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The Best And Worst Couples On TV According To Therapists

  • colleagues had mental-health professionals working with couples speed connections from popular TV shows based on how healthy or poor they are.
  • Randall and Beth from”This Is Us” and Jim and Pam out of”The Office” scored points to the way that they worked together to conquer the sorts of conflict that couples could be prone to confront.
  • Couples such as Richard and Catherine from”Grey’s Anatomy” and Ray and Abby out of”Ray Donovan” have poisonous relationships since they do not trust one another.
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Whether it is a sitcom, play, or dream, most TV shows have a minumum of one compelling romantic connection.

However, maybe not every one these romances — even the aspirational, feel-good ones — are always the sort of story we need to aspire to emulate in real life. Some normalize unrealistic scenarios, along with many others glorify poisonous behaviour.

We talked to couples therapists to determine which favorite TV couples exhibit a wholesome sort of connection and which pairs appear to be a noxious game.

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