Superman has all the time been often called the Final Son of Krypton. However in a single alternate universe, that premise will get turned on its head when human child Clark Kent is rocketed from the doomed planet Earth to a brand new life as Kal-El of Krypton! Issues solely acquired stranger from there when Kal/Clark earns the eye of a sure Inexperienced Lantern Corps

The story, Superman: Final Son of Earth, is a DC Elseworlds story – a variation of Marvel’s well-liked What if –? sequence. The place Marvel’s alternate universes normally solely altered one small side of a personality’s historical past, nonetheless, Elseworlds may twist an individual’s story in unimaginable methods, resulting in chronicles that may usually be inconceivable.

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How Clark Kent was Despatched to Krypton

On this universe, Jonathan Kent isn’t a easy Kansas farmer however a genius astrophysicist who discovered Earth could be hit by an asteroid that may destroy all life on the planet. Unwilling to doom his toddler son to this grim destiny, Jonathan builds a rocket ship designed to maintain new child Clark protected by taking orbit across the Earth till the post-impact harm falls to a survivable degree on the floor. As an alternative of simply orbiting the planet, nonetheless, Clark’s ship finally ends up falling via a wormhole and finally ends up gentle years away on the planet Krypton.

This Krypton is the model launched by John Byrne (and referenced considerably in Zach Snyder’s Man of Metal film). A chilly, sterile place the place residents are forbidden from even touching one another, Krypton proves an inhospitable place for child Clark – as its heavier gravity and atmospheric stress threatens to crush the toddler. Fortunately, Clark is rescued – by Kryptonian scientist Jor-El and librarian Lara.

By putting Clark in a null-gravity area, Jor-El is ready to hold the child alive till he grows right into a toddler. He then progressively will increase the gravity till Clark’s biology adjusts to Krypton’s heavier gravity (though Clark should additionally put on an exoskelton bio-suit like all Kryptonians simply to outlive on the alien planet). Remarkably, the place different Kryptonians (together with Lara) are afraid of various species, Jor-El grows connected to Clark and renames him “Kal-El.” Kal additionally gives a means for Jor-El to bond with Lara, who additionally develops affection for the kid and the Kryptonian scientist she finally ends up being betrothed to.

How Kal-El Grew to become a Inexperienced Lantern

A number of years later, whereas on an archeological dig, Kal makes a incredible discovery. After an earthquake cracks open a mountain, Kal discovers a Inexperienced Lantern energy battery and ring throughout the wreckage – together with the corpse of the alien soldier who used them hundreds of years in the past. Choosing up the battery and ring, Kal turns into imbued with its energy – and transforms in a Inexperienced Lantern.

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Elated that the ring’s energy permits him to outlive and even fly with out his exosuit, Kal goes residence the place Jor El has simply found Krypton is about to blow up. Unwilling to simply accept this, Kal makes use of his ring’s powers to stabilize Krypton’s core, averting its destruction. Shortly after, nonetheless, Kal begins remembering early recollections and will get Jor El to disclose his true origins. Earlier than even that revelation has time to settle although, Kal will get summoned to a different planet – Oa.

From Krypton to Earth

The Guardians of OA Green Lantern

Greeted by the Guardians of Oa, Kal El learns he was chosen to be a Inexperienced Lantern of Krypton’s area sector (which means this Inexperienced Lantern managed to avoid wasting Krypton in a means the Lantern of the “mainstream” DC universe couldn’t). The Guardians additionally educate Kal to get well his misplaced recollections with the ring’s energy, permitting Kal to study he’s from Earth – which it seems has not been destroyed.

Enraged that the Inexperienced Lanterns had been too occupied to avoid wasting his beginning world, Kal flies to Earth and discovers that whereas the asteroid devastated the world, humanity nonetheless managed to outlive – albeit barely. Themyscira and Atlantis have each been destroyed and solely a pair million people are nonetheless alive. Utilizing his Inexperienced Lantern powers, Kal helps a number of of the survivors – which embody Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson… and Martha Kent. Sadly, Lex Luthor can be nonetheless round, and is trying to carry Earth’s survivors underneath his rule.

Whereas Kal chooses to make use of his energy to help Lois’ “tribe,” his ring runs out of energy and he will get captured by Luthor’s males. Lois and Jimmy attempt returning Kal’s lantern battery, however Lex captures them too and locks them up with Kal. As Kal grows livid about turning into a “weakling” once more, he punches the wall – and learns that he’s nonetheless sturdy sufficient to interrupt it together with his naked fingers.

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How Inexperienced Lantern Grew to become a “Superman”

Seems that every one these years residing underneath Krypton’s heavy gravity had a pleasant aspect profit – as a result of Kal’s human muscle tissues tailored so nicely to such circumstances, on Earth his energy his now superhuman. Whereas he doesn’t have any of Superman’s extra unique powers like warmth imaginative and prescient, his pores and skin is invulnerable to regular bullets and he can leap nice distances (not in contrast to the unique Golden Age Superman). Utilizing his new powers, Kal takes again his energy ring and dethrones Luthor. Nonetheless, the Guardians later inform him that if he chooses to remain on Earth, Kal should surrender his Inexperienced Lantern skills. Kal responds through the use of his final twenty-four hours as a Inexperienced Lantern to scrub up and assist rebuild the Earth (utilizing Kryptonian know-how). He then relinquishes the ring and battery, selecting to remain on Earth as its protector.

Within the aftermath, readers study Kal El additionally had a profound impact on his adoptive dad and mom Jor El and Lara, who selected to show their backs on Krypton’s sterile methods by shedding their bio fits and returning to conventional Kryptonian methods (much like how Krypton was depicted within the Silver Age of Comics) that Kal had found in his archeological digs. Thanking Kal for displaying them a brand new approach to reside, Jor El and Lara go on to point out Krypton a brand new approach to reside.

Greater than a easy mash-up of Superman and Inexperienced Lantern, Superman: Final Son of Earth provides a skewed have a look at a Superman story the place Clark Kent begins out as one of many weaker members of his adopted race earlier than gaining his powers. At its core although, it reveals that Superman’s true energy lies extra in his character and convictions than his skills – Inexperienced Lantern’s or in any other case.

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