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The 20 Best Armor Sets In Bloodborne - Unleash The Hunter Within


In this article, we will talk about the 20 best armor sets in Bloodborne and more. Bloodborne is an action role-playing game created by FromSoftware that has received widespread critical praise.

The game sends players on a treacherous adventure through the ominous metropolis of Yharnam. Your ability to stay alive as a Hunter depends not just on how well you fight, but also on the armor and weapons you wear.

The Best Armor Sets

So now let's discuss the top 20 armor sets in the game Bloodborne. Each set features a distinctive combination of bonuses and visuals that work together to improve your character's performance and deepen your immersion in the eerie world of the game.

Old Hunter Set

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Unlock the secrets of the old hunters with this set, which pays homage to the seasoned veterans of the Hunt. The Old Hunter Set offers excellent physical defense and enhances stamina recovery, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sturdy and enduring playstyle.

Constable Set

Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC - Old Hunter Set Location

The Constable Set is a heavy, bulky armor set that provides exceptional physical defense. It is often chosen by players who prefer a tank-like approach, absorbing heavy blows while retaliating with devastating attacks. Its appearance, reminiscent of law enforcement officers, adds a unique touch to the character's persona.

Harrowed Set

Scrounged from the remains of fallen Hunters, the Harrowed Set is a ragged and worn outfit. Despite its tattered appearance, it provides decent physical defense and stands as a symbol of resilience and survival. This set is commonly chosen by players who enjoy role-playing as a Hunter who has weathered countless battles.

Maria Hunter Set

Inspired by the enigmatic Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, this elegant armor set exudes grace and sophistication. It offers solid physical defense and enhances visceral attack damage, making it a popular choice for skill-based builds. With its flowing cape and intricately designed attire, it grants a touch of finesse to the character's presence.

Bloodborne The Old Hunters - "Maria Hunter" Gear Set Location / Preview

Foreign Set

For those who wish to venture into the treacherous unknown, the Foreign Set provides decent physical defense and frenzy resistance. Its unique appearance, featuring a wide-brimmed hat and long coat, gives the character an enigmatic and mysterious aura.

Knight's Set

The Knight's Set harks back to the chivalrous warriors of old, providing reliable physical defense and resistance to slow poison. This armor set grants a sense of valor and nobility to the character, perfect for those who seek a classic knightly aesthetic.

White Church Set

The White Church Set specializes in healing and support, boosting the effectiveness of blood vials and providing solid bolt defense. It is often chosen by players who prefer a cooperative playstyle or wish to excel in supporting their allies during multiplayer encounters.

Bloodborne: White Church Set Location

Crowfeather Set

Embrace the shadowy and elusive nature of crows with the Crowfeather Set. This attire enhances stamina recovery and offers resistance to rapid poison. It is a favorite among players who favor a hit-and-run playstyle, utilizing quick and agile movements to outmaneuver their foes.

Hunter Set

The iconic Hunter Set embodies the essence of a nimble and versatile warrior. It provides a balanced mix of protection, stamina regeneration, and resistance to poison. With its wide-brimmed hat and long coat, this armor set exudes a classic gothic look.

Charred Hunter Set

For those who embrace the darker side, the Charred Hunter Set offers a sinister appearance while boasting excellent physical defense. It features a charred texture and is a favored choice among players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

Bloodborne: Charred Hunter Set Location

Cainhurst Set

The Cainhurst Set adds an air of regality to your Hunter, reminiscent of ancient knights. Adorned with a cape and ornate details, this set excels in both physical and blood defense. It is often associated with a skill-focused build due to its benefits in critical attacks.

Gascoigne's Set

A tribute to one of Bloodborne's memorable characters, Father Gascoigne, this armor set features a weathered and worn appearance. It provides decent physical defense and a bonus to stamina recovery, making it a popular choice for players who favor a quick and relentless combat style.

Knight Set

Perfect for those who wish to channel the spirit of medieval knights, the Knight Set offers solid protection against physical attacks. It provides good overall defense while maintaining a traditional knightly aesthetic with a chainmail coif and plate armor.

Choir Set

The Choir Set caters to arcane-minded Hunters, amplifying their abilities in arcane damage and resistance. With its intricate design and scholarly appearance, it is the ideal choice for those who dabble in the arcane arts and wish to maximize their potential.

Executioner Set

Embrace your inner executioner with this set, emphasizing strength and bloodtinge attributes. The Executioner Set boosts rallying potential and provides decent physical defense. Its intimidating appearance and the unique Crown of Illusions make it a standout choice.

Bloodborne™| Executioner's Armor Set LOCATION

Yharnam Hunter Set

As a testament to the origin of the Hunt, the Yharnam Hunter Set offers a blend of protection and frenzy resistance. This armor set, worn by the inhabitants of Yharnam, is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the lore of the game and embrace the city's haunting history.

Black Church Set

The Black Church Set offers a balance between physical defense and resistance against slow poison. It is commonly chosen by players who focus on vitality and seek a sturdy armor set without compromising mobility.

Tomb Prospector Set

For those venturing into the labyrinthine chalices, the Tomb Prospector Set is a must-have. This set excels in providing resistance to rapid poison, making it invaluable in the face of deadly foes lurking within the chalice dungeons.

Student Set

The Student Set is an early-game attire with a focus on blood and beasthood resistance. While it lacks physical defense compared to other sets, its unique appearance, resembling an academic robe, makes it an interesting choice for those who seek a more scholarly Hunter persona.

Bone Ash Set

Resilient against fire damage, the Bone Ash Set is a formidable choice when facing pyromaniacal adversaries. With its scorched and charred appearance, this set strikes fear into the hearts of enemies while providing solid physical defense. It is often favored by those who wish to specialize in fire-based weapons and spells.

Bloodborne Bone Ash Armor Set Location

What Armor Should I Wear In Bloodborne?

In Bloodborne, choosing the right armor is an important decision that can greatly impact your survivability and playstyle. While the choice ultimately depends on your preferred approach to combat and the specific challenges you face, here are some general guidelines to help you make an informed decision:

Assess Your Playstyle

Consider your preferred combat style. Are you more aggressive and prefer close-quarters combat, or do you prefer a more cautious and defensive approach? Understanding your playstyle will help you prioritize certain attributes in armor sets.

Balance Defense And Mobility

Bloodborne emphasizes mobility and quick reflexes. While it's tempting to don the heaviest armor for maximum protection, it can significantly hinder your movement speed and stamina regeneration. Strike a balance between defense and mobility to maintain agility while still having adequate protection.

Evaluate Resistances

Take into account the type of damage you're likely to encounter in your current area or against specific enemies. Certain armor sets excel at mitigating specific types of damage, such as poison, fire, or arcane. Tailor your armor choice to provide resistance against the prevalent threats you face.

Utilize Set Bonuses

Many armor sets in Bloodborne offer set bonuses when worn as a complete set. These bonuses can provide significant advantages such as increased stamina recovery, damage boosts, or resistances. Consider the synergies between armor pieces within a set and how they align with your build and playstyle.

Consider Fashion And Role-playing

Bloodborne's world is rich in atmosphere and aesthetics. Don't be afraid to choose armor based on how it complements your character's appearance and the role-playing experience you desire. Immersing yourself in the game's lore and atmosphere can enhance your overall enjoyment.

Experiment And Adapt

Bloodborne is a game of discovery and adaptation. As you progress through the game and encounter different challenges, you may find that certain armor sets are better suited for specific situations. Don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations and adjust your armor accordingly to optimize your performance.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Armor Set For A Skill-focused Build In Bloodborne?

The Cainhurst Set is often considered a solid choice for skill-focused builds due to its benefits in critical attacks.

Which Armor Set Provides The Highest Resistance Against Arcane Damage In Bloodborne?

The Choir Set offers enhanced resistance against arcane damage, making it a suitable option for those seeking protection against arcane-based attacks.

Are There Any Armor Sets In Bloodborne That Increase The Drop Rate Of Rare Items?

No, there are no specific armor sets in Bloodborne that directly increase the drop rate of rare items. Item discovery is primarily influenced by other factors, such as certain runes or consumables.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about the 20 best armor sets in Bloodborne. In Bloodborne, the armor sets not only provide crucial protection but also contribute to the immersive experience of embodying a Hunter in the gothic world of Yharnam.

The 20 armor sets discussed above offer a diverse range of benefits and aesthetics, allowing players to tailor their character's abilities and appearance to suit their playstyle and preferences.

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