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The biggest mistakes Neo has made in The Matrix series


The Matrix is difficult by the truth that every thing Neo (and everybody else, for that matter) does is predetermined. It doesn’t matter what he decides to do, he already did it, as a result of his path was already mapped out.

Issues get much more difficult when Neo’s existence as “The One” is factored in. Neo is killed by Agent Smith, however as a result of the primary Matrix covers its simulated tracks, his loss of life wanted to occur for Neo to develop into The One. He dies, then comes again to life, absolutely embracing his future. That is made evident when Neo stops bullets and sees in code. He additionally steals a play out of a ghost’s playbook by leaping inside Agent Smith after which exploding him. That is cool, but in addition seems to be a mistake.

We come to seek out out that this act units Agent Smith free, making him a deadly pc virus who can multiply. Different brokers, as compared, can solely occupy one vessel at a time. Agent Smith is now capable of take over your complete Matrix. This turns into a short lived answer when Neo makes a deal to destroy Agent Smith, resulting in a treaty that ends the Machine Warfare — however actually, that was simply luck. Smith might have simply destroyed every thing, all as a result of Neo blew him up.

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