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Takeshi Kovacs’ entire Altered Carbon backstory explained


To know Kovacs and his place within the Altered Carbon universe, it is vital to grasp how sleeves and stacks perform. Basically, people have discovered a strategy to digitize their consciousness. Individuals can nonetheless die, positive, however they’re now not doomed by Father Time and the ravages of previous age. They will merely jump over to a brand new, younger physique, when the previous one begins to falter — if they’ve the money, that’s — and proceed residing. An individual’s consciousness stays intact so long as a stack does, even when it is not in a physique.

These our bodies, known as “sleeves,” could be naturally human, however are sometimes artificial. If a sleeve is broken, whether or not on account of illness, gunshot wounds, or something in between, an individual could be put into a brand new sleeve — although it is not all the time a painless course of.

That is how and why Kovacs is portrayed by completely different actors: Joel Kinnaman, Anthony Mackie, and Ray Chase. He is the identical particular person mentally, his cortical stack intact, however his sleeve modifications as a result of harm and different off-screen occurrences. A stack is not completely unchanged by its sleeve, nevertheless. Kovacs would not like tobacco, but his Elias Ryker sleeve is addicted, so Kovacs smokes whereas occupying his physique.

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