New York town’s property market has grown increasingly expensive within the last ten years.

In actuality, in November 2019, the town’s median listed sales price attained just below $670,000  that is 49% greater than 2010’s median listed sales cost of $450,000.

A recent report by property list stage StreetEasy, shows the 10 areas in New York City where median listed sales costs increased the maximum from 2010 into 2019. Those increases vary from just above 100% to over 200%.

all of those areas on the list can be found in Brooklyn that is no surprise taking into consideration the borough’s popularity — and by extension, its own cost tags  — have increased significantly since the 1940s.

The only two non-Brooklyn areas to produce the list would be the Lower East Side, that saw a 168% increase in its own median listed sales cost, also Gramercy Park, which saw a 109% increase in its own median listed sales price.

Keep studying for StreetEasy’s complete list of areas.