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Talk to Transformer: AI Text Generator Tool to Ease Your Writing in 2020


Artificial Intelligence has been proved like a boon for people since its inception. With so many advantages, we are using AI in almost every field, be it Online learning classes, Chatbots, Shopping, Fashion, Manufacturing, or Online fitness programs. But have you ever imagined about AI text generator? If not, then it is time you should consider it. Imagine you want to write a long paragraph about a crucial topic, but you are out of ideas. You just write a single line, and then there is a tool that will generate the rest of the content for you based on prediction? Sounds Cool? Well, then there is good newsfor you because there is a super cool AI text generator tool named Talk to Transformer. Created by Adam King. Adam King, who is a machine learning engineer, created this AI text generator tool on open GPT-2, for fun experiments. For your better understanding, we will brief you about its working, its configuration with some compelling examples.

What Is Talk To Transformer?

Talk to Transformer is an AI text generator tool, based on programming language open GPT-2, and it can create human-like text by predicting the next word from the 40 GB internet data (around 8 million web pages). It is based on Neural Network, or you can say Natural Language Generation Process. Neural Network or NLG is the process in which we create the content by learning from the data and by predicting the context of the previous data. Through this tool, you can generate multiple results that will be based on the prediction of your provided single line text.

For example, just observe this screenshot:

Using Talk to Transformer
Using Talk to Transformer

In the screenshot, someone just wrote one sentence about the Talk to Transformer text generating tool, and the tool predicted that sentence to create the rest of the story. If you read the story, you will feel like it’s written by humans only. That is the best part of this tool that the result won’t disappoint you.

Use Of Talk To Transformer:

You can simply use this tool to create:

  • Fun Content
  • Business Summary
  • Stories
  • Short Paragraphs etc.

How Does Talk To Transformer Works?

When you open the URL: Talktotransformer.com, something like this will appear on your screen:

Talktotransformer Homepage
Talktotransformer Homepage

You can write any sentence you want to experiment with, and using Natural Language Generation Process/Neural Networks & GPT-2, the tool will predict the rest of the content for you in just 5-10 seconds with some best results. Isn’t it crazy that how from a single line of sentence, a tool can spit out coherent paragraphs? To understand its working in detail, first, we need to understand what is GPT-2 and Neural Networks, and how it works.

As we already described, Neural Networks are a series of algorithms that are designed to analyze the multiple datasets, in a similar way than Human Mind works. Their working totally depends on the input, as they examine the dataset against the input and try to provide an accurate solution most likely. It is just like the network has three to four-layer of information, and each layer is loaded with extra weights, known as Layer Perceptron. Layer wise Perceptron makes this network less complicated and more useful.

GPT-2 is a language processing code, or you can say transformer-based language, which was created by openAI (whose cofounders are Elon Musk and Sam Altman). It is the higher version of GPT with 10X Parameters and 10X given data than GPT. It means GPT-2 can predict more data than GPT could and can provide more accurate results based on more parameters than GPT. GPT-2 analyses around 1.5 billion parameters in approx. eight billion datasets and predict the next word to create content.

It is just like how Chamelion works. It will understand the sentence provided by you, then search against your query on the millions of data available on the internet and comes up with the most suitable one. The accuracy of the result based on probability and the context provided by you. The more precise data you will input in the tool, the more accurate outcome will give you.

For example:If you want to share a recipe of cake, and you just input ingredients like flour, eggs, cocoa powder, etc., it will understand from your ingredients that you might be looking for cake’s recipe and will give you that result. But if you will just write flour and egg, then the tool might not be able to understand what are you actually looking for, and might provide you variety of content: It can give you the recipe of bread, or cake or patties, as you haven’t precisely input your query. You can clearly understand this difference through these screenshots:

How to use Talk to Transformer
How to use Talk to Transformer

Not only this, but GPT-2 also understand the queries like translating between languages and answering questions. Adam did not expect it from GPT-2, but somehow the tool gave good results of such queries. Talk to Transformer is based on small and medium-size versions of GPT-2 for creating coherent paragraphs, as openAI hasn’t released large versions of GPT-2, because its results might be dangerous for the public. OpenAI released its smaller and medium versions, so programmers like Adam King can play with it and create something useful from it, similar to Talk To Transformer.

This tool is gaining wide popularity among people as it is unique, easy to use, and so accurate. Tools like this can definitely steal the job of copywriting from people in the future, as such tools can do the job of 4-5 people alone itself. But that solely depends if the advance version of GPT-2 release by openAI and Adam use it in the update of Talk to Transformer. Till that, it is working as a powerful fun tool, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then please give it a try on our suggestion and share your results with us. Keep exploring and reading about new tools with us!

1. Are There Any Alternatives To Talk To Transformer?

Yes, there are few alternatives to Talk to Transformer tool. They are:

  • Write with artificial intelligence
  • Neural Network Generated Illustrations
  • Tensor Fire
  • Code Your Own Neural Network

All these alternatives are available on the Product Hunt. You can try them and understand the difference.

2. Does Talk To Transformer Provide Accurate & Coherent Paragraphs Against Input?

Yes, most of the time, Talk to Transformer provides accurate results depending on your query. It all depends on how precisely you input your query because the tool is based on GPT-2 and Neural Network, which analyze the dataset according to your question. If you input precise data, it will give you accurate results.

3. Is It Easy To Use Talk To Transformer Tool?

Yes, it’s very quick to get used to this tool called Talk to Transformer. We have shared everything one needs to know about it. Feel free to read this complete article and learn about it in detail.

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