After that check footage was launched, the web lit up with hypothesis that the distinctly mechanical-looking Bat-logo adorning the chest of Grasp Wayne’s new swimsuit regarded fairly a bit like a disassembled gun — and that it would, the truth is, be the very gun that was used to homicide Wayne’s dad and mom. We will not utterly affirm that final bit but, however the brand new set photographs give us a very good, clear have a look at the chest plate, and if it isn‘t constructed from a gun, then we’re the Rolling Stones. (We’re not.)

One photo in particular reveals that the chest plate is hard to mistake for the rest, and actually, all the swimsuit has the look of getting been constructed from repurposed supplies fairly than fabricated particularly for Bat-purposes. The shoulder items, utility belt, and chest pads specifically appear like nothing a lot as tactical gear, of the kind you would possibly see being utilized by a S.W.A.T. workforce — though we concede that the masks was doubtless custom-made, until Gotham’s S.W.A.T. unit points its officers helmets with lengthy, pointy ears.

Additionally of word are the distinctly standard-issue-looking fight boots and fatigues (as seen in a second, head-to-toe shot), and the wrist gauntlets, which seem designed to fireplace some form of lengthy, skinny projectiles. Additionally, intriguingly, there’s one thing lacking from all the ensemble: a cape. Apparently, this Batman will not be doing any glider-ing or cape-fu; we should admit that seeing Bats screaming round on a souped-up motorbike with an extended piece of cloth billowing out behind him at all times appeared slightly unnecessarily harmful.

Lastly, you may discover that the eyepieces are lined with darkish lenses; it is unclear if that is for eye safety whereas using the Bat-cycle, or if some form of GCI augmentation might be executed to the eyes in post-production.