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Best Tamil Web Series To Watch or Download Offline on App – List With Reviews


The constant popularity of the South Indian moviesshould be a hint enough for you to understand how amazing their works are, especially Tamil entertainment. Apart from the movies, there is a plethora of web series that you can stream online while you are sat quarantined inside your home. With the rapid rise of the OTT platforms in India, the web series has become a lot more accessible.

And, it is not just the Hindi or the English web series that you can binge-watch, there are a few amazing Tamil ones that are worth the time. Indeed, Tamil web series are not very common and abundant in the count, but the fair amount that is available can make your lockdown an entertaining one.

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The Tamil Web Series List To Download & Watch Now!

1. Fingertip


Our Rating:4.5/5

Fingertrip Web Series on ZEE5
Fingertrip Web Series on ZEE5

If you don’t want to binge-watch a show that drags on, Fingertips is just the one you need. The show has five episodes titled Greed, Rage, Betrayal, Lust, and Vengeance. Every single episode narrates a new story and has no recollection of the prior one.

The show depicts the dark side of technologyand the threats that it imposes. It shows you the flip side of the coin where you don’t even realize the kind of dependency that you have on technology. The story shows you the side effects of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

The series also has a very talented star castincluding Sunaina, Madhusudhan, Akshara Haasan.

2. Nila Nila Odi Vaa

Availability:Viu Tamil

Our Rating:4.1/5

Nila Nila Odi Vaa
Nila Nila Odi Vaa

For the horror fanatics out there who want to watch something a bit different, Nila Nila Odi Vaa Web Series is one of the best Tamil web series you can stream during the lockdown. It is an old series but trusts us, the popularity of this show still shines bright.

The series consists of 13 episodes and stars Ashwin Kakumanu and Sunaina in the lead roles as Ohm and Nila. Nila is portraying the character of a vampire in the series and does bring along a twist to every episode.

3. Memories

Availability:Viu Tamil

Our Rating:3.5/5


Yet another amazing and popular Tamil web series that is a must-watch is Memories. The storyline of this show can seem a little unrealistic but let’s be real, that is what sells the show. The story goes around a TV anchor who gets a superpower of getting access to a dead person’s memory by touching it.

The TV journalist, Siddharth played by Rohit Roy uses his superpowers to help the police solve several of the crime cases. But, things take a turn for the worse when he starts looking into the case of a girl in a coma, imposing risks and threats to his own life.

Apart from Rohit Roy, the show also has a star cast including Priyal Gor, Madan Joshi, Surleen Kaur.

4. As I’m Suffering From Kadhal


Our Rating:4/5

As I'm Suffering from kadha
As I'm Suffering from kadha

The As I’m Suffering from Kadhal is a Tamil web series that has gained a lot of popularity over time. It takes you through the lives of four couples who keep negotiating with things to find a definition of modern love. The series comprises of 10 episodes and is available for you to stream on Hotstar. The series has been directed by the popular director Balaji Mohan, who himself has acted in it as well.

5. Postman


Our Rating:4/5

Postman - Zee5
Postman - Zee5

If you don’t want something over the top and do want to indulge in something simple and very realistic, Postman is everything that your childhood nostalgia comprises of. In a world where letters have become almost redundant, Postman takes you to the days where you kept waiting for the Postman to come to deliver your mails.

The story revolves around a postman named Raja, who finds himself faced with a terrible accident that leaves in a state of comatose for 23 years. Once he is awake, he gets back to his job and decides to deliver the letters that he had with him 23 years back.

You wouldn’t realize this but the series does pack in a little suspense in it that you otherwise wouldn’t expect. It stars Munishkanth and Keerthi Pandian in the lead roles.

6. Mitta


Our Review:3.8/5

Mitta on ZEE5
Mitta on ZEE5

Mitta is one of the best Tamil web series to watch in recent times. It is a dark comedy show that will leave you on your wit’s end but keep you thinking at the same time. The story revolves around four characters and takes you on a roller coaster ride. The character of Sathu’s girlfriend is who sparks all the commotion and leaves people in a state of a pickle. The characters do face situations because of illegal selling of weed and find themselves stuck in a situation that they can’t find a way out of.

7. American Mappillai


Our Review:3.5/5

American Mappillai
American Mappillai

If you want to watch some light-hearted comedy but with a strong message behind it, American Mappillai is one of the best shows that you can binge-watch. This does have a very strong message behind it but at the same time, you wouldn’t feel anything too much in your face.

The story revolves around the life of Ganesh who is being constantly nagged by his father to get married. Tired of his father’s constant persistence about that, he decides to tell his father that he is gay. The unique thing about this show is the connection with colour. Each episode has a different colour, depicting the emotion of that episode. The series stars Raja Krishnamoorthy, Arjun Chidambaram, and Namita Krishnamurthy in the lead roles.

8. Livin


Our Rating:3.8/5

If you don’t want to necessarily spend your money and stream a good and quality Tamil web series for free, Livin is the best option. The story revolves around a couple in a live-in relationship who are freeloaders too. The story is set in Chennai and the city itself does play a very crucial role in the storytelling. The entire series comprises of 13 episodes and is a feel-good kind of series that will put you in a good mood during the lockdown.

9. Vella Raja

Availability:Prime Video

Our Rating:4/5

Vella Raja Tamil Series
Vella Raja Tamil Series

Up next is yet another popular Tamil web series that people love to stream without any guilt whatsoever. If you have watched and loved Sacred Games, you will likely like Vella Raja too as the storyline revolves around a Crime Boss. The story takes you on a ride with the characters of Deva and Theresa who find themselves in situations filled with a lot of action, suspense and sometimes fun too.

The story Abi, Akash, and Yuthan Balaji in the lead roles.

10. Kallachirippu


Our Rating:3.5/5


Kallachirippu is the perfect blend of suspense, thriller and a whole lot of social message. The main storyline of the movie surrounds a wife stabbing her husband to death and then trying to conceal the same with the help of her lover. The web series highlights the trauma and dark side of forced marriages of the girls. The protagonist of the story, Mahati is married off to a man as per her parent’s wish, who then one day gets into an argument with her husband and stabs him to defend herself.

The show casts Rajalakshmi, Amrutha Srinivasan, and Vikas in the lead roles.

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How To Download Tamil Web Series?

Here is the easy step by step guide to download Tamil web series on your device.

Step 1)The first step is to select which web series you want to watch from the Tamil web series list above.

Step 2)After deciding that, just look at the availability option and download its official app.

Step 3)After successful installation, simply open that app and register a new account.

Step 4)After registration, subscribe to their premium service and pay the amount.

Step 5)After that, just visit the home page and you’ll be provided with the categories, posters of recent digital released movies and web series.

Step 6)Find your web series there else directly hit the search button and type series name. Once it comes, you can start watching it from season 1.

Step 7)You can download offline on app to watch it wherever and whenever you want.

CAUTION:Some people use piracy websites like Putlocker, BollyShareand more to download or watch Tamil web series and other content. It’s a serious crime and we advise you to stay away from it.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tamil Web Series

1. What Are Some Of The Best Tamil Web Series To Watch?

We have reviewed the 10 best Tamil series to binge watch in the lockdown period. The list includes Livin, American Mappillai Vella Raja, Kallachirippu and more. Check the full list in the article above.

2. Can I Watch These Web Series Online?

Yes, all of these Tamil web series are available to stream in HD quality on apps. Go through the guide inside the article on how to watch or download web series for free.

3. Is It Easy To Download The Tamil Web Series?

Yes, we have a dedicated guide on how to download the web series from various platforms and websites. Go through the article and read reviews, download and watch it offline.

If you have been planning on binge-watching some Tamil web series, these are some of the best available ones. There are some which date a year or two back but trust us if you haven’t watched them yet, you should now!

Disclaimer (Important)

All the content in this article is written for educational purposes. BingePostdoesn’t promote breaking anybody’s privacy policy. We do not help or promote pirated content and piracy websites in any way. Piracy is an act of crime, and we also consider it a serious offense. We aim to inform people aware of privacy and Knowledge about staying safe from such websites and acts.

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