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ThatsTamil: The Tamil News Platform & Its Best Alternatives


ThatsTamil is an online portal that provides its users with online newsabout Tamil movies, sports, community, business and so on. Moreover, it also provides updates from the local newspapers. It also provides Tamil recipes for the people to look at it and cook. Further, it also explores the art and cultural side. It gives the latest updates about art, artists, paintings, videos and so on.

Ranking #746,784 in the world, ThatsTamilis 1 decade and 8years old. Having a domain extension of .com, this website is estimated worth of $ 1,680.00 and has a daily income of around $ 7.00. This is a very safe and user-friendly site as there is no malware detected since its inceptions. People around the globe are happy to use this site for daily updates in the Tamil language.

Best Alternatives To ThatsTamil News Website – 2020

1. Dinamalar.com

Dinamalar - Tamil News Website
Dinamalar - Tamil News Website

This is a print to media option for ThatsTamil website. This is a Tamil newspaper through which you can get all the necessary information on current affairs and major updates of the nation.

2. Tamilish.com

ThatsTamil Alternative
ThatsTamil Alternative

This has a lot of similarities to our ThatsTamil news portal. This is a website that provides news, videos, moviesand other online videos in the Tamil language.

3. NDTV Tamil

NDTV TAmil News Site
NDTV TAmil News Site

A very well known national media channel, NDTV runs their regional news portal. There is a lot of news and blogs presented in the Tamil language on this site. Nation-wise updates and reports.

4. News18 Tamil

News 18 Tamil
News 18 Tamil

This is one platform where the users can vote for which items or news they would like to read. This online platform provides the best way users can customize the news based on their level of interest. A lot of news related to the community is flashed on this site.

5. Athavan News

Athavan News
Athavan News

This is a very user-friendly site. People can submit their stories here and the editors can turn them under humorous titles and entertain other people. They have the option to switch to English if you prefer the news in English.

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