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The Best Way To Get Vassals In Your Kingdom In Bannerlord


Come and join us as we discuss more about the best way to get Vassals in your kingdom in Bannerlord. In the sprawling realm of "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord," the promise of power and conquest goes hand in hand with the responsibility of rulership.

As you carve your own path and lay the foundations of your kingdom, the recruitment of loyal vassals becomes a pivotal aspect of your ascent to greatness. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricate mechanics of kingdom building, offering detailed insights and strategies on recruiting vassals, forging alliances, and ensuring the prosperity of your fledgling realm.

Getting Started With A Kingdom

Embarking on the journey of kingdom creation demands meticulous planning and strategic foresight. Here's an in-depth exploration of the foundational steps:

  • Secure a Fief - The bedrock of your kingdom is an acquired fief—ranging from impregnable castles to bustling towns. Capture these strongholds through military conquests or navigate intricate diplomatic webs to obtain them through negotiation.
  • Build Clan Influence - Influence is the lifeblood of diplomacy and decision-making within your budding kingdom. Immerse yourself in battles, fulfill quests, and actively support your faction to amass influence points—currency pivotal for recruiting vassals and shaping policies.
  • Forming a Kingdom - A pivotal juncture arrives when you possess a fief and a reservoir of influence. Declare your autonomy by forming your own kingdom, endowing you with the authority to amass vassals, shape legislative agendas, and steer the trajectory of your realm.

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How To Recruit Lords To Your Kingdom

Recruiting vassals involves traversing intricate political landscapes, necessitating a profound understanding of diplomacy.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord How to Recruit Vassals

Here's an exhaustive guide on mastering vassal recruitment:

  • Identify Potential Vassals - The political currents of Calradia are perpetually in flux. Lords disenchanted with their current faction's leadership or recently captured lords are ideal candidates for recruitment.
  • Engage in Diplomacy - Initiate discourse with prospective vassals to articulate your kingdom's vision and extend an invitation to join. Articulate the manifold benefits—ranging from the promise of coveted fiefs to amplified influence and influential roles in decision-making.
  • Leverage Your Influence - Influence is a formidable instrument of persuasion. Employ this resource to construct tailored offers for lords, detailing the bountiful rewards that await their loyalty. The efficacy of this offer hinges upon the lord's affinity for your faction.
  • Strategic Marriages - The sacred bonds of marriage can be wielded as diplomatic assets. By strategically uniting with powerful families, you enhance your diplomatic leverage, thereby elevating the likelihood of their members embracing your cause.
  • Offer Fiefs as Incentives - The acquisition of new territories bestows a golden opportunity to cement potential vassals' loyalty. Alleviate their reservations by conferring these freshly acquired fiefs, underscoring their importance in your realm's growth and unity.

Kingdom Creation And Management

In "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord," players have the opportunity to establish their own kingdoms and take on the role of a ruler. To do so, players need to accumulate a significant amount of influence and meet certain prerequisites, which might include having a certain number of fiefs under their control and maintaining good relations with other factions. Once a kingdom is founded, players are tasked with managing various aspects of their realm.

As a ruler, you will oversee the management of territories, vassals, and diplomatic affairs. Players can expand their kingdom's holdings by conquering towns and castles, thereby increasing their influence and power. However, managing a growing realm comes with challenges such as maintaining stability, managing resources, and keeping vassals loyal.

Vassals And Fiefs

Vassals are key components of a player's kingdom. These are NPC lords who have pledged their allegiance to the player and assist in governing the realm. Players can appoint vassals to manage specific settlements, and each vassal will have their own retinue of troops. Building strong relationships with vassals is crucial, as their loyalty affects the stability of the kingdom.

Distributing fiefs, which are towns, castles, and villages, among vassals is a delicate balancing act. Fair distribution helps maintain vassal loyalty and prevents resentment. Additionally, players must consider each vassal's skills and capabilities before assigning them to certain fiefs. Over time, vassals can gain more fiefs, expanding their influence within the kingdom.

Diplomacy And Alliances

Diplomacy plays a pivotal role in the success of a kingdom. Players can engage in various diplomatic actions to shape their kingdom's relationships with other factions. Forming alliances provides mutual protection and assistance during wars. On the other hand, maintaining peaceful relations and trade agreements can foster stability and economic growth.

Diplomatic actions have consequences, and decisions made during negotiations can impact the standing of the kingdom and its ruler. Developing strong diplomatic skills can lead to favorable outcomes, but strained relations can result in conflicts and setbacks.

Warfare And Conquest

Warfare is an integral part of "Bannerlord," and rulers must engage in battles and conquests to expand their territories and strengthen their kingdoms. Players can declare war on rival factions and engage in large-scale siege battles and field battles. They can lead their armies personally, making strategic decisions on the battlefield.

Conquests can be rewarding, but it's essential to strike a balance between expansion and stability. Overextending the kingdom can lead to resource shortages and strained relations with vassals. Wise rulers carefully consider the costs and benefits of warfare and make calculated decisions.

Policies And Governance

Players have the ability to shape the character of their kingdom through policy decisions. These policies influence various aspects of the realm, including governance, recruitment, trade, and more. Players can implement policies that affect taxes, troop recruitment, cultural development, and trade regulations.

Policies have far-reaching effects, impacting the economy, military strength, and overall happiness of the kingdom's inhabitants. Players must consider the long-term consequences of their choices, as policies can lead to either prosperity or unrest. Adjusting policies as the kingdom evolves is crucial for maintaining stability and growth.

Economy And Trade

A well-functioning economy is vital for the success of a kingdom. In "Bannerlord," players must manage the economic aspects of their realm, including trade, production, and taxation. Towns and villages under the player's control generate income through various activities such as workshops, trade routes, and taxes.

Trade routes connect settlements and enable the flow of goods, contributing to economic growth. Players can establish caravans and trade agreements to boost their income and enhance the prosperity of their kingdom. A stable economy supports the recruitment of troops, the development of infrastructure, and the financing of military campaigns.

Culture And Influence

Cultural development and influence play a significant role in shaping the identity of a kingdom. Different factions and regions have distinct cultures, which influence the behavior and preferences of the inhabitants. As a ruler, players can influence the cultural direction of their kingdom through policies and decisions.

Cultural influence affects various aspects of the kingdom, including loyalty from vassals, public opinion, and relations with other factions. Managing cultural influence can lead to better integration of conquered territories and improved stability. Building cultural infrastructure, such as temples and schools, can promote the spread of your kingdom's culture.

By carefully nurturing your kingdom's culture and leveraging its influence, you can create a cohesive and harmonious realm that thrives under your rule.

Intrigue And Espionage

Intrigue and espionage add a layer of complexity to the kingdom mechanics in "Bannerlord." As a ruler, you have the option to engage in covert activities to gather information, manipulate relationships, and undermine your rivals. Espionage can involve tasks such as sending spies to gather intelligence on enemy movements, inciting unrest within enemy territories, or attempting to sow discord among rival factions.

Utilizing intrigue effectively can provide strategic advantages during wars and diplomatic negotiations. However, engaging in espionage also carries risks, as your actions might be discovered, leading to diplomatic repercussions or even outright conflict. Balancing the benefits and risks of these covert actions requires careful planning and a keen understanding of the political landscape.

By mastering the art of intrigue, you can gain insights into your rivals' plans, disrupt their efforts, and ultimately strengthen your kingdom's position on the world stage.

Important Point And Tips

A successful kingdom entails orchestrating a symphony of components for sustained prosperity.

THE Kingdom Guide For Bannerlord

Here's an intricate analysis of pivotal aspects and expert advice for astute kingdom governance:

  • Maintain Healthy Relations - Cultivate robust rapport with vassals through vigilant diplomacy and proactive leadership. Embrace their concerns, address grievances, and uphold an open dialogue to nurture unwavering loyalty.
  • Equitable Fief Distribution - The equitable allocation of fiefs is an indispensable aspect of averting internal discord. Tailor fief assignments to vassals based on loyalty, contributions, and capabilities, cultivating harmonious coexistence and precluding potential insurrections.
  • Invest in Governance - The architectural framework of your kingdom lies in shrewd policy formulation. Design policies congruent with your kingdom's aspirations and strengths, as they weave the fabric of stable relations, robust trade networks, and the overarching success of your realm.
  • Monitor Rival Factions - Vigilance is your ally against rival factions. Exploit vulnerabilities during periods of strife or internal turbulence to amplify your influence and capitalize on opportune territorial acquisitions.
  • Economic Stability - Cultivate a robust economic ecosystem by orchestrating trade routes, fortifying settlements, and infusing investments into infrastructure. A thriving economy is the backbone of your kingdom, ensuring a consistent stream of resources for its sustenance.
  • Charisma Matters - Elevate your diplomatic endeavors by fortifying the charisma attribute. Charismatic leaders wield enhanced negotiation skills, elevating your efficacy in recruiting vassals and nurturing alliances.

People Also Ask

How Do I Manage Vassals And Fiefs In Bannerlord?

Assign vassals to control specific settlements and distribute fiefs fairly to maintain loyalty and stability in your kingdom.

What Are The Best Diplomacy Strategies For Success In Bannerlord?

In order to guarantee stability and progress, you should place a high priority on creating alliances, negotiating beneficial treaties, and keeping friendly relations with other factions.

How Does The Economy Impact Gameplay In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord?

Your kingdom's total prosperity and power will increase along with its power when it has a stable economy to support the recruitment of troops, the construction of infrastructure, and commerce.

Final Words

We hope you learned more about the best way to get Vassals in your kingdom in Bannerlord. "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord" beckons players into a world of strategic conquest, diplomacy, and rulership.

The journey to recruiting vassals and constructing a flourishing kingdom demands a keen understanding of interpersonal dynamics, effective governance, and calculated decision-making.

By meticulously following the steps and adhering to the advice provided in this guide, you can forge a mighty kingdom that leaves an indelible mark on the realm of Calradia, etching your name into its history as a masterful ruler and visionary leader.

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