The Anomaly goes to be an enormous a part of the ultimate season of The 100, however not a lot is understood about it. The Anomaly first appeared in The 100 season 6 – on the Alpha moon, additionally referred to as Sanctum. Its origin and impact on the moon and the folks inhabiting it have been unclear, nevertheless it was one thing that everybody appeared to attempt to keep away from in any respect prices, seeing because it managed to intrude with every thing round it.

At one level, Octavia went into the Anomaly, chasing after Diyoza. Whereas Diyoza remained lacking, Octavia returned. In the direction of the top of the The 100 season 6 finale, “Blood of Sanctum”, Gabriel discovers the tattoos on Octavia’s physique precipitated by the point she spent within the Anomaly. He makes use of that new data to activate the Anomaly Stone. This causes the often small Anomaly to develop, encompassing his encampment close by. Whereas Gabriel, Octavia, and Bellamy are attempting to determine what’s occurring, an grownup Hope Diyoza is available in and stabs Octavia. As Bellamy tries to carry her up, she disintegrates and is pulled into the Anomaly, thus leaving the ending on a cliffhanger.

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What’s identified in regards to the Anomaly is that it may be seen from area, wanting like both a big storm or a magnetic pole. However when Diyoza and Octavia strategy the Anomaly from the bottom, it seems to be like a twister fabricated from inexperienced lights. The rationale not a lot is understood in regards to the Anomaly is that everybody in Sanctum is afraid to go close to it. It’s believed to be the reason for radio waves not engaged on the moon Alpha, however that’s the least worrying of its results. Simply being close to it causes hallucinations much like the Pink Solar, although not all the time with such murderous results. It additionally shoots out what Gabriel calls “Temporal Flares”, which burn or petrify something they contact.

The 100 Octavia and the Anomaly

Octavia was a sufferer of a type of flares, being nearly consumed by quicksand aside from one arm above the floor when a flare struck. Her arm was burnt so badly it was slowly killing her. After Gabriel decides that there’s nothing else they will do for her harm, Octavia and Diyoza resolve that they want to enter the Anomaly. Regardless of warnings that nobody who goes in has ever come out once more, Diyoza walks in, following a hallucination of her unborn daughter. Octavia follows her, then comes out a number of seconds later, utterly healed of her harm.

Octavia remembers nothing of her time within the Anomaly, not less than at first. It modified her, therapeutic her arm and overlaying her with tattoos associated to the anomaly stone. On the finish of the season, nonetheless, she begins to point out that she remembers not less than a few of her time there. Octavia not solely acknowledges Hope instantly but additionally understands the cryptic message that “he” has Hope’s mom. Hope’s age can be an enormous trace at what the Anomaly is: Diyoza was nonetheless pregnant with Hope when she went into the Anomaly, however Hope appeared not lengthy after and already in her early 20s. It’s not simply time passing straightforwardly, nonetheless: Octavia didn’t age a day, and she or he was in there lengthy sufficient to acknowledge Hope as an grownup.

The Anomaly can be an enormous a part of The 100 season 7. What’s nonetheless unclear is strictly what it does and even is. With the massive cliffhanger from season 6, this gives a robust hook for the principle narrative for the ultimate season, along with wrapping up the story and organising The 100‘s prequel spinoff sequence.

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