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Superman Originally Had An EVIL Twin (Yes, Really)


On the subject of villains, DC Comics is completely infamous for creating reverse counterparts to their villains. The Flash has his Reverse Flash, the Atlantean king Aquaman has his darkish brother Orm, and Superman has Bizarro Superman. However what if Bizarro wasn’t truly Superman’s solely reverse enemy?

Actually, one other evil Superman has been on Earth since the exact same day Kal-El crash landed in Smallville. That story first instructed within the pages of Superman #137 launched readers to the opposite Kryptonian refugee, a clone of Superman who lived a distinct life on Earth… turning into the notorious Tremendous-Menace.

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Each comedian e book or superhero film fan is aware of the origin story of Superman, last survivor of the doomed planet Krypton. However Superman Vol 1 #137 provides to this origin by offering extra perception into Superman’s unique escape pod arrival. The problem exhibits that on his strategy to the planet Earth, Kal-El’s ship collided with a satellite tv for pc. This satellite tv for pc featured know-how for a duplication ray, and crashing into it causes it to activate… thus duplicating the Kryptonian child and his ship.

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Whereas Superman is discovered and raised by the loving Kents, his duplicate is discovered by mobsters “Wolf” Derrek and his spouse Bonnie. Named Tremendous-Brat, this duplicate is raised in a means utterly the alternative of the boy who turns into Superman, and is taught to hate the legislation. The Derreks use their new kid’s wild powers to their benefit, utilizing him to help of their felony acts, but additionally require him and his powers to remain utterly secret. With age, Tremendous-Brat outgrows his identify and ultimately dawns the title Tremendous-Bully. As Tremendous-Bully he was nonetheless required to maintain his existence a secret, however that did not cease him from going out and inflicting disasters only for his reverse, Superman (identified on the time as Superboy), to have to resolve.

It is throughout this time {that a} kryptonite meteor crashes close to the Derrek dwelling, revealing that in contrast to his counterpart, Tremendous-Bully has no points with kryptonite. He spends most of his teenage years dreaming of the day he’ll develop up into Tremendous-Menace and can lastly have the ability to take down his rival, however within the meantime makes use of his powers to torment Superboy as a lot as potential. When Tremendous-Bully ultimately discovers the key identification of Superboy, he tries to make use of it to his benefit, disguising himself as Superboy on quite a few events just for every plan to utterly backfire on him.

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Jealous of the love and respect Superman has obtained his complete life, Tremendous-Menace lastly grows up and is ready to confront his lifelong rival. It is on this battle that each Superman and Tremendous-Menace uncover the reality of the duplication, pushing Tremendous-Menace right into a deeper match of jealousy now realizing not even his physique is actual. Utilizing his lack of weak spot to kryptonite to his benefit, Tremendous-Menace is ready to achieve the upperhand, nearly totally killing Superman. Nevertheless, on this closing second, Tremendous-Menace has a grand realization. It lastly hits him that destroying Superman won’t make him comfortable as Superman is not the true reason behind his distress.

As an alternative, he involves phrases with the truth that his anger comes from the envy of Superman having every thing he is ever wished: a loving household, and an adoring public that respects him. Tremendous-Menace offers up his battle with Superman, denouncing his evil methods, and heads dwelling to the Derreks. As soon as dwelling, Tremendous-Menace converts his physique again to its pure power kind, releasing a wave of power that destroys each himself and the evil Derrek household that raised him.

The concept of an evil Superman is not essentially a singular one as this is not the primary time we have seen somebody with Superman’s powers tackle the world, however that is undoubtedly a pleasant twist on the origin of Superman. Offering a lifelong reflection to the query of nature vs. nurture, Tremendous-Menace serves as an insightful juxtaposition to the person of metal.

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