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Though it was made for the large display screen, Fireplace In The Sky performs, for a lot of its working time, like a mildly partaking film of the week—not so completely different, maybe, from the TV film its real-life topic might have watched two weeks earlier than his supposed shut encounter of the third sort. It’s primarily based on The Walton Expertise, an allegedly nonfiction account of how its creator, lumberjack Travis Walton, was kidnapped by aliens in November of 1975. The movie, directed by Robert Lieberman from a script by Tracy Tormé, takes his recollections at face worth. If the claims of veracity are questionable (even the Fox Mulders of the world appear to treat his story with skepticism), there’s an enormous payoff lurking on the finish of its poker-faced recounting: You don’t need to imagine any of this actually occurred to get locked into the movie’s tractor beam of terror, to be shocked and disturbed by the way it realizes Walton’s nightmarish model of occasions.

Somewhat endurance, nevertheless, will probably be required. Like plenty of motion pictures impressed by sensational tabloid fodder, Fireplace In The Sky appears sure of how fascinating its ripped-from-the-headlines materials is however reasonably unsure of how you can dramatize it. Many of the movie takes place within the aftermath of the incident, with authorities investigating Walton’s disappearance and dismissing the statements offered by his coworkers—together with finest buddy Mike (Robert Patrick)—who speak of a UFO hovering above the treetops within the woods outdoors of Snowflake, Arizona. We get this testimony through flashbacks that fairly cleanly obliterate any doubt within the thoughts of the viewers, even because the lie-detector assessments the lads take fail to exonerate them or corroborate their story. For lengthy stretches, what we’re watching is an unremarkable small-town melodrama about unwavering dedication to the reality within the face of widespread disbelief. It’s onerous to shake the sensation that the film is killing time en path to its raison d’être, the inevitable revelation of what occurred to Travis (D.B. Sweeney).

It’s definitely worth the wait. Fireplace In The Sky’s climax is a tour de power, as scary now because it was 30 years in the past. A part of that’s the very efficient particular results from Industrial Gentle & Magic—the sensible creation of the alien ship, with its womblike natural chambers, and the cruelly curious occupants, with their Nazi-doctor tray of medical torture units. However it’s additionally the way in which Lieberman levels the entire sequence as a gut-wrenching rush of traumatic reminiscence, slicing straight from the sufferer cowering beneath a desk to a queasily intense, disorienting plunge into his night time as a terrified lab rat. Not that the ordeal a lot resembles what Walton described in his e book; fearful {that a} extra devoted translation would possibly look an excessive amount of like different onscreen depictions of abductions, the filmmakers embellished his “expertise” into one thing nearer to the hospital-from-hell scene from Jacob’s Ladder. The irony is that, hoax or not, Walton’s closely publicized story doubtless influenced a lot of these different depictions—together with in The X-Files, which premiered six months later and ultimately borrowed each imagery and a principal cast member from Fireplace In The Sky. Ultimately, the film isn’t even true to its dubiously true story, however that’s okay: What it’s actually channeling is many years of UFO obsession, filtered by sci-fi antecedents and hardened into the worst-case-scenario concern that they won’t are available peace.

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