allowed Eleven to flee. In the meantime, the Demogorgon moved between worlds by creating short-term wounds within the material of area and time, which is the way it bought to Will and the way Nancy was capable of enter the Upside Down within the forest.

The Upside Down is a duplicate of the human world: it has the identical places and infrastructure, however the environment is totally completely different. The opposite dimension is darkish, chilly, has an omnipresent fog with ash-like spores floating within the air, and its environment is poisonous to people, particularly after extended publicity. All issues within the Upside Down – timber, buildings, and so forth – look like in decay and are coated with root-like tendrils and membranes. Properties corresponding to mild, gravity, and sound seem to operate identical to within the human world, although noise from Hawkins is faintly audible within the different dimension, which allowed Will to listen to Joyce’s voice when he was there. How the Upside Down was created and the way it’s doable for it to have the very same places, buildings, timber, and extra as Hawkins remains to be recognized, however some imagine it’s all as a result of it was created by a sure human with particular talents.

How Eleven’s Powers May’ve Created The Upside Down

A fan idea posted on Reddit suggests Eleven created the Upside Down, and it’s a manifestation of all of the trauma and abuse she went by means of at Hawkins Lab for years. Eleven’s mom, Terry Ives, was a part of a authorities program often called MKUltra, by which she was topic to many experiments involving psychedelic medication and sensory deprivation. Terry bought pregnant and gave delivery to a woman, Jane a.okay.a. Eleven, who was born with psychokinetic talents on account of all of the experimentation Terry went by means of. Instantly after her delivery, Jane was kidnapped by Dr. Brenner, making Terry imagine she had a miscarriage.

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Jane, later labeled and often called Eleven, grew up in Hawkins Lab with Brenner as her solely parental determine. There she went by means of many checks and experiments with the aim of exploring her powers (amongst these telekinesis, extrasensory notion, and biokinesis) and making the most of them, turning her right into a weapon of their very own. Throughout this time, Eleven underwent a variety of trauma and abuse, as she could be dragged into and locked in a solitary cell for excellent durations of time, amongst different issues. Now, as talked about above, the Upside Down’s historical past started when the gate was opened, and nothing is understood about it earlier than that. It’s doable, then, that the opposite dimension is a bodily manifestation of Eleven’s trauma, and the Demogorgon and all of the creatures in it are representations of her abusers. In any case, what opened the gate was Eleven making contact with the Demogorgon, which was a traumatic expertise in its personal, triggering the materialization of Eleven’s trauma as a darkish, parallel world.

Proof The Upside Down Was Created By Eleven

One of the best piece of proof that the Upside Down was created by Eleven is that its historical past is unknown previous to the opening of the gate, in addition to its origins. The opposite dimension is a lonely place, with solely the Demogorgon, demodogs, and the Thoughts Flayer residing there, which may very well be interpreted because the loneliness Eleven went by means of throughout her time at Hawkins Lab, and the completely different creatures are a illustration of Brenner, different scientists, and the guards who locked her within the cell. The Upside Down and its creatures have develop into their very own separate entities, however they nonetheless have a hyperlink to their creator, which might clarify how Eleven was capable of acknowledge Will within the footage at Mike’s home.

Different items of proof identified by Stranger Issues followers are how the Demogorgon is drawn to blood (which is the way it bought to Barb within the first place), however by no means goes after Eleven when her nostril bleeds; how when she faces off towards the creature within the closing episode of season 1, she extends her proper hand to channel her powers and the monster does the identical; how each time she went into the Void to search out Will, the monster discovered him virtually instantly after; and that when she informed Mike that she was the monster, it wasn’t simply her being too self-critical.

What This Means For Stranger Issues Season 4

If Eleven created the Upside Down, then the one option to eliminate it as soon as and for all will not be by closing all of the gates (in Hawkins, Russia, and wherever else), however by killing Eleven. Though Stranger Issues has had its truthful dose of deaths and tragic moments (Bob Newby, Alexei, and Billy, simply to call just a few), the writers may not wish to kill Eleven in season 4, so one other answer to eliminate the Upside Down and its risks could be by means of time-travel. It’s believed that Stranger Issues season Four will use time-travel, and thru it, the group might return in time to keep away from Brenner getting a maintain of Eleven. The creator of the idea explains that this is able to imply that all the pieces seen to date is canon, however the time-travel would create a brand new timeline, one the place the group (a minimum of Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max) are nonetheless pals as a result of they might hold their reminiscences, solely that they might meet Eleven in regular circumstances (as in: Jane attends college like another child).

Absolutely, touring again in time to avoid wasting Eleven and keep away from the trauma she underwent at Hawkins Lab and thus the creation of the Upside Down would carry different, additionally heartbreaking penalties, specifically that Jim Hopper would have by no means adopted her – though that may be new-timeline-Hopper, so he wouldn’t know that he was as soon as her father, until he travels again in time with the remaining. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s believed that season Four of Stranger Issues would be the final, and in that case, it ought to reply the largest questions the opposite seasons have left, particularly these in regards to the Upside Down. Maybe you’d wish to hold this idea in thoughts everytime you rewatch the collection and see if it matches with what has been proven or not.

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